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Title137957583 Sweeney Todd Vocal Sheet Music Libretto
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Cast of Characters
Table of Contents / Instrumentation
Organ Prelude
1. Prologue (The Ballad of Sweeney Todd)
2/2a. Act 1: No Place Like London
2b. Transition Music
3. The Worst Pies in London
4. Poor Thing
5. My Friends
6. Green Finch and Linnet Bird
7. Ah, Miss
8. Johanna (Part 1)
8a. Johanna (Part 2)
9. Pirelli's Miracle Elixer
9a. Pirelli's Entrance
10. The Contest (Part 1)
10a. The Contest (Part 2)
10b. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
12. Wait
12a. Pirelli's Death
12b. Pirelli Death Underscore
12c. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd (Trio)
12d. Underscore
13. Kiss Me (Part 1)
14. Ladies in Their Sensitivities
15. Kiss Me (Part 2)
15a. Underscore
16. Pretty Women (Part 1)
16a. Pretty Women (Part 2)
17. Epiphany
18. A Little Priest
19. Act 2: God, That's Good!
20. Johanna - Act 2 Sequence
20a. After Johanna Act 2 Sequence
21. By the Sea (Part 1)
21a. By the Sea (Part 2)
22. Wigmaker Sequence
22a. The Letter
22b. After The Letter
23. Not While I'm Around
23a. After Not While I'm Around
24. Parlor Songs (Part 1)
24a. Parlor Songs (Part 2)
24b. Parlor Songs (Part 3)
25. Fogg's Asylum
25a. Fogg's Passacaglia
26. City on Fire!
27. Searching (Part 1)
27a. Searching (Part 2)
28. The Judge's Return
29. Final Scene (Part 1)
29a. Final Scene (Part 2)
29b. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
Appendix: 11. Johanna (Judge Turpin)
Appendix: 27a. Searching (Part 2)

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