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Example of Bolting Method

Note: Unit must be bolted to the mount utilizing the Bolts, washers, torque collars
and nuts shown in the diagram. Torque collars must be used. Bolt Torque is set at
200 ± 40 N-m (118-177 lb ft). This will ensure proper freedom for thermal expansion
and contraction.

Initial Startup

See Appendix B: Initial Startup Procedures

Service and Maintenance

Catalyst storage
Caterpillar requires that if the catalyst are not installed in the CEM right away,
then the catalyst need to be stored indoors out of the weather. The shipping
pallets that the C280 catalyst arrive on are not totally sealed and are not totally
impervious to rain water.

3500 and C175 SCR Access:

SCR catalyst cover access needs to be considered when designing the
installation of the CEM. The ability to remove the service cover and the
SCR catalyst is required. The minimum catalyst removal length is 450mm
which includes the handle and the catalyst. The handle is used for pulling
the catalyst out of the CEM and the ability to carry the catalyst. The
minimum length shown below is only needed on the service side cover
side of the CEM. The service cover is the only access point into the CEM
besides the inlet and out ports. Refer to the Assemble and Dissemble
guide for complete instructions on to remove the catalyst from the CEM.

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