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AMS Synchronous Generators
4- and 6-pole, 3–70 MVA, 3–15 kV

Generators that deliver value

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The power from our generators comes from people meeting. From contact with our customers and
users. Then new requirements and new opportunities arise. From the joint efforts of our project teams,
workshops and test facilities. Then ideas become reality and parts become a whole.
It is always together that we create our generators.


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Independent lubrication

system gives high reliability.

Oil rings or oil reservoir

ensures lubrication during

emergency rundown.

Hydrostatic jacking oil

systems are available for

applications operating at

low speed.

The Exciter-rectifier

Bearing housing design

permits easy access for

inspection and maintenance.

Bearing housings are

insulated from the frame to

eliminate circulating currents

in the shaft. The shaft can

be earthed. Bearings are

sealed against oil leakage

with labyrinth seals.

Sleeve bearings are

designed to be insensitive to

misalignment and to permit

large axial play.

The compact, brushless

exciter unit is mounted

on the rotor shaft outboard

of the bearings together with

a PMG (permanently mag-

netised auxiliary generator).

No independent support

or alignment is required.

Improved system

performance due to the

possibilities of high field

forcing. This is important

when faults in the supply

network arise and to

increase the production

of reactive power.

Simple but highly

developed design having

few components and well

adapted protection functions

offers high reliability and

easy access for maintenance.


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The Frame Generators smaller than
22 MVA can be installed

sunk down in the foundations.

A wide range of cooling

forms allows an optimum

choice for operating and

environmental conditions.

Irrespective of the cooling

form, the system provides

uniform cooling of the

complete generator.

All water connections are

positioned outside the


Small dimensions and

low weight simplify prep-

aration of foundation and the

installation. Despite its small

size, the generator is easily

accessible for maintenance.

Great stability of the

complete generator.

Dynamic and static stresses

are transferred directly to

the foundation contributing

to the great performance.

Shipment of fully tested

generator. Only the terminal

box, and in some cases the

heat exchanger, need to be

removed prior to shipment.

Cooling form IC8A1W7 for generators below 22 MVA.

Options for water/air

heat exchangers.

– Systems with double

water/air heat exchangers

can be designed for full

load with one of the heat

exchangers out of service.

– Heat exchangers with

double tubes.

– Heat exchangers of

different materials, e.g.

CuNi, stainless steel

or titanium.

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An overall objective for us is to make life simpler

for our customers. Every stage must be easy,

from selection of the generator and how it will be

integrated through to installation and commissioning.

And, of course, maintenance, servicing and

the provision of spare parts.

Closer relations reduce costs

Frequent contact between the turbine manufacturer,

the end user and the generator supplier is clearly

an important factor in achieving a good exchange of

information and maintaining good communications.

Through various forms of partner agreement we can

work together to adapt the product interface to simplify

logistics and reduce delivery times and, at the same

time, support the customer throughout the project phase.

Customised designs

Within the frame of an agreement the co-operation

often grows much deeper. This has, for example,

involved our design and development engineers

working very closely with the turbine manu-

facturer and end-user to develop jointly

an optimised total solution.

A global network

An important prerequisite

for close co-operation

with customers is a local

presence. We are present

in most countries of the

world and you have

access to our complete

product range and all our

expertise by contacting our

nearest sales office. A presen-

tation of our marketing facilities

is even closer – it can be found at Welcome to ABB.

Tested to ensure quality

We perform a comprehen-

sive test on every generator

before it is dispatched to the

customer. This test is part

of the quality assurance

procedure which is followed

closely for every delivery.

Evidence of the test,

in the form of test reports,

is handed to the customer

on completion of the test.

Our generators are found in

Gas, Steam and Combined Cycle plants:

Oil & Gas (Offshore, Onshore and Pipelines)

Chemicals & Petrochemicals


Food, Sugar

Mining, Metals

Pulp & Paper

Independent Power Producers


Simplicity throughout

A concept full of customer value

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SE-721 70 Västerås, Sweden
Tel: +46 21 32 90 00
Fax: +46 21 32 95 10

ABB 4-pole and 6-pole synchronous generators

and motors are sold all over the world by ABB sales

companies. They are supported from Sweden.

The development, design and production

facilities are concentrated at Västerås in Sweden.

This concentration helps to ensure that the most

modern production resources are used to maintain

high quality and low costs – to reinforce ABB’s

leading position in this field.

Long-term profitable operation of these machines

requires reliable performance from every component.

To achieve this ABB offers services that extend well

beyond the warranty period. These services include

preventive and corrective servicing and up-grading

to improve performance and extend the life;

also the supply of spare parts and support.

Servicing is undertaken in conjunction with

specialist service companies from within and

outside the ABB group, thus providing global cover.

ABB can be your partner from the very beginning

through to the end of the generator’s life cycle.









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