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Q.8) Are you satisfied in trading with your broking firm?

a.) Satisfied b.)Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied c) Dissatisfied

Q.9) Are you aware of products and services offered by Indiabulls?
a.) Yes b.) No

Q.10) Are you satisfied with the charges charged by indiabulls for opening D-Mat account

(with annual maintenance charge)?

a.) Satisfied b.) Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied c.) Dissatisfied

Q.11) What is Your perception regarding India Bulls?

a.) Good b.) Average c) Bad

Q.12) Please specify reasons?

a.) Services good/average / bad

b.) Brokerage good / average / bad

c.) Relationship manager's support good / average / bad

d.) Transparency good / average / bad

Q.13) At which office location you are more comfortable with Indiabulls:

a.) Kuber complex b.) Arihant complex


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