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' ..... "" .... roa ..... Ur:~ c··' f' \{in' M:: 1 '185~ Olf . "' ..
h the ~rwor~\C 1;. '. -" ~ i

[" ,:11 ~,9! I n(~r~a\I' ',a:

Standard Test Methods for

;)I¥an 1a !g~18·2 t) )3 ,

• \ h3} t,::~n mc~t

~l ;'W,! ~nder 1i(~~. le

Sampling and Testing Non-Asbestos Fiber-Cement Flat
Sheet, Roofing and Siding Shingles, and Clapboards'

Tho. ,!~"JJ,d i> ".ucJ ,,,,de, Ihe ti.eJ dC.'llllatlOn C II ~~ IIoL" ,""",I .. , """,cd .. ,"I) foll""''''IIIIo" d."gna."", ,,,JIC~le, II", lC;U nr
,""mil ~J"llIion or, '" Ih~ ~~~ .. r .... ,.""",. ,he year of la" re I __ ,on A nu",he. In r=n1he~, ... J','~lC< II"" lUI' '" laM rUI'f'" .. al ,\
"'IICN:"IM CI' .. k~' It) "IIl'C>lU lUI cd"""al cl\:u'I:c ."",. " ", I..,t "" I'UlfI <It "'3/'1" ... ,1


I I These! Ic~1 flll!lh(xb CQ\-cr loumpling and [c!>ling o r
n (>n-:lsbc~tos fibl:r-cement flat sheet:!., roofing shingle~. ~llhng
sh!llglc~. and clapboards. These products Illuy be ~mooth or
\udace 1<"lUred The~e lest mel hods are mili7cd III evalu;umg
products cued in Spccilication~ C 11$6. C I:?:?S. C I:?Sl'I . . nul
C 1.125.

12 The value,~ stated III Inch.pound units are 10 be regarded
,,~ ~1;Jl1durd. The value~ givcn in parenthe.~e~ Olrc mathemutlcOlI
u · .. l\-er.<.lOns to SI UlIIt~ thaI are providcd for infonllJlLOIl 'Hlh
amI arc nOI con~ldered M,mdard.

I J Tl1i.l' \'wmlunl "F"'s 1101 Jlurporl to (l(ldre.ts 1,11/ oj Ih,'
lole/I COllcem.f. 'f WI)" .• /u{J('";ult'd lI'ilh iu lise. II i~ 111 ,'
,.'J/IOIISlbiliry of IIII' lUer OJ this s/(lI/da,.d 10 nWh!isll (//'1"0-
p,.UIII' sufelY am! Ill'a/11l pr(lctices (IIuf de/erllli,,!' Ih" appli'll
blliry of regul(l/ory IllIJi/fWfIIlS prio" 10 /Is ....

2. H('r('l"cnccd OO(,UrllCn h

::!.I I\STM SlImr!lInl,,': l
C 2() Test Methods for App:ucnt Porosity. Water Ab,.,nq' .

lion. Apparent Spe{'itil' Gr.IVuy. and l3ulk Densll) ~ - f
Bllmcd Refraclory Bnrk and S hapes by BOili ng W:UCI

C I t.~4 Termillol(lgy l (Jr NOI1-A~he~los Fiber·Rcinfofrcd
Cemcnt Product~

C IIS6 Specifir:lllOn for Flat Non·Asbcsto~ Fiber·Ctm,·I:1

(' In:i Spct'ilicOlt/on lo r Non·AsbeslOs Fiber-Ct.:m~'nt
I{oolmg Shinglc~, Sh;lle~. and Slalc;;

C 1 !xt; Spt.!Cllicalwn tor Di~crete Non·A\bcslO!'> Fiber·
CemelU Intcrlor Slibstr"te Sheets

C tJ25 Specification I'm Non·Asbe~to\ Fiber·Mat I~clll ·
lor.-.;d Cemcmmous Backer Units

~2 ISO Swmlrmh:

, n ... ,., 'c>t ""'thnJ, ~,. unJ .. <I", ju" ... hcln'n of A~TM C<><llmmCC C "
F,t>c r RelnfiM't,d C<""'nt Pt"d.,.;t~ ~nd ~r~ the d1fce! ,c>r .. ",,,blh.) ,,( ~u""',~n" , '
.cc Cn m !ln /l;un .l\,hc.",.. F,hc, Cement J>rooj"" ••

C~n.'" od,,,,," "l'P"",,,,1 M .. ~ I. 1()()~ f>ubhshcd .'I .lY 200~ O"~""d"
"11,,,,,.<1 In I'NI t.ll., 1'''''''''U5 """,on appro"oJ III 100,\ ~. (' 118S _ n,\

F,.- ", f",~n"\:\1 ,\STM ...... ".'d,. "~11 ,110 AST).t ... "bol"' . ........ ~>I'" "r~, ,~
C\·":",, AST 't ('u •• umc. S"r"c<: "I \C"'ce~"'lm ",~, r .... r A"",~J/ 8",,4 '" ,-\,. / :/
) 1.1"/.,,,1> ,,,Iume ,,,rOJlI1.>1''''' , ,efc, I" Ihe ".I"J...-d·, Do<-u""'''1 S",run;lfy P"~, ,on
Ir.c AST»t "cb,ilt

ISO :'90 Product in Fiber Reinforced Cement Sampling ':lnd
In~pct'lIon '

[SO 2859·0 Sampling Procedures for In~pection h)
Attrihutes-Pan 0: Introduction to thc ISO 2859 Aunbut<!
S:lIllpllng System l

ISO ::!K51J-I Sampl/llg Proccdurcs lor Inspcctlon h>
AlIribUles-Part I Sampling Schemc~ Indexed by Accep.
tance QualilY Limit (AQL) for Lot-by. Lot Inspection)

ISO 31)51 Sampling Proceduro:~ and Chal1s for In~pection
by Vari;lble:. for PerccllI Nonconforming)

3. Tc nninnlngy

3, I D.'./mllioll.f: I{cfcr 10 Tennino[ul;Y C 1154
3 . [.1 dt>IISI r.\'-thc mas~ PCI' unit volume C\prc~~cd III

pounds per cubic fOOl (' b/ft ') 0r kllogram\ per l'\lhi~' metre

3. 1.2 flex/lml ~1r('llgl"-lho: ,I\';fagc llel(ur,11 ~Ircngth I~ thl'
a"er.lgc of twO perpendicular breab cxpl'c~~ed H1 pound·fon.'c
per square /IIch (megapascals) a~ calculatcd from Ihe a~erage
brcaking IO:ld of weI or cquihbriul11 test ~peclJllens. loaded :1\
~ill1ple beam~. wilh Ihe load applied at thl' centcr

3.1.3 lll'ut·ra;1I .IJ",ets-fi,'(cd 10 u buddmg frame III arrol"
dnrK'c with thc manufacturer' s reCOJl1I1lt:ll(kd insw.ll;ltion proc·
IIces. The sheeted frame IS then ~ubjectcd to altcrn:ltc wt'tlmg
;md heullIlg cyc1e~ :md any structural ;Iltt'"r:ltion ot the ~he~-I
caust'"d by the tC;\l ,\ rcported.

3,2 Otiillll!OI1.\ of Tt'/"I/1.\ S/wnjic /0 nil.' SIlIll(/(I/'(I.-
3,2.1 dilll(' for the purposc Ilf Ihese te~t IIICllltxh, lhe

length, Width and thickness of lib<! r-celllcnt flat ;\heets. roofing
\ hmg les, sldmg \hinglc~_ and c\:lpOO"1'd :,re mcasurcd under
~pecificd conditions.

3.2.2 lI10isture cOIl/eli/-for the l)lIrpo~e 01 the\c le\1 meth·
od:.. Ihe pcrt'clltOlge of moisture contem III Ihe hbcr·cement
produci when condll!ollcd at 50 ::!: 5 % rc]aI1V": humidity lmd J
temperaturc of n ::!: <leI' (23 ~ 2°C).

32.] moisture 1II0I'('IIIt'lIt- 1I1 the.'>e te,t method:., thc Im..:"r
\3nalion in length ;md Width of te!'>t ~pc.·llnen. With I."h;tnge In
moi~tllre COnle111.

' A.~,I~hk fr.,,,, A""r"'.,, NJUOMI S, ... ,J.U<l, tn,IIIute (A~S!), ~~ W 41,rl ~I
41i1 1'1"Ul. \:~ ... y", ~ . NY 1011.\6. hllp /I ... " .. U">lWjl

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3.2.4 1I'1IIer ab,wrpl/lm-tor the purpose of the~~ tc~l Ull"Lh·
o.h, the Hlcrea~e HI IIlJ.SS ot Ihe IC~I specimen exprc!~sed .\~ ;j
percentage of it~ dry mll~~ uftcr immersion in water !'or ,I
~JXciiied period of lime a.~ prescribed.

4. Sampling and Inspcctinl1

4 I Employ ~"mp1ing prvccdurcs providing an acccptabk
qu,di!) lese! (AQL) of 4 ~ at" 90 % confidence Icvd with a
~'\ll1plc ~1!.C given by ~pccial in~pcclion level 53. c,cepl wher\'
~I)\!cific ,ampling I' require:: ... by particular Ic~t procedure'

-I:! AcCt'{Jlahlt' Qua/u\' 1.l'vel (AQL}--The acceptable qu,!I.
1I) level \AQL) may be dchned as follows:

-12.1 The maximum pcr~'ent nonconforming thai, for pur-
po-es of ~alllpling Ln~pccLion. can be considered s3llsfaclOr) J~
a process or long-It:nn .lver.LS!!, and

-12.2 A quality levl'j WhL~'h cOrTe),pond~ to relatively hl~h
pr"b,lbility (l'ommonl) 90 'k-) of acceptance.

-I :\ SlIlIIflle Si:e-The ~,"nple Sll.e i~ determined acconllll~
II) lhi! 1I1.'pco.::llon 101 ~i/c b) Ihe l>pecwl In~pccLion level S,~ "t
ISO 2589-1 where 1)]<' ill"pe(IIOn I~ by anribules or sperl;,t
1Il~peClion level S3 01 ISO 395 I where 1111:: inspeclion i, b)
\ Jriab]c:s

N,m 1- Wh~n :I nmnlol"ClUr<'r'~ pruo.:e~~ ,all~he~ :I ~amphng ~~·h"'J.,c·
''''In nn AQL uf .,] 'l> Ih~n Ihl' Ind,cales Ihal bener than % .. III Ihe
1I1'J1<.~lCd producI,on c~c~cds lile ~pcc'lkalions. Under Ihi, Iy~ "I
~1'\·'IIKall()l1 Ihe con~umcr " prm ,dcd the prOlcclloli and confidelKc "I "
tk.lIl), dCli!l~d lowe, bound,IIY I h,.' would !lot b.: lrue If ac~q)t:ln~e " .. ,,'
b.,,~d ~olely nn Ih~ a,crag,' \'aIUf of the measured propcn) E,ampk' ,I
'.,nlrhn~ .... heme< ",h,eh "'3Y b.: u<cd ean be' found ,n documcms ~\I~h ",
J~O ".In. I~O 2H5\11. or 1"0 J9.< I Olher ~alllpllnl! ~hcmc. Inay be 11,,,,1
IUlI'",ellOn hy alinbUIC~ l> " method which COl1SI>IS of determming. f,'1
""'Y Ile1l1l>f:l sample. 11l~ pl't.'","ce or absellce of ~ ecnaln qualuame
dl;"."·l~r"h~ (aurilwl~)""'!h r~,!X'ell() tile applicable ~I'ec lti caljon II
In, ''>CIICC. J pas.-fall ,n'I"-·,uon "llIcb delernllnc< the nUIl1 b(r of it~m' III
• """pie Ih,'1 do confunn to lhe 'I1CCi lic~110n and Ihe numbt'. of Lho.c Lh.,1
Ik' nUl ~\lI1r\lfm An aurihulc c""ld be 3 d'll1t"n.,onal nlea'Ufemcl1l. "I .1
fle;\,ural "rt'111:111 value. u,- nih .. " Ihll l art' ue .... ·ribtcd III Ihese leSI II1clll\).1-
In'"c~llUn b)' vlIDabk I> ., 111~lhod whIch ~·on"'I. uf me",unng .,
'I".Inl'I,'1"e characterhtK lur e~"'h Utili III a .~mplt, C(>nfuml~n~e "'Ih
Ihe "I'ph~abl ... pccilkallul1 I. dclcnmn .. d frum Ille mean ,~!u ... t>f 'h.
m~~'''rtd l>ropen,n Dnd Ihe Sl,llI\lIcal variation, or IhC1>(" •. ,Iu ... ah,,'c
and b.:1"", Ihc meal1. Th,·,<' pn,,·,·dul't.'~ dcl;!.,] ~amphng plan' 10 ~UIl ;,:(
.,·!l'nk,n ).lmphng ,'III;HII1I" Tlw ~3mphnp: plan' 'pt:eify Iht" numh,:, ,t
'IX II1lrn, m hoc: lall'lI 11'''111 ~," h b'11th amI lhe oc~cp,,,,,c~lrcJc,,"""
,n1:na Th,· ~p.:.;ilicd m_pt:eltun tc'cl~ have hoc:cn c;ele.-ted hI" 'i
111><:, .:"nleI'II prodI.lCl~. 10 h .. t:ln .. ,· the CCI\I uf ;t~'e,'men\ ajl"ln<1 cun'I'
IklLC 1111'l.'\uhs rnl1l1l1~n'un,te w,\h lhi~ indu~lry

5. FleXlIntl Stren~th (Modulus of Rupture)

~ I Sigllifictm(.·~ (1/1(1 Us.'-Thl~ is a routine test meo.s\1nnj!
a primm) prod~lct dl:JfOlctenqic u~cd lor proollcl grading

~ 2 fmallrcr~:
52.1 Pr/!{JClrmuJ!! Of TI'.I/ Specilll~I/J. (rial Shet'H)-Clil I

P,LL! of 1>p..:Clmen~, c:lch () ~ 1/1<. III (152 :::: 1,6 mill) in l'ill.l!h
,111.1 12:!: "I" In (305 .. I t'I IlIm) in length. from Ihe inten(lr
'lIl'.1 of I.';,](h ~ample ~heet III Stich a manner tho.t 110 edge 1'1
~p~,'men t) le)~ 111:11 :I 111, (71) 111111) from Ihe ongin:11 edge~ of
Ihe ,h":('I. Th..: lUllger ,hm~n"on of one of Ihe !lopccimen, \It'
c'H.h 1',lIr ... hall be pawllel h' Ihe lenglh of the ~hecl (Ih:ll I'
paJJllci "lIh the fiber la,). and the other sho.lI be! al righl31l)!b

;': ~) •• ~ >tt·'a'I~~a'. JO~ Slll IWOQr Ofl~~

:o:,s~o,~me.,. rennll)~anla 19428·2959.
S:::Ei ,: ~r!r {~ 1n,s (~~ f ~I':S b~en ma~t


5.2.2 Prep(lr(J/iol/ of Te.u Specimens. (Roo jinx Shinx/~s.
Sidi/!.~ SIIII1~lc"'. (ll1d CltlpilOlIrtiS)-CUI a slOgle specimen 6 ::::
VI~ in. (152::!: 1.6 mill) in widlh and 12 :::: 1/,610 (305 :::: 16
mm) in length from each unit. CUI one half of the ~pccllnen~ III
~uch :1 manner Ihal the 12-in. (J05-mm) dlmCJ1~lOn of e;tch
specimen is parallel 10 one edge of the shingle or clapboard
unit: cut one half of the 1\peclillens HI righl angle..\ thereto

NOTE 2-Allcm:uc leSl speclIl1Cn (!imcn~jons ~nd span 111:1)' b( lI'cd
prOVided thai Ihc rauo or lhe leS! span 10 specimen Ihl<'~nc.s I~ '101 Ie"
Ihan t8. and Ihal Ihe actual span "'ed be' reponed

5.2.3 COIu!iliO/llllg:
5.2.3. I EqUIlibrium COllditi(}nin~-Placl' Ihe lest )pcl'l-

men~. for at least four days [thicknes~< 'h 111. (12 mm)! or al
lco.~t ~even days [thickness 2: liz in. (12 n1!1l)] to a controlled
ulmosphere of 7J :::: 4°P (23 :::: 2°C) and 50 :: 5 'it- rdatl'o'e
humidllY and 10 such a manner Ihat atl rlll:cs :Ire adeq\l:ltc!)
vemi!ated, Wrl C(J/ltlllivlUllg-lmmerse ~pecimens 10 be tested
in wei condition in water ill a temperature of 73 :: 7°F (13 --:
.Joe) for a period of 48 h mimmum. Te~1 the speciml'lh
immedio.tcly upon removal from the waler,

5.2.4 Test Procedllre- Delermine Ihe Ilexurnl strength 01
e:tch ,!'Ccimen by placing the underside of the specimen on
suppon~ that cannot exen longnudinal COthlr:tIllIS [rocker·type
bearing edges, rolters. etc. wlIh a Ylo-in. 0.2-mm) Il111llmUm
radiu, and a liz-in . (t2.7-mm) maxilllum rJdlu~1 :I!ld tlppl} Ihe
load o.t mid-~pan through (l .,intilar edge bearing :Jg(lIll~1 the
riml>hed surface of the specimen. The le ... l ~p;tn shall be 10 :!:
V,n in. (254 :::: 1.6 mm) :lIld the loud line and suppon ~halt be
parallel. Mount a dial micrometer reading 100.01 m. (025 nun)
or an equally ~el1 ... itive upparatus. 10 bear on the IOJding
member or on the ~peeimen al mld-spo.n 10 dClennine the:
deflec1ion of the specimen (It the remer of the lest ~p;jn.
~1casuTt: (lnd record the dclleclion when the m:lXllnum load l~
readied. IncrclIse the load at :I UnirOml defleclion r,j(e. !.uch :1'
will re~uh in failure of the speeimen hel"Cen five and thlrt)
seco/ld~. The elTor In 1he load reading sho.!l not ex(;(!ed I q of
the maximum load

Nun; J-Ahemmc le,l 'llCcil1len dnllcll"un, and ~pan m~~ he II,~<J
plo"i,k,1 Ihat In.: rin", of Ihe te~t ~pan IU ,pc~1fl1en I1l1cllle'" " oot Ie"
Ihan I~. ~nd Ihm lh~ aClua] 'pan u,cd he ~1)"rICd

5.2..1 I Meo.sure the specimen thIckness. tor the ilc:xural
l(;~l. at four polOb along lhe line of breo.k for an nverage result
This measurement 11l00y be compleled either befor..: or afler load
te~tl11g, TIle thickness gage shllll have ilat p(lrtlllci anvils of
between 0,4-in. (IO-mm) and 06-10 (15· mill) dl:lIl1Cler with an
aCCUT3CY of ::::O.002-in. (::::0.05-111111), Delermme lace-le ~lured
prodUCI thlckne<;s frnm volume measurement hy ..... ater dl~­
placement using the IOnl1llla:

I ... peCll1len tlllcknc~s. in ..
V = \olume-. determined by waler displacement. In '.
L :::: lenglh. Ill. Hnd
W :::: width. 111


.'lon.,] A!iernatl\ c method. for del~mlln~1I0n uf avera!;e lh,ckn,,~ nl

Page 3

~ ~Tlli\ ll "."i~) ',I ,11~r <' 1', !~J 3aif f1ar:N DIi~1 i
~m~ fl. Si (,.n~~~nO( · · r , hn~~ yl v ar,ia 19m·2m, I
~.,.!~ nlt¥ C 1185&r08'lW(l ThiS {Opy h~S t'ttn m~de I
", . ifr'
b~ th e. nl·, ~rl 1\': , ,Jf SI2r::U1i /,'d QiJJi ity l~lM1EOl under 1 11~nJX

lnwn:d prnd(j ~1 Illa) ~ u~'<l provided thai Ih~)' c' n Il<! I ,n w,.,. In 1'2 an{ Yt = aetledrons. 111. (I Ill) corn:;;prmdlng to Ihe
,"~{J~C. IV y ,~\d a lh,c\..nn~ J1WCl,u rCrncnt ""lhin ~2 % rr'~ll&l~l uc~ : 'jn~L loads ~clecled.
Ir"," ,olul1>e m"u<"r~'B,",ll h)' w.Iler d'~placcmcn(

.-·--·---Ir-----"""~-wmttruf_sptXTn . III. (Illm).
5.3 CII/rll/a/I(m (jll/I Re/lOr/:

5.3.1 Ctlcu late tin: lk)(ural ~trength
the following equallOIl'

for each .~peci11len b}

II here;

J i'L
N a '2h.I '

R '" tkxural strength. PSt (MPu).
p m~;dmum 10'ld. lb IN).
l. length of Sp:lII. tn . (mm),
h = width of specimen. in. (rnm). a nd
d = average thickness. in. ( mill ).

The n~erage nexural ~lrcllglh of the specimen pair sh.lIl bc'
the arithmetic,' menn value obtained in the twO direcllOt1~
Rc'pon the ari thmelic mean villuc of each pai r.

5.3 2 [I Shill! be Ihe opllOn of the milnufacturer to Tepon the
h;tnd!eabiliIY index of his produci . Handlcability index Yalue~
are relauvc and are u~t!d 10 delemline Ihe capability of IllI."
material 10 be handled Without breaking. An increa~e in
hundleability inde.x means lllcreased ea~e of handling. For elch
,heel direction, cakul'ntt handleabili lY index u~lIlg Iht' 101 -


U.51'11 ". --,

{ ' = h:lI1dleability Index. in.-lb!in. (mm-N/mm).
}J breaking load. Ib (NJ. in clch dirc(;lion at a spnn oj II)

in. (254 mm).
ultImate delleclion. In . (mm), under center load ing 'It ;t
span of ]() III (2S.J mill), and

I '" Ihiekncs~ of Ih t te~l spedmcn, in. (m m).

5.JJ Cakuhlle Ihe bro:aking moment (rooting producl~
only I for cach ~amplc specimcn by the following cqualion.


M '"
I '

M = 471

brc:Jking moment. fl·lbf/ft (N·m!m).
nwximum load. Ibf (N ).

'" il:ngth of sp:ln. ft (m). and
= Width of spC('lmcn. n (m) .


Report thl;: :lnlhl11\:t ic mean value for Ihe sample specimt'll

S,..t Ctlculutc the modulus of cJa~ticity (i nterior .~ub~tra t e
\hcC't~ only) for c,ldl s,llllple ~pec:imen by the follow!!l];
equation :

1:.: If'~ - I' ,l x L '14b"'lY~ - ) '1 )

L = modulus 01 elastici ty. psi (N/mmz).
p . ,llld P, = JOaJ~, Ib (\'). taken from twO point~ within th~

Imeal ,ect1<J1I of the plut,


d = lh id,nes~ of .'ipecimen. ill_ (mill). and
L = length of spnn. in. (mill).

5.5 Precisir/!! (lml Bias:
5.5.1 l'I~'ci.~i(/II-The precision of Ihe

Methods C 1185 for rlll:a~uring tleX\Jr~1

procedure III Te~t
~tre ll gth is bcmg

5.5.2 Bias-Since there I~ 110 accepted reference matcrilll
!>uilable fo r delcnmning the bia~ for the proced ure II) Te~l
MClhod~ C 1185 for measuring nCCl.unll strellgth. no !>latcmem
on bia~ is being mJd(,".

6. Ucnsity

6.1 SiSlHji('(mct' wrd UH'- The uniformi ty of density rc~ulh
arc used for quality control asslIr;mcc

6.2 Procedllr<':
6.2.1 Prepm-mioll oj Te.l·j S,JFClmell- Use a ti:q specimen

from the flexu ral lest or a specimen of eqlllv:llent dimensioll
6.2.2 Te.~lill}: Pmce(fllre- Determine the yolume o f the

specimen by any method capable of giving a re~llh accurate 10
within 2 % of the results obtained by the water displatemclll
method. Detcrmim: the mass by drying OUlthe te~1 ,peclillen 1I1
;.tn oven at 194 ::':: 4°F (90::':: 2eC ) untillhe ditrerel1cc between
tWO consecutive weighings. :II inlcrvab 1101 Ic.~~ than Iv.. 0 hool~.
is le~s Ihun 0.1 9t by ma.'~.

Nrm 5-W;tI~r di,plael'l1\enl c:ln b<: obl~'nc\l pl'f Te.l M,·lhod. C ~ IJ.
III which "oll/me (V) of Ihe lnl ~pcClillCIl I. oblalned III cubIC ccnHUlelrc,
by ,ublr;l~llIlg Ihc sll~pcndctl weighl \ IV) frol1\ Ihe ,alur.lle\l "~'ghl ( S),
bolh III gram,~, folio""

\I = IV

",hUlle. em '.
IV '" '''lur;ll<:\1 welghl. g. and
S '" ,u'[XlHkd welghl. g

s ,6,

n,,~ a."ulIle. Ihm I CUI' of wmer weigh. I g. Til" i\ H1I~ wnhw aboul
lhrcc pans '" 1000 tor w~let' m room ICll1pa.1IUr~ SY'fX'n(kd welghl IS)
I' Obl.1lncd for each lCSI ~pc:c"nen by 'Y'pendlllg Ihe spI'elm.:n In ;1 loop
or h"lterof AWe J!age No. 22 (0.{)44 mUl) copper w,re bUill! from one arlll
of the balance Tl1e batance shall be previously eoutller balanced Wllh lhe
Wife ,n pl;tce anu imll1crs~d 111 waler 10 Ihe ~~me de plh as I. d~tenfljnln~
Ihe suspen\le\l weigh\. biN eaCh specimen ItgtllJy "'llh:l mOistened .Il11oolh
IHlen or ~01lOn Cl01h 10 rcmove ~1J drops 0r waler fmlll Ihe '~rf;,ec . . ono
delCl'l1\1ne Ihe \al\lr;n~d welghl (IV) 11\ gram, b~ "'eigh'''l! on ",r to Ihe
ncurt.! 0 1 g

6.3 Co/ell/aIlO!) (l/ul Rt'port- Calcu latc and repol1 the den ·
~il) of Ihe ~pecil11cn III puunds per CUbll' fOOl (lb/fI1) U\lIlg the

IV I 11211
d~nslly :. 17 x .15 .. x - ,-

where ;
IV = dry ma~~ uf ~r)ccirn~ll. g. and
V :: vultllm:. in .3 .

or In kll')gr;}llh pl!r cubiC Illi;lr(," (kg/m") u~ing the equatiou '

[)~'I"l y 17 '- I OIlO ()(Xl


Page 4

.·19r,: ASIM l ~lern ~ ~l c~ a ' 100 Sdrr Haroor Oli ve ,
'j'" ConshohQ(ken, Pr nns ylvJnl~ Ism·mg,

7.6 Flat Sheel,\" Mell.flwemenl 0/ Length and Wid/Ii-Take II here:

IV = df) Illass of "'pCl"lml'll, g. and
V = volume, mm '.
6,~ Pre(/jWI1 and BIiI~:
f14.1 Pre{'i~i(JIl-Th~' preci.~iOll of the procedure in Te,[

Methods C 1185 for measuring density is being determined
t' 4 2 H/(I,I'-Since lhere j!> no accepted rderenct! m:nen;II

~ullJblc for determinlllg the bias for the procedure III T~~!
Mt'thods C 1185 for rneasurl11g density. no .~l;lte1Tlerll on bia~ i,
hClIlS m3de.

7. Dime nsional 1\11'asurCllw nts

- I Sigllijinll1ce IIlId USI'
7. 1 I These are routine.- measurements for determining

whether the length and width of the individual \l llits are a~
ordaed. to ensure that lhey IiI togelher properly in applicalicHi.
and 10 determine the uniformity of the specified thickness

7 1.2 [n detcnnining lhr thickness of a sheet having ,I
tC:l:turcd or granulated ~mfao.:e, a mctal plale is plao.:ed adjacent
to lhe texlured surface. 'and the micrometer rcading~ arc tak~ll
on the combined thickricss of the sheet and the metal plate. The
purpobc b to obtain a more nCCllrme overall thickne~~ lIlL'a
~lIn:rnellt uf the tCXllln.:J or granulated sheet. Thi~ would be
ratlier ditlieuh to ..10. in many cases, because of Sllrf,lU'
Irn:gulanlles when the plalc IS nOI used.

7.2 CUJldiliullillg- Condition the specimens to bI! h~sted in
,Ill environment of7) :: -I~F (23:,: 2°C) temperature ~I!ld 5U -
5 <), relallve humidity for -IX h. Condition specilllcn.~ for JII
dln l ~nslOn~1 mcasurement tc.,ts.

-, 3 Me'I/fw-emCnI or rlud.lless:
7 .3.1 FIlii S"el!l~ Memul"I'melll of Thick/less-Take IhlCJ.. -

ne,~ lIle:J~llremems at the I11H.lpoint along each edge dimensioll
I'. Itll .\ gage capable of r~:tdlllg to an accuracy of OJ)02 in. (005
111111) ,

~ 32 Ti.'xlurcd or Gmmi/tlled Slleels- Me,lsurc the thld.,
nc .. , 01 each test speCimen hy pl,lcing :J .~l11ooth melal plate of
lInlto rm thickness with Jimensions approximately IfI>4 by 4 b~
-1111 (0.4 by 102 by ]()~ 111111) against the t1nished.textured, P(
I'.e . llher-e\po~cd ~urfao.:~ 01 the spt;;cimen. Using ,I guge ,',1-
p.l l> le of n:adl1lg to 0,002 !II (0.05 mm). measure the over.111
thi<.:kn~~s of the metal plate Jnd speci men at the appro:l:imalC
midpoint of e:!cll edge of the ~pecimen :lnd III lca~t If~ in. (12,7
mnl) from lhe edge of the ~pecimen.

- .3.2.1 Flul Sheel.\ A\t.·rage the rour lTIt;;aSUrell1elllS and
r.:c,[((1 a~ Ihe specimt;;11 thickness.

.. 3.2 ,2 Texwred III Gramr!wed Sheel.l"-Subtract Ihe Ill,·a·
~ur",dthi(.·].,ncs~ of the meta) plate from e:lch mC:iSllrCmell! an,]
,I\erage lour measureillenl'> to give the specimen thickne"
Th l' methnd ~hall nn! be used for calculation (If Hexur;tl
\tr,-ngllt :lf1d den.~ity

., I FI"I Siwel.\ Mell.IIII"Cnlelll (!f Squarelle.u-Measurc the
lenglh 01 the diagoi1:l)\ . ~h well w, the edge lengths of the
shect~, wllh a ~teel tapt' cap.,hle of reading to an :lccuracy (II
!In III (0.7 mm) .

. 5 Flal Sheels M<,(/.\"urf'mf'rII oj Dlge SlroiXhllle.n -
.\k<lliUrc the g realc.~l (l!.,talKe between Ihe edge of lhe ~hco.:t
and a ..rrlllg or wlrc ~trt;;lehed from on~ comer of the panel ttl
the adJ:u.:cnt corner with a "Icel mle c>lp<tble 01 reading 10 all
".dlracy of Il'l 111. (0 7 111111 )

three !11ea~\lrements of each dimension with a steel t.:lpe
capable of re:lding 10 an accuracy of Vn in. (0.7 nUll).

7,7 Prl'cisioll (lnd Bias:
7,7.1 Precision-The preci~ion of the procedure in TC'1

Methods C 1185 for dimensional me:lsuremen!s is bCl1lg deter·

7.7.2 Bias-Since there is no <lccepted reference rnah:rial
suitable for dctennining the bia ... for the procedure III Te~l
t-.1clhods C 1185 for dirm:nsional measurements. no ~la[en1cnl
on bi:ls is being made.

8. Mois ture Movement

8.) Si8l!ifi(;(lI1ce alld Use: Mois(Ure MOl'l!melll-Tim tc~t l~
u~ed 10 detem1lnc the serviceability of product in area~ of high
humidity and e;(po~ure 10 moisture.

8.2 Tes/ Specilllell- The test specimens shall be 3 In. (76
mm) in width and at least 12 in. (305 mm) in length. Provule
twO specimens. one cut parallel with the long dimension of
each sheet and one from the same sheet cut at right angles to
the long dimension.

8.3 ConditiO/IiI!X- Condition each ~pccil11cn to prJctical
equihbrium at a relmive humidity of JO :!: 2 ~ and ~
tt;;rnper:!lure of 73 :!: 4 c F (23 :':: 2CC), Practical equilibnull1 I'
defined as the stale of t1l11e change 111 weight where. tor
practical purposes. the specimen IS neither gaining nor I()~ing
Illoi~ture content more thun 0.1 wI. % in it 24-h period.

l'l.4 Procedure-Measure the length of each specimen in II g:lgc comparator lIsing :t standard bar of the same norlllna!
length as the specimen for reference. or any othcr method
capable of measuring each specimcn to Ihe nearc~t 0.001 In .
(0.02 mm). Then condition the ~pecill1cns to practical equilib-
rium at a relative humidity of 90 :!: 5 % and a lI::mpcr:ttllrc (If
73 :'.:: 6°F (23 :!: 3°C). Measure the length of cach 'pcclmen tn
it dial gage comparator or arty other mel hod cap:Jble ul
ll1easuringeach specimen \0 the nearest 0.001 tn. (0,02 111m), If
bowing IS evident, choose a method that will record 111easur\'-
men!s on both sides of the te.~t specimen :lnd :!verage Ihe

8.5 CO/cll/wwn (III(/ Rc/)Orl-Report the lmear change III
moi.~ture content as the percent:Jge change in length bl~cd on
tile length at relative humidi ty change of 30 tn 90:

(L)m90% - (L)alJO% x tOO
lincarchangc.% - (L)aI3()% (')1

8.6 Preci~in/l mId Bias:
R.6.1 Precisioll-The precision of the proccdure III Te .. t

Method~ C ) I R5 fOI" moisture movement IS Oclng deter111l1led,
R.6.2 Bias-Since there is no llccepted reference materi,11

~uitahle for de ten11ining lhe bias for the pW(;cdure in Tc~t
Methods C IIR5 for moisture movement. no statemcnt on bi:ls
b being made.

9. W:lte r A bso rptio n

9 . J Signijic(lIIt"e lIlId Use-This l~ a roullnc test. The valu~~
arc relmiye. The te~t b madl! to determine 1111' tendency of a
product to absorb wlIter :md sometime, dctertl1lnc unif(Jrt111l),
('11 the product.

9.2 Procedure:

Page 5

~rurrl. '; "S·'· .. '., l ,' ~Jrt rat:)' O~lve :.". ',) '/' ",,', "" ",',",,,' "" '" --.:v -. e_". '(~·)yl.Jt,~ I~~ . ~· .' )'
~::"~~1:c ffss ttEba .\·~tr (J 1 .\ (~" ~~) ~e:c "1;;t
Jy the ~1I(" 'cr 5;~":!!~) !"d I).'ilt~ (5WtEQ) Ui,der 11[~~il I

<) 2. I Dry each Spccl1llcn of minimum size of hrr 4 1'9 ~ ~O() I OA . I {Jreci~IVlI-The precIsIon (11 thc procedure _ in Te'l
b} 100 1111n) 10 COn~t:l1l1 weight in :l vClHilat ri I(gl" nl l' l1 ::-.' ~!I~ 'N\elhods C II H5 for l1loi.~lure conlc, l IS hemg dctcnmned.
ICIllI>eraturc of 194 =- 4" 1 (90 =- 2°C) ilnd C o-Y<Kmr---m:-4:2-elrls Since IhcreiSiiO"iccepled reference matenal
temperature in a de,icc:l!Or or desiccator-type cabinet. Wei~h ~uil:lhle for dClcnnining thc bias for Ihe procedure In Tc~t
each cooled specimen \epar;.uely on a scale of an accur:lcy of Methods C I J 85 for moisturc! conl..:nl. no !>I:lh!llIenc on bias 1\
II,", % of ~peclmen ma,!>. Record Ihe dry weighl of each cooled being madc
'IJoecimen Submerge the ~JX~cimen for 48 ::- 8 h in dean waler
at 73 ::- 7"F (23 ::- 4 ~C). 11. Water TiJ,:htl1l:ss

1),2.2 Remove c;lch ~1J":(.;111len frolll the water, wipe with ,\
U;UIlP cloth. and \.\'cigh ea(.;h specimen \CIJ<lJ"atcJy on <l ~cak III
,m a~'curolcy of 0.5 '* of ~pccill1en mm,~ .

'l.3 Ca/culallOlI wul Report:
\).3,1 Calculate Ihe waler absorption value for each ,pen ·

illen a~ follows:

WJlt·r ilm.orpllUll . rna.. % - [(IV, - IV ,,)l IV.J x tOO

.... hl!l'(.;;
1\, :: \;llUr:lIcd Illa~,. Ib tg) of !tpccimen. and
IrJ = dry mas~. Ib (g) 01 specllm~n.

(11 11

9.3,2 Report th..: \loll!!r ;lbsorp[lon a~ Ihe average value tnr
,III ~pt'cilllens le~ted

<),.1 Predsion cmd Hiar

94 I PI"I!c/sioll- Thc precision of Ihe procedure in Tl',[
r-.1cthod~ C 1185 for w¥tcr .lbSOrplioll is being determi ll ..:d

9.4 2 Bias-Since there I~ no accepted reference maten ul
,ullable for dl!lennilluig the bia!> for the procedure in Te,t
:-'1elhod~ C 1185 for \.\ ,ller .lb~orptioll, no Slalellll!nt on bl;l~ I~
bemg made.

III. Moislure Cont rllt

10.1 SiKnijiccl1!cl' <Iud U.\·e-Thi.~ IS a routillc. te~!. NOlllllwl
\,.11 \1<:' Jild toler:ln('c.~ for IllImture contcnt ~hall be dedarcd hv
the manllfa,'wrer lur hi) pnl(\utt!>.

10.2 I'mn'c!lIfj'
10.2, I Prell(lfallOIl of Tnt Speciml"ll-USC a te~t specirnl'n

trum thc f1exurnl le~t When for any reason additional deler-
l\\Illation of moisture (.;onten( arc required. prepare ~c lXllale
~~lIl1pleS. The.~e moi~t\lrc content .specimens shnll be thc full
thleknt"s) of tht" mntrnal om] 3 in . (76 mm) widl' arld 6 11\. \!:'i~
mill) long.

10.2.2 COlldiliolllllg- CunLiition as stated in 5.2.:\.1
1I/,2,J Te.~tlll,~ Pmc.'t/llfl'-After e(luilibriulII condllioning,

I\,elgh e3ch ~arnple ,ep;lr:uely on a scale \n 3n aceur.lcy I,r
(J 'i %. i\'otc Ihl) lIIa~) J) 1I11lial mas~ ( 10') . Dry each specimen
II' eOlbtJnt mas) tn J l·lrcul:l1ed oven nl a temperaturl! of !94 ;!;.
-I F (90 :': 2°C) and 1.'001 tlJ rOOm IcmpcrutUrt." in a dc~ic!;allll
t~ pI! cabme!. RecorJ Ihl! dry ma~s of each cooled ~pecilllcn alill
Ihlte (I) hnal mass whcn oven-dry (P).

10.3 OI/CII/OIiol/ l/Iull«'/wfI-Calculate the moi~lure l·Il!!·
tent a~ tullo .... s

II • toO [(II' - f'Vfl

II hen::
H = 1I100swre !;Ontl·n1. ""
II" = IlUlial m:1S~. Ih (Ilp;), and
I "" hnal lIIa~~ whcn ol-en-dry, Ib (kg),

1()4 PfecisiOl1 mll/lJi(lS


II, I SignijicWl(·1' (lml U.l't'-Thi~ IC~1 is u.~td \0 delerllll1K'
the servi!;eabilily (waler tigntne~s) of produci whl!n subJcclcd
to a delennrned wat~r head fur :1 protracled period

J 1.2 Test SpeCllllells- Cut the tC!>1 ~pccilllens 10 24 by 20 in
(610 by 508 mm) 1I1111111lUm. from alle:!!>llhre..: ~alllpled )hCCh
Cut one )pcclIn..:n from each ~hcel with a lotal of three
~pecimen!> for e:.l(.;h lest. Where produci size i~ 1c~~ than 2<1 by
20 111. (610 by 508 mill) u~e the large~l sizc producl ns 11K' IC~1
' I~cimen .

11.3 pf()(:edW"t'- Kcep Ih(' 24 by 20·in (610 by 50S-111m)
te~1 ~peciJllen~ 111 :l controlled cnl' lronmcOl fur al Ica~t ril e ll:.lY,
al an ambient temj>('r:lturl· (exccedi ng -II "F (5°C)] PI:ll·e and
seal a suitable frame 22 by IS in (559 by 457 mm) lIumrnUI\l
un top oflhe face of the ~pcci11len imd fill wilh waler 10 a hClght
of 2 tn. (50 111111) above the fa!;c of the ~heel. Place lite
~pecirnen in a (.;{lntrol1cd enVlfonrn(,flt at 73:,: 4°]= (23 :!: 2°C)
and 50 :!:: 5 % reklliv~ humidilY for:.l period of 24 h.

11.4 Ca/clI/atillll lIIld Report-[.xlllmnc Ihe ~pcclmen .... lIh
the unaIded eye ,md repon any formal ion 01 drop~ of Witter nn
the under~ldc of Ihl! ,heci Repon Ihe Ilur,;km:~~ of the produd

11.5 PreciJioll ullcI Bio.r- No .~ latclllel11 I' made ilboUlI!I(llcr
the prccision or bias of Test Method~ C I [85 for lIlea~urillg
W,ller tightne~s ,incc Ihe rC~1I 1t merely \t,jte~ whether Iherc l~
conformance to 11t(' criteria for ~u"ce" 'l)Ccilicd in the proce ·

12. F'rccl.cfrha\\ -CJ;ldding l'rodlirLS

121 Sigllllicatl~·t' (Jlld u're-Th!\ tesl II1I'cstig:ltc~ Ihe IX"
.\ibk degradation of the product dne \0 expo.,urc 10 repe;lld
freeze or thaw (·yde~. or both. Thl~ IC\I l' i.l {'ompJmllve Olle
uud i~ only ~Igniti!;iml for as-reeel~<.:d produ{: t~

12 .2 Ti.',u Specllllc'm"- The te~t specimens sh:lll be 6 by J 2
Ill . ( 152 by 305 mm) CUI from al leasl h~e sampled sheets as
delivered by Ihe manufnclurer. CUI twO pain- of IWO lopecimen,
from each sheet wilh a lotal of ten pain. of ,pecimcns lor thl .~

12.3 PI"uu'duI"":
12.3.1 Oividl.' the pUlred 'pccllllen~ to form (wo ,el, (11

paired ~pccimen~ e:.lch.
12.3.2 Subnul Ihe fir:;t set of ten ~p"'Clmcn~ to the SMur.lteJ

tlcxural ~trcngth IC)t!;ording to $c\:lion 5.
t2.3.3 Saturate Iht: rem,ullmg 'tCt of [en sp....'{:imcn, b)

lI11merslIlg 111 water or a temperature p;fCi.lter IhJn 41 oJ; (5 C)
for a minimum of -IS h. Then seal each .'pcCllnen M:par;lIc1y III
i.l pla~tic bag. The pla~lIc b,lg ).h;1I1 have a th!!;kIlCs.~ between ~
mil.~ (0.2 mm) and 12 mil~ (0.3 mm). The length ,lI1d width of
the. pta~tit· bag ,hall not eX!;ecd the length :.llld Wldlh of lhe
~ampk by 1II0re than 20 %, re~pc(.;llvd) SnbJcct the ~pccllnen~
10 frecl.elthaw !;ycles con.'>I!tllng ul

Page 6

Jlm~) ;c~,
~J2.. w,'
, ... rUO"A 1>"""', .If' ,,,.,-, ~." .....

',5TH :nlmahmf, DO oEr' H1 'bol Drlv:
\~o~;t~~" ~~r.~sy!1~':~ 19~:a·m"

'f, )f ;..r;.":(l Th,s (OH r,as ~:en (I13~ e
by t~i' Dr:(\Ci~:~ I :U :n~ \~~!('{ ISlh/1E;J IJnder hcen)e

Iro. ASi,II04mf!' C 1185 - 08

I :!.3.3.1 Cool 10 - 4 = 4~ F (-20 :!: 2°e) over n period 01
11(>\ less than one hHUT nor morc than two hour~ . Hold Ih<:
'1}c':lmcn~ at - 4= 4°F (-2() :t 2°C) for one hour.

1,:'!.3.3.2 Thaw to 6K .:: 4 F (20 .:: rC) over a period of IIO[
ie., than one hour and a maximum of two hours. After \h:lw!II!:_
1ll.loniain Ihe ~pecjmcn~ at 611 ::!:: 4"F (20 :!:. 2~C) for one hour
b.:hlr¢ proceeding WIlh treczlIIg.

(f) Each free7.dlha\\ cyc1<: ~hall have :l minimum cycle IlIlW
o! Illur hOll r~ and a maxlllHllll of six hours.

\!J The freeler Ul)ll .~ hall have a forced-air circulallllll
c,rpJble of being regulated to Ihe prc.~cribed trcc7ing condition
wIlli a lull load of lcst 'pecllllcns.

U) The 10lal number 01 freele/th:!w cycles shall be J'
~ Ik'cl hed 11\ the apphC;Jble ~tandard ~pecificntion.

(-I) Frt!c7.ehhaw c)"des nuy be controlled autolll3lic:!lIy ("Ir

15) ,\n IIIlerval betv.o:en \:)des. maXllllUm 48 h. I~ penni'
'I ble Dunng Ihis illlenJI. ~!Ore specimens III warm cOlldlllUIi
al11S ::: 4 F (20::: 2' , ').

(6) Duong bolh fre~ling ,md thawing. position the SPC~~I'
men, to cnable freo: circulmlon of the conducling medium (.m
01 w;lter) around each bag

I:!A Calculation will Report:
J 1A I Examine the ~peCll1lenS with the unaided eye in ord{'r

10 detect po"slble cf:!ck\. dd,unin:ltlOlI. and other defl!Cls, .In,1
rC~'ord dny obl>ervatu)n,

12A.2 Saturate the .. pe~'III1C ll S and iel>tthc flexural slren~th
(/-II aCl'Qnhng to SeCllun 5

12.4 .3 Cll1culate and repon the rallo ( R) of the stren/!Ih
;JH'rJged lor the set undergwng freezcll haw cycle~ (Fj) 10 the
'Ir~'nglh a~erJgell for the c011l rol of rderence set (Fr) .

I< .. 1-1"-,
( I~J

2.5 Pucisioll and IIWJ'
11.5 I rreci.~i(m-The prl!cislOn of the procedure in T(·~t

~1ctho(h C II RS for freeze/ thaw i~ being determined.
1252 Blas---Since there I~ no :lccepted reference matel'lnl

suitabk for detennUling the bias for the procedure in TI!~1
Mdhods C IlKS for trt'('l.e/lh,lw. no Slatement em bias I~ bem~

13. Wa rm W:lt cr

11. 1 Si~l!iJica'Kf' Will Ul' - Thts test mvestlgntel> the long
tCfln chemical IllleraCih)ll u r c.onstltuent m:uerillb. \Vet and
elevated to:mper:llurl! cond itions are used 10 accelerate the
H·~~ 1tS. Thl~ test i~ a c.omp:lT3I1Ve one and IS nnly Significant rnr
prfl<lucls a~ delivered

13.2 Salllpllllg:
1.1,2. 1 Sample Ii\\' fi r 1l 10r\! .~heets as delivered by the

PI( duc~1 lUI len M~l.\ !If p;un:d ~pecill1ellS tn ~uir the flexu r.ll
~tr~'ng lh re~t, III .Icl'unl.mce with 5.2.1.

1J.2.2 Cut each ~p<:umell pair irom the same sheet and
II111quely number for bter comp:lriM)n of results. Two p:li~ III
'1>t;(lmCII~ l1lay be cut rrulll the sheet

1:\ Procedure:

113, I Di\ ide the patred ~pecimen~ 10 form twO ~cts of (L'1l
~))l'l"ll11en' each


13.3.2 Submit the first lot of len specimens 10 the salurated
flexural strength test, as specified in Section 5, and ::It Ihe same
time immer.:;e the ten ~pecimcns of Ihe ~econd lot in water
~atumled wilh an excess of lime and maintnmed at 140 ::!: 4°F
(60 ::: 2°C) for 56 :!: 2 days. At the end of this period, pl:lec Ihe
spet:lmen~ in a condlt1oning chumber at 73 ::: .1 °F (13 ::: 1DC)
and SO.!. 5 % rel:lIive humidity for 48 :!: 2 h.

13.3.3 Examine the ~pecil11en.~ with the unaided eye m orllel
111 detect pos~ible cracks. dehllmnution, or other defl!c". and
record llny ob~er\ntiom.

13 ,3..1 Carry OUi the flexur:11 .~I rength II!.~! ~~ ~i>ecrfied JI1
SecliOlI 5, after prelimmary condllioning for wet 'trenglh

\3.4 Ca/cu/llliOlI, IlUl!rpI"ri(ltll)/J oJ Rr,\'ulls, and RI'{)(/I'!
13.4 .1 For each pair of specimens ( 1= 1\(10), calculate

the indJviduul mtlO ( ri) as follow:. :

r, = 1/1',

I '" flexurnl sirength nfter wann water in\ll1t:r~lon , :lIId
I" :: control ilexur;J1 .~ trength .

t 1.11

13A.2 Calculate and report the average (xl and the standard
dl!vialiOI1 (S) of the indi vtdual ratios (1"/). The ~tandard devla·
tioll (eslimHted) .~ h::11I be ealculuted as follow~ :



n~{tl' - (~)

n(" I)

\ '" estimated sl::lndllrd deviation.
.I '" value of single observation. and
II '" number of ooservatiol1\.

13A.3 Calculate and r1.!port the 95 % Iowa eontlclencc
c~timate of the ralio as follows:

Ly~ -.f-O.5R.r


wh~' rc

.f '" mithmcuc melm of the set of {)bservallOn~ . alld
l '" estimated st:!ndanJ d.;vintiOIl.

I 3.5 Prl!ci~'hm WId Hws:
13.5 .1 Precisiofl- The precl:'lon of thl! pro(cdure III Test

Methods C 1185 for warm wateT IS being delcrnllned,
13.5.2 Bills-Since there IS no accepted reference Ill;!tcnal

slIit:lble for dctennining the billS for the procedure in Test
Method\ C 1185 for warm water, no Sllltemem on biaS is being

) .t Hellt/Rain- \Val l Structures

14.1 Si};lIiJicGllct! ami Uu-This tC.~1 t~ u~ed to ;!s~e~~ Ihe
in .~I:IJled pl!rformancc of Iht' produce ul1der C)'chc change, ,n
mOIMurc ,'ontcn!.

14.2 Test SpeclmeJI.r- Sheet spccimen~ u~ed lor the te~1
shall be drawn at random from slock of liOished products. The
nllmber of ~heet~ reqUIred Will depend upon the manufacturer' ~
In~tallatlon recommend::l\ion~ and on the site of Ihe ~hects to b~
Ic~tcd .

1.1 .3 Prm;l!dlfre :
14 .3. 1 As~cmblc a te:.1 frame. <lccordmg 10 the m:tnuf,K·lur·

er's recommendations. that silllulate~ the rigidity of the field


Page 7

_ 'WI
... "J ..... ~ r"!!' .... ~TW .
~ .. ~tttf1 C "i1S!iI.Jb8a T;,S (~H hJS ;~~n m:~e
by tOt DlIt,!~:J~t •. 'd5 1ar~2~1~:\~V iS1AMh'i ~nder 11(:nse

in_lallation. The fr:lml' con~lmc{ion should . ncluq~.WIC?visl('llh 5. 'Flb'er CCIllC It roofing 11 llcriah art: ta';(cned 10 a I'oohnl;
tor :u least one sheet Joi nt ill irs central re dhl.r11>H~'WHfrwtC!r frame in accordance with lh - manufacturer' s recommended
01 the fmme should aHo .... for standard ~hce eage nhiSmUg I IiSI .dlJtiorT"'pr'Jeri~..:r-h tblcd fr,une l~ then subJected 10
The con"lruction or ,he ir..unc should meet Ihe followmg :llterna!,;: wetting ,lIId hCJling l'ye1e;.. und :lily structural ;sher
re4Ulremem~: alion of Ihc roofing materiab cau~cd by the 11:,,\ i" reponed

143.1 I A minimuill of .17.7 ftlp.S rn~), 15.3 Te.f{ SpeClIl1em- Fiber cement roolmg product ~pcn
14.3,12 Allow ~hee[~ HI be in~[alJed with normal orit'nl'l men~ used for [he [est !'>hall be drl1wn a[ random from [he Mock

lIun, of fim.\hed prodW.:h The number of .)peclJTlen~ reyulfI:d will
1-13.1,3 Allnw 1U~1;!lla(lnn of at k;l~t two ~heeb as folhm~. depend upon the manu facturer 's In~I:1l1:11Il)n recolI\mendlllJon~

ilnd and the .)izc of th~' assembly to be tc.)ted.
14.3_1.4 Avoid :wy signific;Jnt external our flow dunng te't 15A Pmcu/wC!

II) Area per sheet >19,4 ft~(l.8 m2) for 2 specimen.).
IZ) Area per shcel <19.4 t[~{ 1.8 1Il~) or a ~ufficlent number \11

'l)Ccimen~ to cover:1II urea of 37.7 f1 2(3,5 ml), lind
IJ) If [he combined area of Ihe sheel.~ exceed.~ 37.7 ft2(]. _~

m~) lhe sheet length .~ may be reduced to provide a test arca n(ll
le,~ th1m 37.5 n2(3,5 m2).

143.1.5 A\oid Jny .'>igllJficant external air flow during [he
le~1 period.

14.32 Fix lhe saml)le sh..:ets to Ihe test frame, obsc:rving all
lIl.tnufacturer"s recommendation.). The edge fiXing dlsl.III<.'e
~hJl1 be Ihe minimum :Illnwed. The center dIstance bc!\\eCII
h~ll1g shall be the maximum allowed. Inl"lude aU weathcl
pruoitng and other :lh:lehmcnts normally specified III lh~'
.I!'>\t:mbly Where sheel.'. arc recommended to have overlapPing
JOHU.). a. .. semble [he te~t Frome accordingly. SCI the sheeted if:,l
Ir,U1le in :I vertical position. Provide a water spray stalion h'
\\d one surface .• llong \\Ith a heallllg ~lIlIion. to prOVide
uliitornl radiant heal Subject the sheeted \(!~t frame \0 Ihe
number 01 cycles spccilic:d in the npplic3ble stnndnrd spt'':III'
':'lliOI1 meeting thl;' lollowlng requiremen1~.

14,3.3 Water sprlly al a rJte of I gal/min for a period of:' h,
;'i nlln. v.aler tempcrJIUre 110\ to exceed 86°F {30°C),

I .. UA P;lUSt: tor '" ~riod of 5 min.
14 J5 Radlanl he,ll 10 I,\I .. e a measurement plJtc (I) tel1l'

perature acro.~~ the rDmpkle test Ir:tlne surface 01 1401: \) I·
1M) :!: 5~C) tor a pt!nod 01 2 h. 55 nlln, alld

1 .. 1.),6 PJuse for;\ peflod of 5 min.

NOTE b-A measurement plat t is defined as lin ulllllllllum plate 1: b)' 2
11\ (50 by 50 mm) of () (}.IO·in ( I·mm) Iluckne.~ h:r. ... in~ 11 blad nl"ll~
11I".h. A iiUggCSIW utt:lhod for obUlllllng a black mane finish I. It,
L"mpkldy blaelcn 11K" rnca'Ulemcrll pl"'lc Wllh .OCM from u bumlll~
lJnJ~C The JTIC".I,ureIUcnl pl~I " .hatl hale a Ihclln.1l cuuple I'll 'H11Il.<l
, In'~c alladlc<l !O Ih.·" "r Ih .. plate

144 Rt'I)()rI-Oll <.-ompletion of the fi nalte!![ cyde. in~ pl·<.1
the sheets WIth the IlI1(lil.kd eye and report (l ny damage \If
~1r1l(;lur;}1 alterallOn (;;Jus~d by the t e~t.

14.5 Prl'clSioll wu/LJws-No SI:IIemt:nt is made about t:lIhn
the preclMon or bHlS of Te:.t Methods C 1185 for heatlram-
v.,111 structures. since lhe result merely stales whether Ihere I~
l·"nformance 10 the cnten", for success spet"ificd in the prl)<.-.:·

15. lI eutlRain-Ruuf Slt'tlctures

!5.J SiWttjic{IItct' fllld UJe-This [est b lI~ed [0 asses~ thc
11"I;!llcd perforn)ann: of tiber cement roofing prudUo:IS undl"
~·\rhc ~·hange.s 111 ITllll\lUrr content


15.4.1 A.)~cmble a roof 10;:.'>1 fnullc (IccorJmg to Ihe IIhIllU-
facturer's recommendations thai sil1lulatt:~ the ngidi[y 01 tht:
field installation , The construction of the fr(lllle should hI! a
minimum of 47 ,7 ft~(4.5 m~),

J 5.4 J. J Avuid any ~ignificant extcrn,lI air flow during the
le~1 period.

15...l.2 Fix tll..: rooting ma[erials to the tesl trame, observing
all manufacturer's recommendations_ The head lappmg dl~ '
tance shall be the minimum allowed All v.eatherproormg Jnd
olher auachments normally specified shall be IIlcludcd in Ihe
assembly_ The assembled te~l frame muy be ~e[ 11\ a plJlle do"n
to a minimull1 ~Iope of one in fOllr. or aitent:l tivcly lIl~y be ~el
In II vcrticall'osi tioll A waler ~pl'ay ~llI tl \)n IS prOVIded to wei
Ihe top weather ~urf:lce. along with :J hellting ~latiOn 10 proVide
ulll fonn flldiant heal. The ~he..:ted te,1 fr:llllc !'>hould bc Mlb,
jected 10 the nllmber of cycles !'>pccillcd in lhe ~ppll!:llblc
st:lI1dard .'tpccifieiltion meeting the following requiremenl~

15A 2.1 Waler ~pr~y al a rate 011 gal/min (4 Ulmn) for a
period of 2 h. 55 111111, Wilh it "JICr lI:mperJlUre nOlto e:u:ccd
86°F (-10°C).

J 5...\.2.2 Pau~e for II pcrioJ of 5 111111
15",\.2.] Radillnt heal to give :t measurement plalc ( I)

lempl;'rature acro!'>s the complele lest Jramc surface of 140 :!:
9°F (60 ::!: Sec) for a period of 2 h :md 55 min

15 .424 Pau.)e for a period of 5 min

Nort. 7-A n1<.·,LWf~OI""nl plalC I~ ddmcd a~ an ahUHUIII'" pl~l~ :!. hy !
'" (SO by ~O 111m) of O.UJO·", (I nllll ) 11I1<.~nc~~ hav",g a h\ac~ 1Il~IIC
lilli_h. A sugg~~lcd IIlclh(>d for uhllurlln~ ~ bb~l 111;,1\<' lin"h " I"
complelely hlucKen lhe lIl<."a~Urem~ol pluLe "'nil ,\lot from u hurnlng
can<llc The II\C3)Ua'ment plale .hall h:l'·~ ~ Ihermal ~olll'k or "IlHI~r
dcvl~'C 3110Chcd 10 Ihc s urfa,,~ of lhe plate

15.5 Rt'IWrI- On ctJmplcuon of the lin;!] le:.1 cyde. m~pect
the roofing producl~ wllh the unaided eye and repon any
damage or slructur:11 alteration t'au~ed by Iht: lest

I 5.6 P"l!ci~'i(llL (llLd Bias-No .)lalt:ment I'" I1lllde :tbol\! eith~r
the precision or bia., of Test Method~ C 1185 for he<lt/ralll-
roof StructureS, since lhe resull merely SIHtC-.'> whether Ihere i~
con forman ce to the criteria for .'>uccC-.'>s ~pel.'i l ied in lhe proce·

16. Frt'l'·haw-Rooling Prt)dlll· t.~

16 I SI/:lIIjiC'tlllcC (lfU/ USt'- Thl~ te ... t illVesug:lIes the deg-
rlldatlon of the product due 10 eXpo!,>ufe \0 repealed freele .. tluw
l"yl'le\ T hi, le'l I' II t'omp<ll'atlve one ba ... ed on the perC'..:ntugc
01 ~Irength J"cduction :tfter a \pecifi~d number of cyell.'\

16.2 Tesl SI't'Cllnt!II.f-Twemy lest ~p<!l.'imen.) ~hall be CUI
from ten sep:1rale piece~ of product. Proouct [0 be le ... ted ,h;11I
be conJitioned for 28 days al 7] :!: 4 F (23 :!: 2~C) Jnd a


Page 8

' r ~STr\ !nWW,C,MI, ;en 8~ r r Karbor Onvt
:'~ l 'l , h('( k ~n, Penn;y IV!OII I941S·m~ .

• !~tH 01 Ante ~ l c ~ lnl ; 'OOV hJ; ~e(n m~f

by th~ ~' i,Wo r ~k :]r~5 Jr.: G~' : i!Y 15W!E ~) ~n~ er I(: ,)~

lram ISJM<4!l/¥.' C 1185 - 08

relalive humidity of 50:!: 5 %. The specimcn.~ shall be 12 111
(~05 mm) long and 6 III (l52 mill) wide or one-half the width
of an mdlvidual piece. it Ihe pIece IS le.\~ than 12 in wide. CI1\
t .... o spl ... cimen~ from each plcce of produCI, so [hat at least SO
'it of [he lOp surface area will come form the area of the piec~
th,1! would nomlally be cxpo~ed. as specified 111 the m:muf:u.
[ure r's in~[alhnion in,lnlctions. There .~hlll1 be OIl leasl oue t'ul
edge of 12 in. that expo!oC' the substrale on each speCUllcn
Label cat'h piece to Idenllfy which two piece~ were cut frllm .1
specilic ~lImple.

16.3 Procedure:
16.3. 1 Divide the te't spccilllcn~ from each ptcte \0 fOI11\

1 .... (1 s..:ts of len specimens e,lth, One sct i~ for control and one
IS lor frecle/lhaw leStHl,!;. Control specimcns shall he rctaincJ
III ,\ frec7er al-IO ::: 10°F 1· 23 :!: 6°C) to retard hydration

16.3 .2 Saturate one sct 01 ten lest specimens by
them 111 water at a t..:mpcratur..: of 60 :!: 18°F (16 :!: 10°C) f('Or
:l minmlum ('Of 4S h

163.3 The specimens ~h:lll be ~eaJcd individually into
pb,uc bag~ sUfToundJd on .111 sides by a minul\ulll of 250 111 1.
. md II maxullum of Son mL of w:'Iler; air shall be cvacuat~u
tTOmlhe bag. The plnstlt· bag ~h:J1I have :.l [hickne~s of bet .... een
N mil .. (0 2 mm) ;md 12 mih (0.3 mm). The lenglh and wallh
01 the bag, ~hall nOl exceed the Ic:ngth and width of lhe
"p{"l"imen by more than 20 '% . respeclively.

1('1.3 .3 1 Specimen~ ~hall be horizontal during freezing and
th" .... mg. It I~ permincd to te~tllldlvidl,lHI.~JleCll11enS or to ~t'H':1-.
\~)(.'<:imem on top of e:ld, other. provided that ~pace~ of at le.!~ t
1,~ tn . (6 Il1m) thkk <lfC useu between Hdjacem specimens. (.r
Iml1'liJuai perforated ~hd ve, are provided for each ~pecimcn to
allow tirculallon of ,lIr and waler bc:twecn l>pedmen~. When spccim..:ns are Slacked. one of the ~pec i J1len s
Ul the middlo;: of the sta('k shJ!I hllve a thermocouple embedded
In •• small hok 1/1" Ill . (1 .5 mm) lI\:lximum diamet..:r dri lled 111
Ihe t'emer of Ihe lOp surface 10 a depth of the mid· plane of th t·
~llCClmen . to detenllinc wh~'n the l>pceimen~ have reached the
pn.-,cnbed lempermurc

10.3.4 Subject [he ~peculll:n.s to the number 01 free7c1th;N
c ~ des required in Ihe appllcllble product specific.ulon In
aehlc\c the desired grJde classificalion

10.3 .5 Free7e 111 n lree1er where the speCimen with 11ll"
thennocouple shall rcach at telllpenl1Ure of · 10 :!: IOQF (·23 .!
O'"C ) .... ithlll 24 h and be held for:l nlinimum of I h.

Ill.3.6 Thaw in lIir or W;\ler. where [he ~pecimcn with th ~'
thamocouple .,hall re;u.' h a lemperalUre of 60 ::!: IRoF (10 ;:.
10 C) within 24 h ;lIld be h.:1d for a minullum of I h befOl 1!
pro-.:eeding WIth freczmg.

16.3 .7 Each freezchh;lw .;yelc shall have a minimum cyl'l l:
Ilmc of -I h and a m:tWllUlll of 48 h. bUI an interval of 1'2 h
max imum (';In be la!"cn bcl\\ccn cycles.


16.3.8 The unit shall be capable of being contmllcd
to the prescribed freezing condilion I'ollh :r flill load ('OJ te,t

16.3.9 During bo[h th..: freezmg lind thawing cycle.'>. the
specimens shall be positioned to a llow [h..: free circulation o!
au/waler around the mui"idual bags. Carl! shall be tak..:n to
..:n~ure that the proper quantilY of water remain~ in the bal!.
Bags can be fl!pl:rced or repaired during the test program .

16.3.10 S:J\urate the conlrol specimen~ and the cycled
'pecimens (removed from the bag~) by imlllerslllg them It\
w;lIer HI !I temperature grealer than 60°F (I~OC) for a millll1lUIIl
of -18 h. On the same day. ~ubmit bo[h so;:t~ of ~po;:C1m..:ns 10 the
salUr:tted flexural test according to 5ecI1on 5. Spcclmcn~ WIth
a uniform Ihickncss .. hall h:lve the :.I renglh r..:corded :r~ MOlt
Specimens with an uneven Ihickne~s ~hall have the ~trcngth
r..:corded HS th..: breaking load.

16.4 C,,/rllll.llioll (/11(/ Rcporl--Calculate and report [he rallo
R of Ihe sirength averaged for the se[ undergomg freezclthaw
cycles (F/) to the ~trength averaged for the c01llrol 01 reference
set ( F,) .

10.5 Preci.fioll Gild 8im:

N ' :J


16.5. 1 Prel"isioll-The preciSIon of Ihe procedure III Test
Method~ C 1185 for fre..:ze/thaw-roofing products i, belllg

16.5.2 Bia.f-Si nce there is no accep[ed rererel1c~ malenal
SUitable for determining the bia.~ for the procedure~ III Tc,t
Mc[hoo~ C 1185 for freezelthaw-roofing prodUCIS. no ,laic·
llIent on bia.~ is being maue.

17. Keywords

17 .1 accelerated aglllg: acceptable quahlY II1111t (AQL);
cellulose fiber: clapboards: cracking; de1amin:lIion : densit) .
dimensional me:I.~l!rements: edge straightne ss measurement ,
eqUlhbnum conditIoning; !lat sheet; fleKur:tI: frce7c/tha\\.
granulated surface; heat/rain; inspecllon by at!ribute.~: mspec·
tlOn by variables; length measurement; linear changC'; long.
term chemical interaction; modulus of rupture; moi~ture cnn·
lenl; moisture movement; non-a~be~lo.~ fiber celllenl .
polyethylene fiber; polyvinyl lI1cohol fiber; r.1dlUllt heal. roof·
ing; ~ample conditiol1ing; snmple testing; sampling; ~amphllg
by attributes; ~;llnpling by vari ables; salllpltng schemes; ~(lLU
raled conditioning: ~crviccability; shakes: <,hingles: sldmg:
slate,: ~mooth !> urface: squarenc~~ measurement. Strenglh:
texturt:d ~lllface: thickness measurement: W;lnll .... :tter; waler
ab~orp[ion: waler di~placemenl method. waler tlghtnes,;
lIeather degr:Jdation : weathering expo.~ure: w..:atherproofing:
wet condi[ioning: width mea~uremenl


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