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Mike Sayer

Kate Fuscoe Barbara Garside luke Prodromou

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leacher"s Edition'

Mike Sayer
Kate Fuscoe Barbara Garside Luke Prodromou

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Unit 7

1 Warm up
a Read tho toxt below, then answer the questions.

What can you guess about the people in
the pictures?

aluate one people eV
one UCLA. studY. ual (appearance) ,

ACCOr ()1D.g to the "Three Vs"': vis aU say) . AbOut 93
another usi,ng and verba.l (what Y ffectiveness is
vocal (voice), rson's co:aununica.ti°C:t~on. Moreover,
percent Of: :: nonverbal COJOlll~k the connection
dewrro.\ne ds or bres. the first
the first 30 S~~le when they roeet :~t"View, keep
betWeen tWO xt tune you're on an dra.wing
tun;::;~dO :~:t~~e interviewer JIly~;'~: even gotten to
in llUU u before
conclusions a.bOut yo
the interview room.

1 What do you th ink the people are like?
He's/She's the kind of person who ...
He/She looks I looks like ...

2 What can you guess about their past?
He/She mightlcouJd have ...

b Read the ad for a fundraiser. On the basis of
appearance alone, would you discount any oftha
applicants in the pichlres?

c Ln pairs, list the qualities and skills necessary for
tho job advortised, What would you say about
those aspect s?
appearance nonverbal communication
oyo contact han dshake backgrou nd
oducati onallovel commun ication skills
confidence voice

Body longuoge

- ~ - Rainforest

Rainforest research is looking for experienced
fund raisers to ioin our team! We need highly
motivated people to raise public awareness of
the problems faci ng rainforests today, and to
help us ra ise the funds necessary to continue
our research,

The ideol candidates will be commiHed to
ecological and green issues and will be
passionate and enthusiastic when dealing with
both the public and with other organizations.
Your interpersonal skills will be essential in
establishing a relationship with potential donors.
W e are looking for people with a creative streak
and lots of imagination, who will be able to
think of and manage original but successful
fundraisi ng projects.

Candidates will ideally have experience in
working for a charity, but trai ning will be


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Objectives Topic: interviews
Grammar Reading Ustening Speaking

dedudion and possibility in
the post; the passive

job ods, CVs.
interviewers' notes

an interview ponel assessing candidates,
making a presentation

Write on the boord: A job interview.

Ask If you wont 10 make 0 good impression of a job interview, whol is il importonllo do?

Elicil answers and write a lisl on the boord. Some possible answers ore:

dress smartly; wear a suit; arrive on time; smile; make eye conlad; prepare what you won/lo say; be polile;
be enthusiastiC: be positive.

1 Warm up
Ask studonts to do Exercise 1a in pairs. As students report their answers to the class , e ncourage lots

Suggested answers: Matthew is tho kind of person who doesn't like people to be late. Ho looks
confident, perhaps arrogant. He looks like a movie star. Ho might have
worked for a high-powered company.
Louise is the lcind of person who likes to be friendly and helpfu l. She looks
confiden t and easy-going. She may have worked in public relations.
Anna is the kind of person who is very quiet at parties. She's shy. She might
not have been to a job interview before.

Ask students to read the ad in Exercise l b and discuss the question . Then put students in pairs to
list qualities and skills under the headings in Exercise l c. Monitor and help with ideas.

Possible list: Appearance: smart casual; friendly; smiling; enthusiastic
Non-verbal communication: good posture: confident manner
Eye contact: need to be good at making eye contact; warm. smiling eyes
Handshake: strong; finn
Background : well-traveled; need to have worked with people: an interest and
knowledge of environmental issues
Educational level: well-educated but no need to be very intelligent
Communication skills: need to be very good
Confidence: h igh - but not overly so (arrogant)
Voice: clear; enthusiastic; positive

Introduce the topic


Bodylonguoge T 76 Unil7

Page 271

Companies and representatives throughout the world

Teac:her'$ edition le~1 written by Mike Sayer O.R. C) Editorial Macmillan de Mexico,
S.A. deC.V. 2006
Student's Book text C.R. C Kale Fuscoe, Barbar.J Garside. Luke Prodromou 2006
Design and lIIusuation C.R. C Edilooal Macmillan de Mexico, SA de C.V. 2006

First put>lished 2006

All rights reserved : no part of this pubHcation may be reproduced , stored in a
retrieval system, transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical,

pholocopying, recording, or otherwise, wjthoulthe prior written permission of the

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Illustration: Greg Hargreaves. SteYe Linnell, Run Willms
Cover design. OW Design
CcMIr image: The Source Photography

The authors would like to thank all those at Macmillan inYOlved in the project.
especially M~ey Rogers and Jonn Waterman fOf allthei, hard wOrk. support, and

The authors and publisherl> would like to thank all the leachers and students who

contributed 10 the development of this course. We WOiJ ld particu larty l ike to thank
the following people for their help in piloting materia~ and making suggestions:
Mariel8 Cano Moreno. Judy Chiachin Huang. Mei Mel Alicia Chu Pulido, Claudia

Cruz Annenla. Aulaa Conce~ Faria de Araujo. Edwin Giebelen. Joel Victor Hugo
Gooz./llez. Oth6n Lll90 Cruz. Jose Luis Martinez Prado. Israel Martinez Quiroz.
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Antonio SIlonchez S!!onchez. Chris Taylor. Rocio Tepichin. Maria Cristina V. Aguiar.
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The publ ishers gratefu lly acknowledge the following for permission to reproduce

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