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Distribution Valves: Selection,

Installation, Field Testing, and



Second Edition

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Distribution Valves: Selection, Installation, Field Testing,
and Maintenance

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Distribution valves :b selection, installation, field testing, and maintenance.--2nd ed.
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Valve Tests, Unloading,
Inspection, and Storage

Most valve components are manufactured to standards set by the American Water
Works Association (AWWA) or other organizations such as the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American National Standards Institute
(ANSI). These standards typically include test requirements or testing procedures to
ensure that the valves are manufactured to specifications, and the manufacturer
must meet all such requirements and procedures. Valve inspection at the manufac-
turing facility ensures that valves meet those standards and that the valves are in
working order when they are shipped. However, valves should also be tested
operationally when they arrive at the utility and before they are installed.

When valves are manufactured, the work is available for inspection and approval by
the purchaser’s duly authorized inspector. Notice of this requirement should be in the
purchaser’s valve specifications. In-plant inspections provide additional assurance to
the purchaser that the valves meet the requirements of the specification. For in-plant
inspections, the manufacturer provides full facilities for inspection and observation of
tests. The purchaser’s inspector should have access to all places of manufacture
where materials are being produced or fabricated or where tests are conducted. An
affidavit of compliance with the appropriate product standard may be required from
the manufacturer even if the purchaser has an inspector at the plant.

After manufacture, each valve should be subjected to operation and hydrostatic
tests (pressure tests of the valve to ensure that there is no leakage) at the
manufacturer’s plant as specified in the appropriate product standards. Testing
assures the buyer that the valve will perform properly. Tests conducted by the
manufacturer vary based on valve type and product standard. Some of those tests are
described in the following paragraphs.



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