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TitleBS EN 12811-4-2013
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Table of Contents
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Classification
	4.1 Rules for classification
Table 1 — Classification of protection fans
	4.2 Snow loading classification
Table 2 — Snow loading classes of protection fans
	4.3 Shape classification
Table 3 — Shape classes
	4.4 Width classification
Table 4 — Width classes
5 Designation
6 Materials
	6.1 General
	6.2 Specific material requirements
		6.2.1 Steel
		6.2.2 Timber
7 General requirements
	7.1 General
	7.2 Dimensions
		7.2.1 Width
Figure 3 — Detail of measurement of width of protection fan (B)
	7.2.2 Minimum inclination of protection fan
	7.3 Components and elements
		7.3.1 Couplers
		7.3.2 Steel scaffold tubes (circular)
		7.3.3 Aluminium scaffold tubes (circular)
8 Requirements for design
	8.1 Basic requirements
		8.1.1 General
		8.1.2 Arresting surface
		8.1.3 External support
		8.1.4 Fixings for protection fans
	8.2 Structural design
		8.2.1 Method of design
		8.2.2 Special requirements for timber
		8.2.3 Partial safety factor Ultimate limit state Serviceability limit state Uplift checks
	8.3 Actions
		8.3.1 General
		8.3.2 Permanent and variable imposed loads Class V0 Class V1
		8.3.3 Variable Imposed loads: Class V1 Working wind and maximum wind Aerodynamic force coefficient cf Erection loads – operatives (EL) Snow Loads
Figure 4 — Intensity of snow load
	8.4 Load combinations
Table 5 — Combinations of loads to be used
	8.5 Falling object impact loads
9 Testing to verify performance
	9.1 Purpose of testing
	9.2 General
	9.3 General description of test components
		9.3.1 Test sample
		9.3.2 Test impactor
	9.4 Test
		9.4.1 Principle of the test
		9.4.2 Test set up
Figure 5 — Test set up (illustrative only)
	9.4.3 Test procedure
Figure 6 — Illustration of test drop positions
	9.4.4 Results to be recorded
	9.4.5 Compliance with the testing requirements
	9.4.6 Test report
10 Assessment of compliance
11 Manuals
	11.1 General
	11.2 Content of a product manual
12 Marking
Document Text Contents
Page 14

BS EN 12811-4:2013
EN 12811-4:2013 (E)


7.3.3 Aluminium scaffold tubes (circular)

Aluminium tubes with an outer diameter of 48,3 mm shall conform to the specification of EN 12810-1:2003,

8 Requirements for design

8.1 Basic requirements

8.1.1 General

Each protection fan shall be designed to ensure that it does not collapse or move unintentionally at all stages,
including erection, modification and until fully dismantled.

8.1.2 Arresting surface

The arresting surface shall be capable of resisting the impact from falling construction debris.

This ability to arrest falling objects shall be verified by testing in accordance with Clause 9.

8.1.3 External support

A protection fan shall have a support capable of resisting the design loads and limiting movement.

8.1.4 Fixings for protection fans

Fixings for protection fans shall be capable of supporting the loads that protection fans will be subjected to in

8.2 Structural design

8.2.1 Method of design

The design of any protection fan shall be carried out following the limit state method.

All loads specified in this European Standard shall be treated as characteristic loads.

The protection fan system, including its elements shall satisfy the load requirements.

Design shall be carried out in accordance with the Eurocode design standards for structural engineering. The
current standards include:

— for steel: EN 1993-1-1;

— for aluminium: EN 1999-1-1;

— for timber: EN 1995-1-1;

— for design: EN 1990.

If there are conflicts between provisions in this European Standard and other standards, e.g. Eurocodes, then
the provisions in this European Standard shall have precedence.

8.2.2 Special requirements for timber

When using EN 1995-1-1 the following characteristics shall be used:

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