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TitleCIDECT Design Guide 5
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Table of Contents
1	Introduction
	1.1 General
	1.2	Design methods
2	Design method according to Eurocode 4
	2.1	General design method
	2.2	Material properties
3 Simplified design method
	3.1	General and scope
	3.2	Local buckling
	3.3	Resistance of a section to axial loads
	3.4	Resistance of a member to axial loads
	3.5	Resistance of a section to bending
	3.6	Resistance of a section to bending and compression
	3.7	Influence of shear forces
	3.8	Resistance of a member to bending and compression
		3.8.1	Uniaxial bending and compression
		3.8.2	Biaxial bending and compression
	3.9	Determination of bending moments
		3.9.1 General
		3.9.2	Exact determination of bending moments
		3.9.3 Simplified method for the determination of bending moments
4	Shear and load introduction
	4.1	General and limit values
	4.2	Distribution of the internal forces and moments
	4.3	Regions of load introduction
5 Special problems
	5.1	Mono-symmetrical sections
	5.2	Preloaded steel columns
	5.3	Partially filled columns
	5.4	Special concrete
6 Design for seismic conditions
7	References
8	Design examples
	8.1	Concrete filled circular hollow section with reinforcement
	8.2	Concrete filled rectangular hollow section with eccentric loading
9	Notations
CIDECT International Committee for the Development and Study of Tubular Structures

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