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grown to be one of the fastest growing soft drinks, leading the clear lime category.

Today Sprite is perceived as a youth icon. Why?

With a strong appeal to the youth, Sprite has stood for a straight forward and honest

attitude. It‟s clear crisp refresh hinge taste encourages the today‟s youth to trust

their instincts, influence them to be true to who they are and to obey their thirst.


Maaza was launched in 1976. Here was a drink that offered the

same real taste of fruit juices and was available throughout the year. In 1993, Maaza

was acquired by Coca-Cola India. Maaza currently dominates the fruit drink

category. Over the years, brand Maaza has become synonymous with Mango. This

has been the result of such successful campaigns like “Taaza Mango, Maaza

Mango” and “Botel Mein Aam, MaazahaiNaam”. Consumers regard Maaza as

wholesome, natural, fun drink which delivers the real experience of fruit.


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Some of the cost control measures which can be suggested to the company are:

1. Reduce the usage of the hired vehicle. The use of the personal vehicle should be

encouraged; this would eliminate the extra expenditure on vehicle used.

2. The tracker can be maintained on a daily basis which assures the optimum use of


3. The employee engagement plan can be implemented with perfection.

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