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                            NORM_PRIORITY = 5
Linked List
Abstract List                                  Dictonary
	Introduction   :
Abstract List                                         Dictonary
Stack                                               Properities
	The Enumeration Interface :
		Methods  :
		The Interfaces in Collections Framework
Collection                    Map                    Iterator
	List Interface :
		The Classes in Collections Framework
	Linked List
	Types Of Drivers :
	How to use this driver
	JDBC Database calls are translated into Vendor-specific API calls. The database will process the request and send the results back through API to JDBC Driver – this will translate  the results to the JDBC standard and return them to the Java application.
	The Vendor specific language API must be installed on every client that runs the JAVA application.
	What Class.forName will do while loading drivers?
How does it Work
CODE:                                                                OUTPUT
	What is JSP- JavaServer Pages ?
		Validating Input Data
		Participants and Responsibilities
			Controller :   The controller is the initial contact point for handling all requests in the system. The controller may delegate to a helper to complete authentication and authorization of a user or to initiate contact retrieval.
			Dispatcher :
			Helper :
			View : A view represents and displays information to the client. The view retrieves information from a model. Helpers support views by encapsulating and adapting the underlying data model for use in the display.
	Controller Configuration
	Message Resources Configuration
	PlugIn Configuration
	Data Source Configuration
	Configuring your application for modules
	Module Configuration Files
	Informing the Controller
	Switching Modules
	The Web Application Deployment Descriptor
	Configure the Action Servlet Instance
	Configure the Action Servlet Mapping
	Configure the Struts Tag Libraries
	Configure the Struts Tag Libraries (Servlet 2.3)
	Add Struts Components To Your Application
	Struts Bean Tags
	What helpers in the form of JSP pages are provided in Struts framework?
	Is Struts efficient?
Types of Session Beans
Container Responsibilities :
Remote Clients :
Local Clients :
Create Methods :
Bean Managed Persistence :
EJB QL Example
EJB QL: Deployment Descriptor
Home Business Methods
Example of EJB 1.1 CMP Bean
Example of EJB 2.0 CMP Bean
What is EJB ?
	Stateless Session Bean :-
	Stateful Session Bean  :-
	JAR:  Java Archive File
	WAR : Web Archive File
	EAR : Enterprise File
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file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#class method
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#method
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#instance method
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#static method
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#static method
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#class variable
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#field
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#instance variable
file:///G:/J2EE Books/JAVATUT/information/#static field

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20.) If an RMI parameter implements java.rmi.Remote, how is it passed "on-the-wire?"
Choice 1 : It can never be passed.
Choice 2 : It is passed by value.
Choice 3 : It cannot be passed because it implements java.rmi.Remote.
Choice 4 : (Correct) It cannot be passed unless it ALSO implements
Choice 5 : It is passed by reference.

21.) public synchronized void txTest(int i) {
System.out.println("Integer is: " + i); }
What is the outcome of attempting to compile and execute the method above, assuming it is
implemented in a stateful session bean?
Choice 1 : Run-time error when bean is created
Choice 2 : The method will run, violating the EJB specification.
Choice 3 : (Correct) Compile-time error for bean implementation class
Choice 4 : Compile-time error for remote interface
Choice 5 : Run-time error when the method is executed

22.) What is the CORBA naming service equivalent of JNDI?
Choice 1 : Interface Definition Language
Choice 2 : (Correct) COS Naming
Choice 3 : Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Choice 4 : Interoperable Inter-Orb Protocol
Choice 5 : Computer Naming Service

InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
TestHome th = (TestHome)
TestRemote beanA = th.create();
TestRemote beanB = th.create();
TestRemote beanC = th.create();
TestRemote beanD = th.create();
TestRemote beanE = th.create();
beanC = th.create();
Given the above code, container passivates which bean instance first if the container limited the
bean pool size to four beans and used a "least-recently-used" algorithm to passivate?
Choice 1
Bean A
Choice 2
Bean B
Choice 3
Bean C
Choice 4 (Correct, Since only Statefull session bean and Entity Bean can be passivated, and
Entitybean can not call as th.create() normally, I take it as statefull session bean)
Bean D
Choice 5
Bean E


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Page 122

Which one of the following phenomena is NOT addressedby read-consistency?
a Phantom read (Correct)
b Cached read
c Dirty read
d Non-repeatable read
e Fuzzy read


Which one of the following methods is generally called
in both
ejbLoad() and ejbStore()?
a getEJBObject()
b getHandle()
c remove()
d getEJBHome()
e getPrimaryKey() (Correct)

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