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The ancient Egyptians, our ancestors, studied the cosmos closely and recognized that great powers
hold the universe together. These powers inherent in the universe were identified, located, studied, and
named. These various forces were also identified in the human body, and the sum total of all the
Universal forces was the One God, the Supreme, the Universe.

To the great Egyptian god of writing, Tehuti (Hermes), the human race owes its concept of the
"law of analogy." The great Tehuti was reputed to have stated, "that which is above is like unto that
which is below, and that which is below is like unto that which is above." In other words, the ancient
Egyptians taught that the human body was the "microcosm," or little cosmos, made in the form of the
"macrocosm," or the great cosmos. This relationship between the Universe and the human body
became the basis of ancient Egyptian medical science.

This ancient healing wisdom is contained in the "Book of the Opening of the Mouth and the Coming
Forth by Day," popularly called, "The Egyptian Book of the Dead." The entire text is a physiological
and anatomical textbook to those capable of reading it from a scientific point of view. It explained the
functions of the human body, the attributes of the mind, and the qualities of the soul and its energies.

"The Book of the Opening of the Mouth and the Coming Forth by Day" presented a unique source
of wisdom, a system of preventive medicine and health which I refer to as the "Ausarian Medical
Conception" (based on the resurrection of the Egyptian god Osiris). The premise of the test is obvious:
the soul which abides by the laws set forth in the text does not wonder in darkness; rather, it lives on with
the good hope of going forth in the light of truth. Darkness signifies disease and ignorance, and day
represents light - the light of the mind and the light of the soul. To go forth by day is to abide in the
light. One must Open the Mouth correctly in order to receive the proper light. African people are
children of the light, and all of our foods and material sustenance must contain vitalized light energy. (1 of 12) [11/22/2012 3:48:00 PM]

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The ultimate purpose of the "Ausarian Medical Conception" is to tell us how we can extend,
shape, influence, and control our cosmic energies in order to attain divine and perfect health.

To understand how this is possible, we must look deeper into the body itself.

According to the ancient Egyptians, there are seven principles operating in man, each of which
constitutes a different type of substance that obeys a unique set of natural laws. They are:

1) The Khat, which most of us simply call the physical body.

2) The Ba, the soul of breath, or what is termed the "bio-plasmic body",
or vital body.

3) The Khaba, the astral body, or what is called the emotional body.

4) The Khaibit, the intellectual body which consists of the lower and
middle states of consciousness.

5) The Ka, the spiritual Self, or Higher Mind.

6) The Sekhen, the Super-consciousness. The plane where Universal
knowledge is available to those attuned to it.
7) The Ren, the pure spirit, or divine mind. (Diagram 1)

DIAGRAM 1. (2 of 12) [11/22/2012 3:48:00 PM]

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If we look even closer at these subatomic particles, we'll find that they are not material at all, but
rather mere vibrations of energy that have taken on the appearance of solidity. This scientific discovery,
that matter is a fluctuation of energy, was first expressed by Albert Einstein and other physicists at the
beginning of the 20th century.

In recent years, connecting quantum physics directly to biology in the human body is changing our
basic assumptions about sickness and medicine. Physicists now believe that the physical world including
plants, animals, humans and galaxies belong to a "Grand Unified Field." In other words, the "whole"
of nature comes together in this all-embracing field. Since we too are part of nature and the universe, we
are also part of the Unified Field. Western physicists are just beginning to realize what the ancient
Africans understood about the profound realities of the universe over 7,000 years ago.

That plants, as well as animals and humans, have fields of "fine sheaths" of subatomic, or
protoplasmic energy which permeate the solid physical bodies of molecules and atoms was a centuries-
old allegation by the priests/physicians of ancient Khemit. This "quantum field," or "aura" was
depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics around the bodies of Egyptian deities. (6 of 12) [11/22/2012 3:48:00 PM]

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The Ausarian Conception of Divine Health

The first idea of balanced health was recognized by Egyptian physicians through the resurrection
and mystery of Ausar, from which developed a medical science which in precision and extent surpasses
almost any other health science that has been devised. Let us look at how the Ausarian medical
conception developed.

According to Egyptian legend, Ausar is the first-born of five children of he goddess Nut and the god
Seb, and he eventually become king of the Egyptians. His brother Set, the third-born child, was very
jealous of Ausar and decided to kill him. Through trickery, Set got Ausar into a chest, which was tossed
into the Nile. The casket with the drowned body of Ausar was washed to the sea. Ausar's sister and
wife, Auset, the fourth-born child, searched for and found Ausar's body and brought it back to Egypt.
She hid the body, but eventually slackened her guard over it, at which time Set, while hunting, stumbled
over it.

Knowing of Auset's magical skill (herbal knowledge) in revivifying corpses, Set stole the body. In
order to prevent her from resurrecting Ausar, he dismembered the body into fourteen parts and hid them
throughout Egypt. Auset them searched for and recovered all the parts. She was able to reconstruct
Ausar's entire body, but she was unsuccessful in fully reviving the corpse. But after three days, Auar
arose from the dead to become the judge of the living and the dead.

Ausar became the symbol of divine Presence and Immortality. He combines both human and divine
attributes, signifying the living soul. It was part of Egyptian healing science that the body be identified
with Ausar. The 14 dismembered parts of Ausar became the major internal organs of the body under the
Egyptian medical system. (See Chart 2.)

CHART 2. The 14 Anatomical Organs of the Viscera*

Egyptian English Egyptian English

1. mat liver nnshm spleen

2. mkhtw intestine sknn pancreas

3. kbmaa rectum ggt kidney

4. sma lung shptyt bladder

5. hty heart mt phallus

6. ru n ib cardia krnt prepuce

7. kh t stomach hrwy testicle (7 of 12) [11/22/2012 3:48:00 PM]

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