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TitleCredit and Risk Management
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Table of Contents
                            Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM)
Monitoring Credit During Sales and Distribution Processing
Credit Control Area
	Deriving the Credit Control Area
	Specifying Credit Limits by Credit Control Area
Creating Credit Data
	Credit Limits for Groups of Customers
	Defining Credit Limits for New Customers
Processing Credit Data
	Displaying Credit Data
	Resetting Credit Limits
Sales and Distribution Functions in Credit Management
Sources of Information in Credit Management
Credit Management in Distributed Systems
Reports for Credit Management
Postings Without Credit Limit Checks
Authorizations for Critical Credit Control Fields
Automatic Credit Controls in SD
	Defining an Automated Credit Check
	Different Types of Credit Checks
	Subsequent Functions in Credit Checks
	Reviewing and Releasing Blocked Documents
	Renewed Credit Check for Blocked SD Documents
	Informing Credit Representatives Automatically
Risk Management for Receivables in SD
	Forms of Payment Guarantee
	Determining the Form of Payment Guarantee
	Calculating the Credit Value
Settings for Credit Management and Risk Management: Overview
	Credit Limit
	Risk Category
	Credit Representative Group
	Date of Next Review
	External Credit Data
	Customer Credit Group

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