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Vehicle Combat Actions (Page 251)
Action PAge tyPe SubtyPe(S) DeScriPtion
Evasive Manoeuvring 251 Full Concentration, Movement Move Tactical Speed, enemies suffer –10 per DoS to hit vehicle for next round.

Floor It! 251 Full Concentration, Movement
Move double Tactical Speed plus an additional 5m per DoS, enemies get –20 to shoot
at vehicle for next round.

Hit & Run 251 Full Attack, Melee, Movement Move Tactical Speed and attack with –10 to WS. Then, move Tactical Speed again.
Jink 252 Reaction Movement Avoid incoming attack with penalty equal to vehicle's Size modifier.
Ram! 252 Full Attack, Melee, Movement Must move at least Tactical Speed, deal damage equal to AP + 1d10.

Rearing Strike 252 Half
Attack, Concentration,

Rider makes Hard (–20) Survival test with bonus equal to steed's WS/BS to allow
steed to inflict hit with its weapon.

Tactical Manoeuvring 253 Varies Movement Move Tactical Speed (Half ) or twice Tactical Speed (Full), and turn 90°.

Vehicle Hit

d100 Roll location
01–20 Motive Systems
21–60 Hull
61–80 Weapon
81–100 Turret

Grappling (Page 221)
Active controller must use Full Action to maintain Grapple, and can then
try to Damage, Throw Down, or Push Opponent. Target in his own turn
must declare Grapple as Half Action, and can then try to Break Free, Slip
Free, or Take Control.

Overwatch (Page 223)
Spend Full Action to establish a kill zone 45° wide and up to the range
of the weapon. Character specifies Standard Attack, Full Auto Burst, or
Semi-Auto Burst and triggering conditions to shoot any targets entering
the zone. Targets must make a Challenging (+0) Pinning Test or become
Pinned. Overwatch may be maintained up to a character’s WP Bonus in
hours, or until making another action or Reaction.

Suppressing Fire (Page 224)
Character can suppress an area 30° (Semi-Auto Burst) or 45° (Full Auto
Burst) wide, up to half weapon’s range. Targets within this area must
make a Difficult (–10) Pinning test (Semi-Auto) or Hard (–20) Pinning
test (Full Auto) or become Pinned. –20 BS penalty; GM randomly assigns
hit. Extra hits scored for every 2 DoS; jam on 94 result+.

Critical Effects

Location Page
Weapon Page 234
Motive Page 257
Turret Page 258
Hull Page 259

Multiple Hits (Page 223)
First second third Fourth FiFth AdditionAl
Head Head Arm Body Arm Body

Arm Arm Body Head Body Arm

Body Body Arm Head Arm Body

Leg Leg Body Arm Head Body

Usages of Fate Points (Page 293):
• Re-roll a test.
• +10 bonus to a test; must be chosen before dice are rolled.
• Add 1 DoS to a successful test; may be chosen after roll.
• Count as having rolled 10 for Initiative.
• Instantly remove 1d5 damage (not Critical damage).
• Instantly recover from being Stunned.
• Remove all levels of Fatigue.

Psychic Powers (Page 194)
Determine Psychic Strength: Psyker decides how much of base psy rating
to commit; Push to add more (Bound +2, Unbound +4, Daemonic +3)
Make Focus Power Test: +10 per point effective psy rating is below base
rating; –10 per point it is above. Doubles invoke psychic phenomena
(page 195); (Bound) Pushing invokes unless doubles, (Unbound/
Daemonic) always invokes.
Resolve Power Results: As per power and effect; Psychic Barrages are
similar to Semi-Auto Bursts, Psychic Storms to Full Auto Bursts, Psychic
Blasts to weapons with Blast quality.
Sustaining: As per power; while sustaining psyker has +10 to rolls for
Psychic Phenomena and –1 to psy rating per sustained power.

Fear (Page 285)
A Fear test uses Willpower with a modifier based on Fear rating (ranging
from +0 for a rating of 1 to –30 for a rating of 4). If failed in structured
time, roll on Table 8–11: Shock (page 285), adding +10 for each DoF;
3 or more DoF inflicts 1d5 Insanity points. Can snap out of it by making
WP test in following turns. In narrative time, –10 penalty to all tests
requiring concentration while near source of Fear.

D a r k H e r e s y TM
Abridged Armour (Page 167)

Name LocatioNs covered aP max ag
Armoured Bodyglove Arms, Body, Legs 2 —
Carapace Chestplate Body 6 55
Carapace Helm Head 4 —
Carapace Gauntlets Arms 5 —
Carapace Greaves Legs 5 —
Chainmail Suit Arms, Body, Legs 3 35

Enforcer Light Carapace All 5 45

Feudal World Plate All 5 25
Flak Cloak Arms, Body, Legs 3 55
Flak Coat Arms, Body 3 60
Flak Gauntlets Arms 2 —
Flak Helmet Head 2 —
Flak Vest Body 3 60
Heavy Leathers Arms, Body 1 —

Imperial Guard Flak Armour All 4 50

Imperial Robes Arms, Body, Legs 1 —

Light Flak Cloak Arms, Body, Legs 2 55
Light Power Armour All 7 40
Mesh Cloak Arms, Body, Legs 4 60
Mesh Vest Body 4 —

Militarum Tempestus Carapace All 6 45

Xenos Hide Vest Body 6 50

Page 2

Combat Circumstances Summary (Page 229)
Difficulty MoDifier exaMple

Easy +30
Attacking a Surprised, Unaware, or a Massive (Size [7]) target.
Shooting a target at Point Blank range.
Evading an attack that has been anticipated for at least one round.

Routine +20
Melee attacks against a foe that is outnumbered three to one or more.
Attacking a Stunned or Enormous (Size [6]) target.
Evading an attack whilst in full cover from the attacker.

Ordinary +10

Attacking a Prone opponent with a melee weapon.
Attacking from higher ground, or Hulking (Size [5]) target.
Shooting a target at Short Range.
Melee attacks against a foe who is outnumbered two to one.
Evading an attack whilst in partial cover from the attacker.

Challenging +0 Attacking an Average (Size [4]) target.

Difficult –10
Shooting at a target at Long range, or a Prone target
Attacking a Scrawny (Size [3]) target.
Attacking an enemy in melee whist Prone.

Hard –20

Shooting into melee combat, or a target in fog, mist, or shadow.
Dodging whilst Prone.
Melee attacks in the darkness, or unarmed against an armed target.
Attacking a Puny (Size [2]) target.
Using a weapon without the correct Weapon Training talent.

Very Hard –30

Attacking or Dodging in deep snow, or Miniscule (Size [1]) target.
Firing a heavy weapon that has not been Braced.
Shooting a target that is at Extreme range, or is completely concealed.
Evading an attack whilst unable to see its source.
Shooting at a target in darkness.

Damage (Page 232)
When a character has sustained damage equal to
his wounds, all further damage is Critical damage.
When Critical damage is suffered, consult the relevant
Critical Effect Table (pages 234–241), determined
by the type of damage (Energy, Impact, Rending or
Explosive) and the Hit Location of the attack, and
apply the effect. All Critical damage is cumulative.

Damage Levels (Page 244)
Lightly Damaged: Equal to or less than twice TB.
Heavily Damaged: More than twice TB.
Critically Damaged: Damage exceeds wounds.

Fatigue (Page 233)
While a Characteristic bonus is less than Fatigue level,
it counts as half value and tasks using it take twice
as long.A Fatigued characters suffers –10 penalty to all
Tests. When his Fatigue level is higher than TB+WPB,
he falls unconscious for 10–TB minutes and revives with
Fatigue equal to TB. He dies if Fatigue reaches twice
his TB+WPB. Each hour of complete rest removes 1
level of Fatigue; after 6 hours all Fatigue is removed.

Pinning (Page 230)
Pinned targets can only take one Half Action, suffer
–20 BS, and must keep cover between them and the
shooter. Test Willpower to recover at the end of the
Turn, +30 if not shot at. If engaged in melee, the
character automatically stops being Pinned.

Stunned (Page 243)
Cannot take actions (including Free Actions), and
opponents receive +20 to hit them.

Blood Loss (Page 243)
Suffer 1 level of Fatigue at start turn. Difficult (–10)
Medicae test (a Free Action) to remove.

Weapon Jams (Page 224)
On an unmodified roll of 96–00, the weapon jams and
attack misses; Full Action and BS Test to clear. Semi-
and Full Auto Fire attacks jam on a 94–00.

Two-Weapon Fighting (Page 228)
Only one-handed weapons. Either make a single attack
with either weapon (–20 for off-hand), or if using the
Two Weapon Wielder talent, when making an attack
action may make a second attack action for free with
other weapon at –20 to each attack (drops to –10 with
Ambidextrous talent). If shooting with a gun in each
hand, targets must be within 10m of each other.

Using Weapon without a Talent
(Pages 133 and 149)
–20 Penalty when using a weapon without appropriate
talent. Spray weapons: targets receive +20 to Agility test
to avoid being hit; +30 if weapon Heavy and unbraced.

Unarmed Combat (Page 228)
WS test to hit (–20 if opponent armed), inflicts 1d5–
3+SB Impact damage. If inflict damage greater than or
equal to target’s TB, attack also inflicts 1 level of Fatigue.

Abridged Melee Weapons (Page 158)
Name Class RaNge Dam PeN sPeCial
Chainaxe† Melee — 1d10+4 R 2 Tearing
Chainblade Melee — 1d10+1 R 1 Tearing
Chainsword Melee — 1d10+2 R 2 Balanced, Tearing
Eviscerator† Melee — 2d10 R 9 Razor Sharp, Tearing, Unwieldy
Force Sword Melee — 1d10+1 R 2 Balanced, Force
Force Staff† Melee — 1d10 I 2 Force
Great Weapon† Melee — 2d10 R 0 Unbalanced
Hunting Lance Melee — 2d10+3 X 7 Concussive (3)
Improvised Melee — 1d10–2 I 0 Primitive (7), Unbalanced

Knife Melee/Thrown 5m 1d5 R 0 —

Shield†† Melee — 1d5 I 0 Defensive
Spear† Melee — 1d10 R 0 Primitive (8)

Staff† Melee — 1d10 I 0 Balanced, Primitive (7)

Sword Melee — 1d10 R 0 Balanced

Truncheon Melee — 1d10 I 0 Primitive (7)
Warhammer† Melee — 1d10+3 I 1 Concussive (1), Primitive (8)

Whip Melee 3m 1d10 R 0 Flexible, Primitive (6)

Omnissian Axe† Melee — 2d10+4 E 6 Power Field, Unbalanced
Power Fist Melee — 2d10††† E 9 Power Field, Unwieldy
Power Sword Melee — 1d10+5 E 5 Balanced, Power Field
Power Axe† Melee — 1d10+7 E 7 Power Field, Unbalanced
Power Maul (High) Melee — 1d10+5 E 4 Power Field, Shocking
Power Maul (Low) Melee — 1d10+1 E 2 Shocking
Shock Maul Melee — 1d10+3 I 0 Shocking
Shock Whip Melee 3m 1d10+1 I 0 Flexible, Shocking
† Weapon is Two-Handed
†† Provides 2 AP to the Body and Arm wielding the shield, which stacks with existing armour.
††† Power Fists add the user’s SB×2 to the damage.

Movement (Page 245)

Half: AgB (1/2 if AgB=0)
Full: 2 x AgB (1 if AgB=0)
Charge: 3 x AgB (2 if AgB=0)
Run: 6 x AgB (3 if AgB=0)

Page 3

Accurate: +10 Bonus to hit if used with Aim, Basic weapons add +1d10 damage per
two extra DoS (max +2d10) when firing a single shot (see page 145).
Balanced: +10 Bonus to Parry skill when using this weapon.
Blast (X): All within the weapon’s blast radius in metres are hit. Roll Hit Location
and damage individually for each character affected.
Concussive (X): Target must pass Toughness test with penalty equal to 10 times (X)
or be Stunned. Target is possibly knocked Prone.
Corrosive: Permanently reduces Armour points in Hit Location by 1d10. Excess AP
damage is dealt as damage to character.
Crippling (X): Cripples the target until the end of the encounter. Crippled characters
take (X) damage when performing more than a Half Action.
Defensive: +15 bonus to Parry and –10 penalty to hit when using this weapon.
Felling (X): Weapon reduces a target’s Unnatural Toughness bonus by (X) when
calculating damage from this weapon.
Flame: Target must make an Agility test or be set on fire (see page 145).
Flexible: This weapon cannot be parried, but can be used to parry attacks.
Force: Normal weapon unless wielded by a psyker (see page 145).
Graviton: Weapon inflicts additional damage equal to AP (see page 146).
Hallucinogenic (X): This weapon induces hallucinations (see page 146).
Haywire (X): Weapon generates a Haywire field (see page 147).
Inaccurate: Weapon gains no bonus from Aiming.
Indirect (X): Weapon can fire at targets out of line of sight. Shots scatter Xd10 metres
(see page 147).
Lance: Weapon increases its penetration based on DoS from attack.
Maximal: Weapon has a second, more powerful, fire setting.
Melta: Weapon doubles its Pen when firing at Short range.
Overheats: Attack roll of 91 or more to hit causes Overheat (see page 148).
Power Field: When Parrying (or being Parried by) a weapon that lacks this quality,
there is a 75% chance of destroying the opponent’s weapon.

Primitive (X): Weapon’s damage dice never count as rolling higher than (X).
Proven (X): Weapon’s damage dice never count as rolling lower than (X).
Razor Sharp: If the attack results in three or more DoS, double weapon Pen.
Recharge: When fired, cannot be fired again in the next round.
Reliable: Weapon only jams on unmodified roll of 100. Weapons that do not roll to
hit do not jam.
Sanctified: This weapon deals Holy damage to Daemonic and Warp creatures.
Scatter: At Point Blank range, weapon gains +10 to hit and +3 damage. At Short
Range, weapon gains +10 to hit. Any longer ranges, weapon suffers –3 damage.
Shocking: If weapon causes damage, the target must make a Challenging (+0)
Toughness test or be Stunned for rounds equal to DoF.
Smoke (X): Creates cloud with radius of (X) metres lasting 1d10+10 rounds.
Snare (X): Target must make an Agility test with penalty equal to 10 times (X) or
be immobilised. An immobilised target can attempt no other actions except to try to
escape the bonds. He can make a Full Action to burst the bonds (a Strength test) or
wriggle free (an Agility test) in his turn. He is considered Helpless until he escapes.
Spray: Weapon projects a 30° arc cone out to the weapon’s range. No roll to hit; all
creatures in path must make a Challenging (+0) Agility test or be struck.
Storm: Double number of hits inflicted on target (and ammo expended).
Tearing: Roll one extra dice for damage, take the best results.
Toxic (X): Targets damaged by weapon must make a Toughness test with penalty
of X times 10 or suffer an extra 1d10 damage of same type of first Toxic damage that
round (not reduced by Armour or Toughness).
Twin-linked: +20 Bonus to hit and uses twice as much ammunition. Two or more
DoS inflicts 1 additional hit; reload time is doubled.
Unbalanced: –10 Penalty to Parry skill when using this weapon.
Unreliable: Weapon jams on roll of 91 or higher.
Unwieldy: Cannot be used to Parry or make Lightning Attacks.
Vengeful (X): Inflicts Righteous Fury on damage rolls of X or higher.

Combat Actions (Page 217)
Action PAge tyPe SubtyPe(S) DeScriPtion
Aim 218 Varies Concentration +10 (Half) or +20 (Full) bonus to character’s next attack.
All Out Attack 218 Full Attack, Melee Give up that round’s Evasion reaction to gain +30 WS.
Brace Heavy Weapon 219 Half Miscellaneous Support a Heavy weapon for proper firing.

Called Shot 219 Full
Attack, Concentration,
Melee or Ranged

Attack a specific location on a target with a –20 to WS or BS.

Charge 220 Full Attack, Melee, Movement Move up to 3x AgB (last 4m in straight line at enemy), +20 to WS.
Defensive Stance 220 Full Concentration, Melee Gain an additional Reaction. Opponents suffer –20 WS.
Delay 220 Full Miscellaneous May take any Half Action before character’s next turn.
Disengage 220 Full Movement Break from melee without incurring a free attack.
Evasion 220 Reaction Movement/Melee Used with Dodge (Movement) or Parry (Melee) skill to avoid attacks.
Feint 220 Half Melee Opposed WS test; if character wins, his next Melee attack cannot be Evaded.
Focus Power 221 Varies Varies Use a Psychic Power.
Full Auto Burst 221 Half Attack, Ranged –10 BS, one hit for every DoS; Jam on 94+ result; 2m spread.
Grapple 221 Varies Attack, Melee Affect a Grappled opponent or escape from a Grapple.
Guarded Action 222 Half Concentration, Melee/Ranged –10 to WS or BS, +10 to all Evasion tests until start of next turn.
Jump or Leap 222 Full Movement Jump vertically or leap horizontally.
Knock Down 222 Half Attack, Melee Try to knock an opponent to the ground.
Lightning Attack 222 Half Attack, Melee –10 WS, one hit for every DoS.
Manoeuvre 222 Half Melee, Movement Opposed WS test; if character wins, move enemy 1 metre.
Move 223 Varies Movement Move up to Agility bonus (Half Action) or 2x Agility bonus (Full Action).
Overwatch 223 Full Attack, Concentration, Ranged Shoot targets coming into a set 45° kill zone, also forces Pinning tests.
Ready 223 Half Miscellaneous Ready a weapon or an item.
Reload 223 Varies Miscellaneous Reload a ranged weapon.
Run 223 Full Movement Move 6x Agility bonus, enemies get –20 BS and +20 WS to hit character
Semi-Auto Burst 223 Half Attack, Ranged +0 BS, additional hit for every two additional DoS; jam on 94+; 2m spread.

224 Half Movement
Stand up from being Prone, mount or dismount a riding beast, enter or leave a
vehicle, or move within a vehicle.

Standard Attack 224 Half Attack, Melee or Ranged +10 to WS or BS, make one melee or ranged attack; jam on 96+ result.
Stun 224 Full Attack, Melee Try to Stun an opponent.
Suppressing Fire 224 Full Attack, Ranged Set 30° or 45° arc at 1/2 range, target must make Pinning test, –20 BS.
Swift Attack 225 Half Attack, Melee +0 WS, additional hit for every two additional DoS.
Tactical Advance 225 Full Concentration, Movement Move from cover to cover.
Use a Skill 225 Varies Concentration, Miscellaneous Character may use a skill.

Page 4

Test Difficulties
Difficulty MoD.
Trivial +60

Elementary +50

Simple +40
Easy +30
Routine +20
Ordinary +10
Challenging +0
Difficult –10
Hard –20
Very Hard –30
Arduous –40
Punishing –50
Hellish –60

Hit Locations
d100 Roll location
01–10 Head
11–20 Right Arm
21–30 Left Arm

31–70 Body

71–85 Right Leg
86–100 Left Leg

Cover Examples
Cover Type Ap
Armour-glass, thin
metal, wooden planks


Flakboard, sandbags,
thick ice, trees


Cogitator banks,
stasis pods, barricades


Rockcrete, hatchways,
thick iron, stone


Armaplas, voidship
bulkheads, plasteel


Critical Effects
Location Page
Energy Page 234
Explosive Page 236
Impact Page 238
Rending Page 240

Abridged Ranged Weapons (Page 151)
Name Class RaNge RoF Dam PeN CliP RlD sPeCial
Autopistol Pistol 30m S/–/6 1d10+2 I 0 18 Full —
Autogun Basic 100m S/3/10 1d10+3 I 0 30 Full —
Autocannon Heavy 300m S/3/– 3d10+8 I 6 24 2 Full Reliable
Bolas Thrown 10m S/–/– — 0 1 — Inaccurate, Snare (1)
Bolt Pistol Pistol 30m S/2/– 1d10+5 X 4 8 Full Tearing
Boltgun Basic 100m S/3/– 1d10+5 X 4 24 Full Tearing
Bow Basic 30m S/–/– 1d10 R 0 1 Half Primitive (6), Reliable
Crossbow Basic 30m S/–/– 1d10 R 0 1 2 Full Primitive (7)
Flamer Basic 20m S/–/– 1d10+4 E 2 6 2 Full Flame, Spray
Grav Pistol Pistol 15m S/–/– 1d10+3 I 6 6 Full Concussive (1), Graviton
Graviton Gun Basic 30m S/3/– 1d10+6 I 8 9 2 Full Concussive (2), Graviton
Grenade Launcher Basic 60m S/–/– † † 6 2 Full †
Hand Cannon Pistol 35m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 2 5 2 Full —
Hand Flamer Pistol 10m S/–/– 1d10+4 E 2 2 2 Full Flame, Spray
Heavy Bolter Heavy 150m –/–/6 1d10+8 X 5 60 Full Tearing
Heavy Flamer Heavy 30m S/–/– 1d10+5 E 4 10 2 Full Flame, Spray
Heavy Stubber Heavy 100m –/–/8 1d10+4 I 3 80 2 Full —
Hot-shot Laspistol Pistol 20m S/2/– 1d10+4 E 7 40 2 Full —
Hot-shot Lasgun Basic 60m S/3/– 1d10+4 E 7 30 2 Full —
Inferno Pistol Pistol 10m S/–/– 2d10+10 E 12 3 Full Melta
Laspistol Pistol 30m S/2/– 1d10+2 E 0 30 Half Reliable
Lasgun Basic 100m S/3/– 1d10+3 E 0 60 Full Reliable
Laslock Basic 70m S/–/ 1d10+4 E 0 1 Half Unreliable
Long Las Basic 150m S/–/– 1d10+3 E 1 40 Full Accurate, Felling (4), Reliable
Meltagun Basic 20m S/–/– 2d10+10 E 12 5 Full Melta
Missile Launcher Heavy 300m S/–/– † † 1 Full †
Needle Pistol Pistol 30m S/–/– 1d10 R 0 6 Full Accurate, Felling (1), Toxic (5)
Needle Rifle Basic 180m S/–/– 1d10 R 0 6 2 Full Accurate, Felling (1), Toxic (5)
Plasma Pistol Pistol 30m S/2/– 1d10+6 E 6 10 3 Full Maximal, Overheats
Plasma Gun Basic 90m S/2/– 1d10+7 E 6 40 5 Full Maximal, Overheats
Shotgun Basic 30m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 0 8 2 Full Scatter
Shotgun (Combat) Basic 30m S/3/– 1d10+4 I 0 18 Full Scatter
Sniper Rifle Basic 200m S/–/– 1d10+4 I 3 20 Full Accurate, Reliable
Storm Bolter Basic 90m S/2/4 1d10+5 X 4 60 Full Storm, Tearing
Stub Automatic Pistol 30m S/3/– 1d10+3 I 0 9 Full —
Stub Revolver Pistol 30m S/–/– 1d10+3 I 0 6 2 Full Reliable
Web Pistol Pistol 30m S/–/– — 0 1 Full Snare (0)
Webber Basic 50m S/–/– — 0 1 Full Blast (5), Snare (1)
†The damage, penetration, and special qualities of these weapons are dependent upon the grenade or missile used.

Abridged Grenades and Explosives (Page 157)
Name Class RaNge RoF Dam PeN CliP sPeCial
Blind Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Smoke (2)
Choke Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– Special 0 1 Blast (3)
Fire Bomb Thrown SBx3 S/–/– 1d10+2 E 0 1 Blast (2), Flame
Frag Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– 2d10 X 0 1 Blast (3)
Frag Missile — — — 2D10+2 X 2 — Blast (5)
Hallucinogen Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Blast (6), Hallucinogenic (2)
Haywire Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Haywire (2)
Krak Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– 2d10+4 X 6 1 Concussive (0)
Krak Missile — — — 3d10+8 X 8 — Concussive (3), Proven (2)
Melta Bomb — — — 6d10 E 12 1 Blast (2), Flame, Melta
Photon Flash Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Blast (6)
Smoke Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Smoke (4)
Stun Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Blast (3), Concussive (2)

Web Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/–/– — 0 1 Blast (3), Snare (2)






Scatter Diagram


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