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Chapter One: The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp
Chapter Two: Short Haul Shenanigans
Chapter Three: The Secret Ingredient
Map: Warehouse Interior
Map: Levy's Five and Dime
Map: The Jumbo Shrimp Company
Times-Picayune 13
Chapter Four: Wanted
Times-Picayune 15
Map: Blue Iris
Chapter Five: The Hidden Temple
Map: Papa Natanga's Island
Rogue's Gallery
Handout A-Roland's Note
Handout B-Bob's Note
Marshal's Notes
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An Adventure for Deadlands Noir

By John “Guaranteed” Goff, Jason “Murderin’” Mical

Aaron “Aces” Acevedo, Alida “Saxophone” Saxon, Chris “Bayou” Bivins,

Mercenary Art Studio, Cheyenne “Wreck ‘Em” Wright

Shane “The Hammer” Hensley

Jodi “Bayou” Black, Teller..or else!

© 2013 Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Deadlands, Deadlands Noir, Hell on Earth, the Weird West, the Wasted West,
the Way Out West, Savage Worlds and all related original characters, marks and logos are trademarks of Pinnacle

Entertainment Group. All rights reserved.

Page 23


In this chapter, the gumshoes discover what it feels
like to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. On the
heels of breaking open a major front-page case, they
find themselves on the lam from the cops, the Black
Hand, and the Brotherhood of the Flesh.

The day after the news about Hillberg hits the stands,

Travis Evans is preparing to drop a bomb of his own.
He’s finally put together the information the heroes
provided him back in Short Haul Shenanigans and
delivers it to both the cops and the press. Beauregard
resigns in disgrace that very day.

But Evan’s triumph is short lived. The morning
before he takes his packets to the police and press, he’s
discovered behind his desk, a bullet hole drilled neatly
through his forehead. A Black Hand hitter by the name
of Mikey Cosimo carried out the murder and planted
evidence to frame the party.

Clutched in one hand is a letter that implicates
each of the heroes in blackmailing him to go public
with fabricated evidence regarding Beauregard’s
involvement with the Black Hand. Also, if the
pickpocket was successful in nabbing one of the
gumshoes’ gats, the gun is found at the scene. (If he
wasn’t, see the Fingers Fumbled sidebar.)

It takes the NOPD about six hours to get the necessary
warrants and make a concerted effort go after the
investigators once the body is found. Luckily for them,
Chelsea, who knows it’s a set-up job, tips them off well
in advance, giving them at least a fighting chance at
staying ahead of the cops.

About the time the heroes get word of Evans’ death

and the impending warrants for their arrest, they also
receive some unexpected visitors. To make sure they
don’t slip the noose of (in)justice, Brassi has sent a few
of his boys over to keep the shamuses on ice until New
Orleans’ finest can swing by to put the collar on them.
The goons’ orders are to detain the characters for the
police if possible. If they can’t, their boss made it clear
they’re not to spare any bullets keeping them from
getting away.

Whether you want to play this out as a straight-up
fight with the Black Hand thugs or turn it into a cross-
city pursuit (using the Chase rules as appropriate from
Savage Worlds), dodging both the Mob and the police,
Marshal, is entirely up to you.


Should Fingers fail or get nabbed, Brassi

settles for using a “cold” piece (a gun that
can’t be traced) from the Black Hand’s
stash. He forks over some moolah to the
right hands and gets documents forged
to make it look like the gun belonged to
one of the gumshoes. It won’t have the
hero’s fingerprints on it, and the forged
documents might not stand up to a serious
examination, but given how many corrupt
cops are on the Black Hand’s payroll, it’s
probably good enough to do the job.

Page 24


In either case, it should be clear to the investigators
they need to find a safe house of their own, or at least
somewhere they can go to ground for a little while as
they work to clear their names. A Common Knowledge
roll at a –2 penalty uncovers a suitable abandoned
building—most likely in Tremé or the 9th Ward—if the
heroes don’t know of any off the tops of their heads.

Remind the players that if their characters actually
attack the police, they will end up with very real
criminal charges against them. The NOPD pulls out all
the stops to bring them in, dead or alive. If that happens,
Brassi even has his torpedoes back off, content to let
the heroes cook their own gooses at this point.
• Black Hand Muscle (2, plus 1 per hero): Use the

stats for Mafia Soldier from Deadlands Noir. All are
armed with .38 revolvers (Range 12/24/48, Damage
2d6, RoF 1) and brass knuckles (Str+d4).

Assuming they’ve made their way to a relatively safe

hideout, give the party time to formulate a plan of
action. The group needs to stay low and out of sight. A
gumshoe who can put together disguises or false IDs is
worth her weight in gold here!

The police and the Black Hand are keeping watch
on any known residences, places of employment,
hangouts, and local family connections around the
clock. A Notice roll at any of these locations spots
one of the surveillance teams before the shamus gets
fingered. A raise on the roll identifies both groups.
Failing the roll means the hero is spotted and pursuit
ensues. Use the Chase rules from Savage Worlds if this

A Common Knowledge roll clues the flatfoots into
the fact their home and office phones are likely tapped
as well.

The day after Evans’ murder, the story hits the

morning edition of the Times-Picayune. It features
grainy pictures of the characters under the headline
CITY!” The story carries the details of the case thus
far: Evans was found with a bullet hole in his forehead;
there was a blood-spattered note clutched in his hand
detailing a blackmail scheme to slander Beauregard;
and each of the heroes is named in the plot.


by Harold Leech

NEW ORLEANS In a bone-chilling turn of events,
Travis Evans, rival of recently-resigned IBT Local
270 President Simon Beauregard, was found dead last
night with an apparent blackmail note clutched in his

The note detailed a conspiracy by Evans and a group
of detectives to falsely accuse Beauregard of taking
bribes from the Black Hand.

Evans was found last evening dead at his desk,
the victim of a gunshot wound to the middle of his

“Evans and these criminals appear to have been
in league together,” said Lt. Reggie Coombs, the New
Orleans Police Department detective assigned to
the case. “The evidence couldn’t be more clear. The
detectives’ names are in the note and Evans’ ledger,
and one of their guns was found at the scene.”

Partly miserable with a 70% chance

of aggravation.

The Times-Picayune was first

published in January 1837 by Francis
Lumsden. A “picayune” is a Spanish

coin equal to 6.25 of a dollar.


by Harold Leech

Sgt. Penelope Depriesse spoke to the Times-Picayune
at the Evans crime scene: “There’s more to this case
than meets the eye. It all seems scripted somehow.”

“What my colleague means to say,” interjected Lt.
Coombs, “is how happy we are this case will be easy
to prosecute once the suspects have been charged.”
Coombs later added “We want everyone to remember
these are cold-blooded killers. They’re armed and
dangerous and should be shot on sight. The killers are
also notorious liars, and so citizens shouldn’t believe
any wild stories they might be spreading to escape the
long arm of law.”

A country-wide manhunt for the suspects is ongoing
as of press time.

The New Orleans Police Deparment wants to remind
readers that the suspects are armed and dangerous,
and citizens should not to attempt to apprehend these
suspects themselves.

Single Copy 5 CentsVolume C1—NO. 15 New Orleans, 1937

Page 45


I never received this “evidence” you promised, or even

the story it’s supposed to support. If you needed booze
money that badly, I could have just loaned you some—
but what you ought to do is get back on the wagon. I
either want that “big story” or my hundred bucks back.
That came out of the paper’s petty cash and my editor’s
going to take it out of my check if I can’t show something
for it.
I’m stopping by on Friday since your phone has been

disconnected (big surprise).


…the cockroaches. If it hadn’t been for them, I don’t know
that I’d have figured this out. They led me to that second,
hidden compartment in the freezer.

I’m telling you, Roland, this is huge. There are some big
names involved in this—names of people who can’t afford for
this kind of thing to go public.

These photos are just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll send you
more when I have the rest of the money.



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