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TitleDeath Frost Doom v2
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Table of Contents
                            Front Cover
Map: The Graveyard and The Cabin
Map: The Shrine
Notes on the New Edition
	The Setup
	The Climb
	Table: Where is Zeke When the Party Arrives?
	A. The Shaft
	B. Second Shaft
	C. Corpse
	D. The Old Oak Hanging Tree
	E. The Well
	F. The Main Room
	G. Kitchen and Pantry
	H. Bedroom
	I. Sitting Room
	J. Second Bedroom
	Table: Effects of Sleeping Here
	1. Screaming Hall
	1A. Grotesque Door
	2. Table Chamber
	3. Chapel
		Table: Muscial Effect
	4. Junior Priests' Dormitory
	5. Toilet
	6. Slaves' Room
	7. Kitchen/Common Room
	8. Chamber of Pedagogy
	9. Fancy Toilet
	10. High Priest's Library
		Table: Notable Finds in the High Priest's Library
	11. High Priest's Quarters
	12. Embalming Preparation Room
		Table: Unthing Properties
	13. Bronze Vault Doors (Several Locations)
	14. Priest Crypts
	15. Hall of Memory
	16. Warrior Crypts
	17. Crypts of the Commoners
	18. Prayer Room
	19. The Eye of Many Eyes
	20. Fountains
	21. Child Crypts
	22. The High Altar
	23. Bottomless Pit
	24. Tomb of the Twin Inquisitors
	25. Mausoleum of the Slaughterer
	26. Place of the Honored Sacrifice
	27. Crypt of the Architect
	28. Crypt of the Exalted Interrogator
	29. Crypt of the Testifier
	30. Throne-Crypt of the Blessed Afflictor
	31. Sacrificial Pledge
Hell Vomits its Filth
Table: Effects of the Purple Lotus
Document Text Contents
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ZAK s.

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D6/D12 TOmE

1 Scroll of Protection from Were-creatures. 10’ radius. Lasts only while the reader chants
but usable by anyone.

2 Cursed scroll—open it and save vs Magic or go blind. Works once. Outside marked

3 A book presenting a theory about how water can be transformed into liquid time,
and used to trap souls. It is too vague to be of practical use, but may provide a clue to
the PCs. If used to add to the value of a Magic-User’s library (as per p. 83 of the current
LotFP Rules & Magic book), it will add 50sp to the value of the library.

4 Resonance Of The Bound Spheres. A version of the Contact Outer Sphere spell usable
by anyone, but it only works on the snow globes in Area 11. A reference in the text
will make clear that special spheres containing pieces of other universes are needed
(i.e. if the players have the globes, they’ll know this works on them).

5 The Empyreal Hymn (title written in Duvan’Ku)—A score playable on the organ in
Area 3 (Chapel).

6 Devour Me (title written in Duvan’Ku)—A score playable on the organ in Area 3 (Chapel).

In the language of Duvan’Ku:

7 Grimoire of Hybrid Flesh: will enable the reader to fabricate a functioning prosthetic
leg, arm, hand or foot from the materials in Area 12 (Embalming Preparation Room)
in 48 hours. Whenever the PC rolls a fumble, s/he will be attacked for 1 round by this
limb. If used to add to the value of a Magic-User’s library (as per p.83 of the current
LotFP Rules & Magic book), it will add 100sp to the value of the library.

8 Cult record referring to rebuilding the western wall of the kitchen and to the tunnel
beyond the High Altar beyond the fountains.

9 Contains the ritual names of d6 of the warriors entombed in Area 16 (Warrior Crypts)
and one of the Eyes of Fate in Area 26 (Place of the Honored Sacrifice).

10 Mostly incomprehensible cult records but there is a reference to a curse upon those
who fail to leave an offering in the coin fountains and those who lie to Aetheldredd
Aleph, the Exalted Interrogator.

11 Records the names of notables entombed here in Areas 24-30—The Twin Inquisitors
Eizethrat Nexx and Gorgulos Nexx, Vorgen Pox, Nazir An-Azat, Exalted Interrogator
Aetheldredd Aleph, Aervik Narn and Praetor-Pontifex Cyris Carnithrax Maximus—
though not their locations, and refers to a rivalry between The Slaughterer, Vorgen
Pox and the Twin Inquisitors.

12 Mostly incomprehensible but contains a stray reference to “The God Entombed
Beneath The Mountain” and “The Symbiote God”. It explains that the souls of the
dead are held in the body of the Symbiote God.

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11. High Priest’s
This once-opulent room lies behind a locked
door. Marble headpieces shaped like fist-sized
skulls are scattered liberally amid the rotting
furniture and fabrics.

Hidden behind a panel in the wall is a chest of
drawers carved into the wall with thousands of
small crude snow-globes—each the diameter
of a circle made with a thumb and forefinger—
each containing what appears to be a small
model of the very peak, graveyard and cabin
above. Each contains a tiny experimental
universe suspended in the clear water of liquid
time. Every single expedition by any adventurers
into this shrine using any Death Frost Doom
module is contained in one of these globes.
Some have slightly distorted architecture, in
some the mountain’s shape is slightly varied,
some universes have multiple moons, and in
some cases tiny figures can occasionally be seen
darting or slogging across the landscape.

if any kind of communication spell is cast
on one of these globes (such as Contact
Outer Sphere, Speak With Dead, etc.):
it will allow the caster to communicate with
their counterparts in these other realities.
No matter the spell, the communication will
work, the answers will be true(for that reality)
and exactly 3 yes/no questions will be allowed
(although the answers may be more expansive
than just “yes” or “no”). The expedition
contacted will have, in every case, made
different choices than the contacting party.

Hidden inside the priest’s rotting pillow is a
jeweled satin Glove of Removal which slightly
shifts the user’s relationship to our natural
plane of existence when worn. The user is
essentially invisible except to undead, ordinary
animals and children under 12. In any
situation where any of these creatures
are hostile, they will attack the user first.

Carved onto the bottom of one of the marble
headpieces is a sort of magical formula which will
animate the Old Oak Hanging Tree (see Area D).

12. Embalming
Preparation Room

Contains four stone slabs stained with
ancient blood, bandages, surgical tools and
pieces of shaped iron as well as a podium
with a book on it. It also contains 4 spherical
alchemical flasks partially filled with a clear
liquid labeled “Liquid time” in the language of
Duvan’Ku. The liquid will detect as magic.

if someone touches the liquid: they will feel a
numbing, frozen sensation until (like water)
the liquid dries. It is more pure than the
water/time mix in the Well (Area E).

The book is the Grimoire of New Flesh. The text,
written in the Duvan’Ku language, details the
creation of Unthings—a form of flesh golem.

if a creature attempts to create an Unthing:
the procedure requires a strong electrical
charge, 50sp worth of materials, 10d4 fresh
humanoid or large animal corpses (cat size or
greater) and 2 weeks of work. Roll d10 below
to determine their abilities:

1 Two Hit Dice
2 Two Hit Dice, added bite attack
3 Two Hit Dice, grapple as 17 Strength
4 Two Hit Dice, spit stomach acid 10’ for

d4 damage
5 Two Hit Dice, moves at twice human

6-7 Two Hit Dice, paralyzing touch
8 Two Hit Dice, paralyzing touch, bite attack
9 Two Hit Dice, paralyzing touch, always

on fire
10 Four Hit Dice, steals away a level (down

to halfway up the last level) and a die
of hit points at a touch, adding the hit
points to its own.

…Unthings crawl instead of walk, but do so at
normal human movement rate.

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