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I think Mr. X. is SOOOOOOO hot. -- You are being disrespected openly. Imagine if you got
whiplash staring at women in public...same thing.

He and I are just REALLY, REALLY good friends. -- This is a manipulation tactic and you
are being taken for a ride. Any suspicions you have are likely accurate and reasonable.

All my other friends’ boyfriends are [insert]. -- Another manipulative tactic to get you to fall
in line. Often used by teenagers to get their parents to buy them stuff and/or be more lenient.

Women don't like [guys like you, whatever it is]. -- Rude, unnecessary assault on a man's
self-esteem. Not to be taken as universal truth...ever.

I really like [this thing]'s so beautiful. -- Warning sign that she is using you for an ATM.

I want...Puh--leeeeze! -- Manipulation by emotion to get whatever she wants from you. Give
in and she'll lose respect for you.

I love sex (blatant sexual reference, especially early) -- This is a test to see where you fall
on Maslow's Hierarchy under ‘sexuality needs’. Respond too enthusiastically and lose.


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