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Part One - Fundamentals Of Real Estate
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Part Two - Getting Ready For Real Estate
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Part Three - Secrets Of Success Through Teams
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Appendix A - Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B - Short Version Of This Book
Meet Dolf de Roos
Meet Diane Kennedy
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o you dislike your job, distrust your boss, dread each
day, and fear you might lose the job you can’t stand?
Well, if you do, then you’re like millions of other Ameri-
cans today who want the freedom that more money

would bring. However, unless you’re willing to take massive ac-
tion today, in 10 years’ time you will still dislike your job, dis-
trust your boss, dread each day, and fear you might lose the job
you can’t stand, with the only difference being that you’ll be 10
years older and still longing to be rich, but with 10 years of liv-
ing gone forever.

Everyone wants to be rich, but few people know exactly
what that means. If you cannot create a mental picture of what
being rich means for you, how will you ever achieve it? Let’s
create that image together.

Imagine being awakened by the sun (no ear-splitting alarm
clock for you). Your leisurely breakfast is interrupted by a call
from a real estate agent asking if you want to sell one of the
buildings you bought the previous year for a profit of $150,000.
As you gaze out over the ocean, sipping your freshly squeezed
orange juice, you weigh the relative merits of selling and de-
cide, in this instance, to keep the building. Your breakfast was
interrupted and you still have more decisions to make today,
such as whether to go snorkeling or surfing and where to have
dinner tonight. But with this one business decision, your work-
ing day is over.

Are you ready to put in the effort to go from where you are


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now to this idyllic scenario? You can make these dreams come
true with real estate. There’s work involved, to be sure—some
of it will be physical, but most of it will be mental.

As you read through The Insider’s Guide to Making Money in
Real Estate, you might find ideas that challenge what you be-
lieve about real estate. Those are the types of ideas that can
make huge differences in your life. Remember that this is an
“insider’s guide.” Unlike the stock market, where insider trad-
ing can land you huge fines or even jail time, real estate insider
information is not only legal, it’s also a critical part of creating
wealth. Insider information also implies that there will be
strategies that are different from what you might have heard
through others. Rather than opinions or guesses, you’ll learn
the actual facts from successful real estate investors who have
had years of experience in the market.


Have you and a friend ever had completely different reasons
why you should do something and yet came to exactly the
same conclusion? If two different patterns of logic give you
same the answer, that gives you a more confident feeling that
the conclusion must be right.

Well, that’s what has happened for the authors of this book,
Dolf de Roos, author of the best-selling Real Estate Riches—
How to Become Rich Using Your Banker’s Money, and Diane
Kennedy, author of the best-selling Loopholes of the Rich—
How the Rich Legally Make More Money and Pay Less Tax. Dolf
has always promoted real estate as not just a little better than
other forms of building wealth, but actually orders of magni-
tude better. Diane, a CPA to some of the nation’s most wealthy



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It is possible for a property to fall into several categories si-
multaneously. For instance, a building may have retail shops
on the ground floor and offices above. A campground may in-
corporate a convenience store and gas station. Some large tow-
ers even have hotel rooms, residences, offices, shops, parking,
restaurants, and a helipad. Often, the presence of one category
can strengthen the viability of the others. We have just delin-
eated these broad categories here to make you realize there are
more kinds of real estate to invest in than just residential. And,
since most people are not nearly as comfortable with these
other categories, the competition may be a lot less.



Summary of Categories of Real Estate



Commercial can be subdivided into:

Office space.






No land at all.

Mineral rights.

Air space.

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1. Drive around your town to look at categories of real estate that
until now you have never considered. See if this looking around
does anything to your perception of what may be possible.

2. Make a list of the types of real estate that you want to invest in
right now. If you want to stick with residential, that is fine; just
let yourself know by writing it down. Often by writing some-
thing down, we give the statement the force of intent that it did
not previously have.

3. Make a list of the types of real estate in which you would like to
invest in the future, and put in some target dates. For each type,
write down why this category appeals to you.

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Vacancy/vacancy rate:
significance of, 43, 47, 156,

187, 230
value appraisal, 151

Valuation, real estate bubble
and, 17

Value appraisals, 131, 143–144,

Value creation, 43

characterized, 85–88, 94, 98,

Investor IQ, 105, 107, 111

Wealth-building strategies:
cash flow, 88–89, 94
leverage of money, 76–80,

leverage of time, 81–85, 94,

risk reduction, 90–94, 94, 98
types of, generally, 22, 73–75
velocity, 85–88, 94, 98

Wealth creation, as motivation, 2

Wealth myths:
age factor, 28–29
credit quality, 24
deal selection, 18–19
debt, 22, 27–28
defined, 16
down payment, 23–24
employment status, 22–23
funding, 26–27
getting started, 19–20
market trends, 21–22, 24–26
property value, 24–25
rental income, 20–21
tenants, relationship with,

time management, 17–18

Wealthy population,
characteristics of,

Weed control, 45

Zeckendorf, William, 143
Ziglar, Zig, 68
Zoning changes, 21, 41–42



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