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Drop In Care™

Drop In Care™ is especially helpful for people who are dropped into other
people’s bodies during their night’s sleep time. There are many people who
have the special gift of providing drop in services for others who need to go
and get some “rest and relaxation”. If you have vivid dreams of being in a
body that is not familiar, living hours or days “for” another person you may
be a “drop in”. Those experiences can be good or traumatic.
Drop In Care is designed to assist both your and your body to be healthy
after the experience.

The “Drop In” experience may be consciously remembered or simply
indicated by memories or feelings that did not happen in any lifetime.

Drop In Care™ channeled and manual written by:
Mariah Windsong Couture ~May 22nd, 2011 ~All Rights Reserved

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Attention Resellers: From May 22nd through May 31st, 2011 Mariah
Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell, gift or exchange
Drop In Care™ energy system’s attunements and manual.

Drop In Care™ energy system has a fixed resale price of $25.00 USD each
or the equivalent in your currency. Always provide this manual with any
Drop In Care™ attunement, fully intact, with no changes.

By accepting these attunements, you agree that Drop In Care™ may
NEVER be traded for another system. You agree that if you pass an
attunement of Drop In Care™ it will either be sold by accepting monies in
currency or you’ll gift it if you feel so guided. Uncertified self attunements of
this attunement may be used for personal self healing, but do not certify you
as a Master or teacher of this system. Uncertified self attunements do not
provide you with a certificate, lineage or confirmation.

Charging less than $25.00 for this energy system without permission from
the founder constitutes a breech of term, conditions and copyright of this
system. Charge the fixed fee of $25.00 or the equivalent in your currency if
you wish to sell this energy system or completely gift this attunement and
energy system, including the manual. The manual may not be sold without
also sending the attunement out in a sacred manner to your student.

Drop In Care™ may NEVER be traded for another system. Drop In
Care™ is to be either sold by accepting monies in currency or freely gifted,
as your inner guidance directs, but NEVER traded for another energy system
of any kind.

No text or any portion of this manual may be used on u-tube, in movies, on
social networking sites. No text or portion of this manual may be copied,
used on u-tube, in movies, posted on the internet, linked or plagiarized,
unless quoted briefly (50 words or less) as part of fair use in a review, resale
listing or other commentary.

Please contact the author at [email protected] for permission to
translate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy and
manual must remain exactly as original form without any changes.

Dance into every experience you have fully present, returning to your every
day reality completely. Ready for your day’s events!

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When you are in a form you’ve had in another time and place, in another
reality, there is still a sense of it being you, and somehow your body can put
that experience into perspective.

The drop in experience, when you are wired into another body, for a short or
long period of time, just seems to be received as more “real” by your
physical body. Physical or emotional experiences have a more lasting effect,
after a drop in experience be they positive or negative when you return into
your own body.

It doesn’t matter if you remember your drop in experiences you had during
sleep or not. You can activate Drop In Care™ as a maintenance care
program just in case you happen to be dropping into other people’s bodies
while you sleep.

Do these drop in experiences happen in this reality or other realities when
you sleep? I think it can be either. The effect is the same.

You may simply ask yourself a few questions in order to discern if you
really need to be activating Drop In Care first thing upon waking from your
sleep time.

1) Do I feel as if I was in a strange place?
2) Do I feel like part of me was far, far away working hard?

3) Do I feel like all of me is here, or do I feel like I’m still traveling?
4) Do I feel like I was wearing someone else’s life?

5) Do I have memories of being in a body that is not mine?
6) Do I feel extra grateful to be here in my own bed?

7) Do I look in the mirror to be sure I recognize my face?
8) Do I notice memories that just don’t seem to belong?
9) As the night sleep fades, do I physically feel tired?

Even if you don’t remember your sleep dreams, it may be wise to activate
Drop In Care by simply intending it to be active for you:

“Drop In Care, Please Activate and Help Me!”

Just give the Drop In Care a few moments to start working on you, then you
can continue with your regular morning spiritual hygiene routine. Activate
the other energies you normally would in the morning to connect with
Source and prepare yourself for your day.

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There is another kind of Drop In experience that is truth for some people.
In that experience, they do not go elsewhere to be a drop in, they already are
a drop in. The body they currently find themselves in, here in this reality on
Earth is on that they have been dropped into. This means that they were not
born into that body. If you are a life drop in, the experiences the born in,
now walk out experiences can be complicating your life.

It means that at some point, based on a soul agreement with the one who was
born into the body they now reside it, the first person was lifted out and they
were dropped into the body. Some people call this a walk out, walk in
situation. You can research that term on the internet if you would like to.

I prefer to speak of it as a drop in situation because no one actually walks
into a body, they are dropped into it. If, here in this reality, you arrived into
this body some time after the body was born, you are a drop in (or walk in).

I’m not asking you to believe in this. For those who it is their reality, this
section of Drop In Care™ will be answer to prayer. For others, you may
simply want to scan or skip this section completely.

If, you are a spouse of someone for whom being a Life Drop In is reality,
you may wish to read this section carefully. If your spouse has had a sudden
change in likes, dislikes, personality and being; this is one possible

Let us say, for example, that someone was born into their body with an
agreement with Eternal Sacred Source that they did not want to live the
entire body’s lifespan here on Earth. This agreement was made prior to their
birth with Eternal Sacred Source. These decisions are not made from here.

Usually the life purpose has been completed and the physical body is still
able to sustain life. Most of us know that suicide is not a promoted practice
in any faith or religion. Life is sacred. What happens when a person has
completed their life purpose? Usually, the most common answer is that a
new life purpose drops down from their soul and now they have purpose!

For someone to be lifted out of their body, never to return to it, that decision
has to be made from a place much higher than here, in full agreement with
the person. Usually it is a joint decision with the one born into the body and
the one who shall be dropped into the body at when the born in is lifted out.

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