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Dr. B. V. Raman

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New Delhi • Bangalore • Chennai • Ernakulam
Bhopal • Kolkata • Patna

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Foreword ix
Preface xi

I. Astrology in Weather Predktion I

Heavy Rainfall and Sunspot Maxima 3
Effect of Slow Moving Planets 6
The Sun's Innucncc 7
When Mercury Conjuncts Sun 8
Mars and Dry W cather 9
How the Winds arc Innucnccd 9
Planetary Clues to Cyclones 10
Prediction of Rain 20
Rainbows in Different Seasons 22
Weather Changes and Vagaries 29

2. Astrology in F..arthquakes Prediction 51

Role of Solar Spots 53
Ele vcn-Year Cycle Theory 58
Parasara on Earthquakes 60
Site of E;uthquake 61
Ground Glows 63
Planets in Trikooas 67
Saturn-Mru~ in Kcndras 69
Eclipse Degree and.Mars 70
New Moon and Mutual Kendras 71
Jupitcr-SatiJm Orposition 72
Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 73
Historic Fact 77

J. Appendix 83

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40 Astrology ill Forecasting Weather and Earthquakes

Snow and Hailstorrm

During the cold season Venus in conjunction with
Saturn gives rain. In northern and southern latitudes,
farther than the Tropic, there will be heavy snowfall. Dur-
ing the hot season in the equatorial regions there will be
rain and hailstonns.

Mercury in conjunction or opposition with Venus
gives both sunshine and showers. Real gloomy weather
with heavy mists results when Mercury, Mars and Saturn
fonn a Tri-graha Yoga having the aspect of Venus. Cold,
dull weather can be foreseen at a time when Saturn is as-
pected by either the Sun or Mars together with an aspect of

Jupiter in a watery sign in conjunction with or in
opposition to Venus gives short showers and a very cool
atmosphere. Jupiter so placed with an aspect of Saturn in
any airy sign produces a windy and wet day. Plenty of rain
follows when Mars in Cancer is l!Specting Venus in Libra
and the rains will continue for several days if the Moon
and Jupiter cast their aspects also.

Mars rules thunder, especially when in a fiery sign it
brings terrific thunder without rain. Sometimes lightning
also occurs. If aspected either by Venus or Saturn. heavy
rains with large drops of water will pour down accompa-
nied by violent thunder.

Whenever the Sun is in conjunction with or in oppo-
sition to Saturn the weather is cool (or cold according to
the latitude) only if either Mars or Mercury does not aspect
the Sun. Similar indications are noted when Jupiter is in
r.oniunction with or in opposition to Saturn.

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Astrology ill Weather Prediction 41

The aspects of Mars and Saturn produce clear, cool
weather with slight showers but Saturn and Venus produce
a dull wet time.

Any planet separating from the aspect of Jupiter and
applying to an aspect of Saturn reduces the temperature of
the air. In latitudes where winter is normal there will be
bitter cold winds. Along the equator the temperature will
be reduced.

Forecasting the Winter

A mild winter can be easily foreseen when at the time
of Sun's ingress into Capricorn (about December 22) the
Moon or Venus passes over Saturn and joins Jupiter. A
very cold, hard, frosty and snowy winter follows if the
movcm~nt is from Jupiter to Saturn. This is er.pecially so
in countries like England and Germany.

Droughts and Saturn

Droughts are noticed when Saturn is unaspccted in
Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

What Kind or Winds

Strong south-west winds are indicated when Mars or

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A Great Physicist Becomes an Astrologer

Sir, I was very glad to receive your kind letter dated
30 September, 1948 and I thank you very much for send-
ing me some past issues of The Astrological Magazine,
which made a very interesting reading for me.

I am sorry for the delay in replying ~t work at the
laboratory has kept me from it.

Perhaps, you are interested in knowing how a Physi-
cist has turned to Astrology. As you see from my date of
birth, it is atleast according to the western astrology, quite
understandable. I am born on 23 December, 1895, Oh,
46m. p.m. G.T. = Ih. 44m. I.T. 49° 0' N, 14° 29' E. Ura-
nus exactly on the descendant seems quite· significant. It
seems to me more a map for inner development than for
outer success.

As all western scientists of my age, I ignored and
despised Astrology, embraced by the materialism of my
time and my surroundings. But a strong philosophical
training and inclination prevented me from accepting this
materialism as the true way of science. I never lost the
conviction that there must be a spiritual ground to all
physical happening.

The time was ripe when Pluto was transited by
Uranus. Tilis gave on the exact day a fundamental change
in m~ outer life. The following transit of Uranus over
Neptune led me to the knowledge of Astrology and its
appreciation. It was the coincidence of planetary
constellations and the events which they indicate according

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In !he same year I became Assistant Professor, 1934 and
Director of !he Institute of Physics at Dresden, 1939 at
Munich. I have written several books (a textbook has in
Oerman now 14 editions), in English 4 reprints and 18
translated into Spanish and edited about 70 scientific
papers. 1945, I lost my position in consequence of the
marching-in of the Americans. It clipped severely my
material resources, but gave me the possibility of studying
Astrology wilhout any other disturbance. Rahu conjunct
Ascendant brought me· new material possibilities here in

I should be very glad to hear from you again,

Surrey, England R. Tomaschek, Ph.D.

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