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By kellie davis

Our goal in this eBook is to help
you differentiate fact from fiction
when it comes to building great
glutes. As you train and improve
through fitness, it’s often hard to
step back and ask, “Why isn’t this

You often blame yourself for not
trying hard enough, or for having
plain ol’ bad genetics. Sadly, as
women we’ve been conditioned to
think this, but Bret and I are here
to challenge the way you view
training—especially training your

Regardless if you are young or old,
an avid athlete or weekend warrior,
or have great or not-so-great glutes


This book will change your
perspective and help you realize that
you can and will have a more
shapely, curvy, and stronger
backside now.

This eBook will teach you to stop
doing what the latest fads or gurus
tell you to do, and how to start
activating your glutes properly. It
will also teach you what exercises
work and which ones aren’t very
effective for glutes, as well as
address your nutritional needs when
it comes to building strong, healthy

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If I just lose a bunch of fat my glutes will look fine

Many women look in the mirror and envision what their body would look

like if they lost all of their fat. Surely they’d look great! The problem is,

weight loss doesn’t work this way. The body usually loses around an

equal amount of fat and muscle for weight loss. This results in lost

muscular shape, which leaves behind a “skinny-fat” person who doesn’t

look that much better than she did before the weight loss. The truth is

that we need to do everything in our power to hold onto our muscular

shape when dieting down, which involves intense training.

Starvation will make my glutes look better

Starving yourself will drastically elevate cortisol levels, which will cause even more protein
breakdown to occur. This leads to a flat booty, which is not what you want. I’ve seen many
women go down this path and they’re never happy with the way their bodies look. You
need to gradually diet down while increasing strength so you keep the muscle and lose the

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