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A Nightingale-Conant Special Report


Welcome to this Goal Setting Mastery Guide, which has been exclusively devised to help you
achieve the success you desire.

In this guide you’ll find everything you need to define your goals in five key areas of your
life – health, relationships, business, finance, and spirit. Then, using a seven-step process on
the worksheets you’ll find at the end of this report, you’ll be guided to the achievement of
your goals with laser-beam focus.

Why is goal setting so important?

In the often-quoted study undertaken by Harvard University in 1979, graduates were asked
if they had written goals with action plans for their achievement.

• 3 percent had clearly defined written goals.
• 13 percent had unwritten goals.
• 84 percent had no goals in any shape or form.

The 1989 follow-up study of those same Harvard students revealed that over a 10-year period
the 3 percent who had written personal goals were 10 times more successful than the
other 97 percent who had not.

Whatever your background, education, or level of ability, the power of personal goal setting
is clear.

As the Harvard study proved, the ability to set goals and to make plans for their accomplish-
ment is the “Master Skill” of success. With this single skill, you gain an achievement advan-
tage that’s unrivaled. By simply having clear written goals, and focusing on them every day,
you’ll run circles around a genius who is unsure and uncertain about what he or she really

Perhaps the most important principle in goal setting is what is often called idealization. It is
so simple and yet so powerful. All it requires is a pen, a pad of paper, and a few minutes of
your time.

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Section 3
Virtues, values, and qualities

Here are a series of questions you can ask yourself on a regular basis to help
you develop greater clarity about your goals in every area of your life.

First, what are your most important values, virtues, and qualities in life? What
is most important to you? What do you value more than anything else?

It has been said that all stress arises when you depart from the basic virtues and
values in which you believe. All human problems can be resolved by returning
to your values. Whenever you are unhappy for any period of time, stop and ask
yourself, “What are my values? What is really important here?”

The next question to ask yourself on a regular basis is this: “What would I do,
how would I change my life, if I won a million dollars cash, tax free, tomorrow?”

How would you change your life if you suddenly had a million dollars at your

What would be the first thing you would do? What would be the second thing?
What would you get into or get out of? What would you buy or what financial
situation in your life would you resolve?

The purpose of this question is to help you determine what you would do if you
had all the money you needed. What would you do if you were free to choose
your course of action? What would you do if you could do or have anything
you wanted?

Sometimes, this question triggers a confidence that enables you to see clearly
what you really, really want in life.

By the way, whatever you would do if you suddenly won a million dollars is
probably possible for you. You may not be able to have it as quickly as if you
won it in the lottery, but it is still possible for you in the long run.

Here’s another question. What would you do, how would you change your life,
if you learned today that you had only six months left to live?

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Imagine that you are going to enjoy perfect health for the next 180 days and
then drop dead. How would you change your life? Whom would you want to
spend the time with? What would you want to finish or complete? What would
suddenly be very important to you? What would no longer be important to you
at all?

As you can see, this is a values question. This question forces you to ask and
answer what is truly important to you in life. When you have only a short time
left to live, all the unimportant things drop away and you are left face-to-face
with the things that you really care about.

Here’s another question: “What have you always wanted to do but been afraid
to attempt?” The two biggest obstacles to success in adult life are the fears of
failure and the fears of criticism. Many people spend their entire lives with their
feet on their own brakes, holding themselves back from doing what they really
want to do because of fears of some kind.

They are afraid that they might lose their time or lose their money or lose their
emotion. They are afraid that others may disapprove of them or criticize them
or make them feel ridiculous.

Here is one of the great rules for success: Never do or refrain from doing
something because you are afraid of what other people might think about you.

Because the truth is that nobody is really thinking about you at all. Nobody
really cares about your life as much as you do.

This comes as a shock to most people. However, the great majority of people
are so preoccupied with their own lives and their own problems that they don’t
have any time to think about other people at all. Whatever you do, or don’t do,
make your decision based on what it is that you really, really want. Never make
your decision based on what you think someone else may think. No one else
really cares.

What sort of activities give you your greatest feeling of importance? What
sort of things do you do that give you wonderful feelings of self-esteem,
self-respect, and personal pride? What activities, throughout your life, have
made you feel the happiest and most fulfilled?

The answer to this set of questions is often your “heart’s desire.” This is the one
special thing that you have been put on this earth to do. It is the special thing

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Decide what you want and write it
down clearly, in the present tense


Set a deadline

Set sub-deadlines if you want — the more
specific, the more you will accomplish

Date: Activity:


Determine the obstacles


Determine what you must learn

To do something you have never done
before, you must become someone

you have never been before
Every new goal requires you to become

a new person


Whom do you want to help you?

What will you have to do to earn
their support?

What is in it for them?


Make a plan to achieve your goal

Organize the list according to priority



Do something each day that moves you
toward achievement of your goal

Develop the momentum principle

Personal Goal-Setting Template


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