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Mercenary Tactica - The Gallery of the Dogs of War- Mercenary Tales

The premeire Dogs of War Site:


Dogs of War Online presents:

Volume II— Issue 4 — Spring 2010
and ory

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Issue 4- Gold and Glory– 3

Mini By AA7

Once again the awesome TwilightCo creates another really cool cover for the Gold and Glory, and whats this a fight against a Chaos Dwarf as well, seems that
there is something afoot between this ezine and the Word of Hashut. - Willmark

Welcome to another action packed episode of the Baumann Show. I mean the latest issue of Gold and Glory, for which all the credit should go to our dark overlord, for pulling things together for us. If
you feel you can help to make the best Dogs of War ezine better then drop us a
line, we are always hiring.

If I remember correctly, last I was sat typing up my editorial December was
at it’s bleakest and Christmas was imminent. Since then a lot has happened,
another Golden Pike has been and gone for starters: You’ll have to forgive me
for a vagueness as far as the site is concerned, eagle eyed members may have
noticed less than usual activity on my part. Fear not, it was a temporary though
unavoidable setback, and I shall be returning in a grand fashion. So what have
I done with my time? Well I have been thinking about ways of injecting some
new life into the old Dogs, first was to get the Regiments of Renown Compen-
dium at a stage were it could be play tested. We will be in need of some play
testers when the time comes so free your gaming schedules. A new competition
will be unveiled and an extra secret project is going to be started as well so keep
an eye on the forums.

As for non-Dogs related stuff, well I hate to disappoint Bilbo and the other Dwarf players, but after a cider fuelled discussion
on other parts of the Warhammer World I was convinced my idea for Southlands themed Orc and Goblin army was a good
one. It will be filled with Savage Orcs and Forest Goblin Spider Riders, led by a Savage Orc on a Wyvern. Luckily if all my
previous armies are anything to go by I’ll get a unit or two and then it will peter out as my time and money is short.

Your editor even found time back in April to spend the weekend under canvas (literally, not some modern plastic tent) and
pretend he knew how to cook while feeding two-dozen faux WW2 soldiers. On the bright side it did lead to some interesting
Warhammer conversations (and one on Imperial Guard Tanks) which made me think about the position of the Dogs of War
in the Warhammer World- no not geographically, we know where Tilea is, even the Ogres can point it out on a map on the
second or third try. I’m talking about where the army fits in in the grand scheme of things, I won’t bore you just yet with the
suggestions. Instead, i want each of you to go away and think on it, at the moment the list is a poor attempt at a jack-of-all-
trades army, the reason more than one person called them Empire lite to me. Answers on a postcard please, or at least send
us your thoughts on the subject, you never know, they may get published. If I’m feeling really generous then a truly thought
provoking reply may elicit a small reward.


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Issue 4-Gold and Glory– 38 Issue 4- Gold and Glory– 39

Hobby and Modeling

long and will go over the loincloth, just use your
sculpting tool to cut the extra off. Get your sculpting
tool, and using the flat end, push the greenstuff into
the pants just under the belt. This will help it stay in
place. Now you can get some more greenstuff and fill
in the gap on the short side.

Step 4: Chain mail time. You may wish to let your
greenstuff cure for a while at this step so it’s a bit
more firm. There are lots of ways you can do chain
mail, some people will put in a huge amount of
effort and poke each hole individually and make sure
everything is all natural. Me? I’m not that patient. I
found this a while ago on an internet site, although
I can’t remember where but it’s definitely not my
original idea. The Razor Saw has lots of little teeth,
which are roughly, about chain mail links apart. I
just grab the razor saw, and dig those teeth into the
greenstuff and wrap it around the chain mail. Do
this multiple times, in rows underneath each other
and you get some quick and simple chain mail. The
only thing to be cautious about is you don’t want to
go over the same area twice, as it will end up looking

messy. Make sure
before continuing
to the next step you
let the greenstuff

Step 5: Next step
is the torso. Grab
your greenstuff,
and just start
applying it to the
chest and shoulders
in an even fashion.
Once that’s done,
use the same thing
with the razor saw
as above to create
your chain mail.
Once you’re done,
let the greenstuff

How to make a Bearman of Urslo
By Someone2040

I’ve had a lot of people comment on my Bearmen. Most people don’t even notice that they’re not the official Bearmen of Urslo models. I also have
had people ask me how I have made them, so figured
I would make a tutorial! First and foremost, I wanted
the models to look like the actual models. I like when
converting my Regiments of Renown (Unless I have
a separate counts as idea in mind) to look as close as
possible to the original models. Second of course, I
wanted it to be cheap and reasonable. So I had a while
to think on it, and after a test miniature I went ahead
and made an entire regiment of them.

So here’s how you do it! None of the steps are
particularly hard, I think anyone can make them with
a small bit of patience and the tips and tricks I share
with you in the tutorial.

Materials Required
-A box of Warhammer Plastic Marauders. If you want
more than 16, you may have to shell out for some

-Plastic 4th/5th edition Skeleton Shields. These are the
old round shields that have a plastic insert you place
onto them. These can be bits bought through GW.
-Greenstuff. This is needed for the sculpting (which is
pretty much all of the tutorial). You can also substitute
the putty of your choice here.

-Sculpting tool. The GW sculpting tool will suffice,
although I use a different one.

- (Optional) Razor Saw. I use this for chain mail, if
you have your own technique for Chain mail, this isn’t

- (Optional) Marauder Horsemen heads. The
Marauder Horsemen have some very nice heads in the
kit. If you have access to them, I suggest using them to
add a bit of variety to your figures.

Making the Bearman
The Bearmen them selves aren’t too hard, but are
tedious as there are multiple steps you must wait
for greenstuff to dry. When I’m in the mood for
greenstuffing, I’m in the mood. So it can take a while
if perhaps I’m not in a similar mood the next day.
Overall, just keep at it and I advise doing say 2-3
models at once.

Step 1: Cut the Legs and torso from the sprue. Use
whatever your standard method is to get rid of mould
lines and flash, etc. Glue the torso to the legs.

Step 2: Your first step of
using green stuff! Mix
up some greenstuff as
usual. Here we’re making
the chain mail kilt. I get
some baking paper, and

make a rectangular shape on it roughly the size of the
kilt itself. Then I fold the baking paper over (So it’s
covering both the top and bottom of the greenstuff)
and push onto the green stuff to flatten it out, and
make it thin.

Step 3: I cut away (if necessary) from the kilt so it’s
rectangular again, and then remove it from the baking
paper (The baking paper doesn’t stick as much). I
then push it into one side of the Marauders loincloth,
and then wrap it around to the other side. If it falls
short, don’t worry about it just yet. If it’s a bit too

Step 6: Glue the
arms on. Now
might be a good
time to glue the
figure to its base
also if you haven’t
done so already. If
you do, make sure
he lines up with
the rest of your
Bearmen, as the
Marauders are a bit
bigger than the old
5th edition models
and aren’t meant for
20x20mm bases.

Step 7: Bearskin
cape. Get greenstuff
and apply it so it
doesn’t cover the
neck area (Need

that for your head), but goes over the shoulders and
hangs a little on the front side, but more on the back
side. Now it’s time to use your sculpting tool again.
Starting at the bottom, make quick strokes down
along a horizontal line. Next, do the same thing but
go one row up and have the strokes overlap the last
set a little. Continue until you’re done on one side.
Then turn the model
around, and do the
same on the other

Step 8: If you want a
shoulder pad on the
model, now’s a good
time as you can just
squeeze it on top of
the wet greenstuff, and
it will hold it there
when the greenstuff

Step 9: Get the head
you want for the
model, and glue it
onto the figure!
Step 10: You’re done!
That’s the Bearman part of the tutorial finished! Not
so hard when you use a few shortcuts to get through.

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Issue 4- Gold and Glory– 41

Wee Ben Nevis
By Border ReiverMaking the ShieldI thought the shield would be hard, and I was

tossing up between just painting the bear paw
symbol or sculpting it. In the end, I found a fairly
quick and easy (Although, by no means neat) way of
doing them.

Step 1: Get your greenstuff, and place onto the
shield a roughly paw shaped blob and flatten it

Step 2: Using your sculpting tool, drag two lines
across the paw.

Step 3: Get your sculpting tool, and make zigzag
indentations to the top part of the paw.
These are the parts that turn into the
claws, so make sure you do the correct
amount of zigs and zags! Make sure you
cut all the way into the greenstuff as

Step 4: Scrape out the excess greenstuff
from between the claws. This is the
messy part. If you cut in deep enough, it
should come out easy as it shouldn’t be
attached to the claws. Most likely your
claws will get elongated here, but it’s no
huge deal.

Step 5: Now, cut small parts at the base
of the claws to be joint. Easier just to
look at the picture to see what I mean
(hard to describe). This may turn out
squarish, so you may want to tidy it up
with your sculpting tool.

Issue 4-Gold and Glory– 40

The Finished Bearmen
Here they are, 3 randomly picked finished
Bearmen of Urslo. I personally think they
look fairly good. One who’s truly blessed
with sculpting would be able to make
neater and better looking ones, but hey, as
long as it looks good from the sights of the
generals, I think they’re ok.

1 2

3 4


I started painting miniatures a long time ago – back
when Citadel minis were 50 cents each and were sold
in baggies, staple to yellow cards. Two of my favourite
minis hail from this era, and remain part of my Dwarf
Army, but these aren’t why I’ve been asked to scribble
these notes down. It was my giant that I submitted to
Golden Pike III.

I love the Marauder giant – it’s big, mean looking and
intimidating – plus it just looks more solid than the
present plastic one. I painted this a while ago (the last
touch ups were probably done about 5 years ago), and so
have no pics of the how I did each step. I got this giant
about 12 years ago in a trade (I think I traded a box of
Oglah Khan’s Wolf Boyz for him). I got him already as-
sembled and painted, but he didn’t fit into the “Highland
Orc” army that I had, what with the short tunic and all.
Those orcs now form the core of my oldest boy’s Orc and
Goblin horde – but I digress.

In order to have the giant fit in with the orc army I had
I needed to make this giant a rally tall Scotsman. To do
this, I extended the tunic into a proper length kilt with
Green Stuff ™, reprimed the giant and set to painting.
The flesh was done with a Dwarf Flesh base coat, shaded
with Flesh Wash and highlighted with Bronzed Flesh –
similar to how I paint the flesh of my Norsemen and
Dwarfs. I felt that it gave me a decent, ruddy tone to the
skin. The tunic was going to look like unbleached linen
– easy to do with a Bleached Bone basecoat and Skull
White as highlights. The tartan was the challenge.

First thing I did was look at plaid material to get a feel
for how it might look. That part was easy – all I did
was open my closet door and look. Then I consulted a
couple of Osprey’s excellent Men-At-Arms books (The
Jacobite Rebellions, and 18th Century Highlanders) for
examples of historical tartans. The tartan was painted us-
ing a light green base coat. Then I painted the thick blue
checks using well watered paints to let the base coat show
through. Once that was dry I carefully added the white
lines – again with really thinned down paints. Once I
was satisfied with the look of the tartan I stopped. A
couple of thin coats of matte varnish and then I added
the final touch – some model railway foliage around the
end of the tree trunk for the added look and then it was
ready for use.

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Issue 4-Gold and Glory– 76 Issue 4- Gold and Glory– 77

Guest Column
Hello everyone and after an interesting year I return to Gold and Glory. Interesting I say because I have to be mad to actually do the layout for not only Gold and Glory as well as the Word of
Hashut on; am I Insane? Probably.

Gold and Glory had an interesting first year from my perspective as I let
the group take a stab at it and see what happened, to let them find their
way. I will not say Issue #3 was bad far from it; it was simply more of
a case that the road to you know where was paved with good inten-
tions. Taking on a commitment of this size is not a small undertaking, I
think after creating Issues #1-8 (and now working on #9) of the Word of
Hashut I can say that with some degree of speaking from experience.

I say these things not to denigrate the Staff of Gold and Glory far from
it. In fact, despite overwhelming odds we were able to mange to get Is-
sue #3 out. The question naturally arises is why are ezines so important?
A well-put together ezine is one of the single biggest things that a site

can do to raise its stature. And in the case of Dogs of War and the fact that our forum is as small as it is this
is doubly needed. And therein lies the problem we need more help in order to produce this.

Now here is the point that people are not going to like: in order to make this work those that say they are
going to submit something: need to actually do it. Sorry, but I’m not sugar coating this. It’s not only a
waste of time, but its disrespectful to the people that work hard on this. Sorry, I cant say this any other way.
Sometimes it comes up as me being rude. If you know me in real life you know one thing if I’m anything
I’m honest. And unfortunately that goes hand-in-hand with being blunt. As the old saying goes: if you as
ask a question you don’t want an answer to, be prepared for an answer you don’t want to hear. One of the
things that I preached on the Word of Hashut when starting it is that in order for it to go this needs focus,
laser focus.
Moving on but somewhat related: The future of Gold and Glory. Right now I am willing to do the layout,
but that will not go on indefinitely. Most of my spare time is spent running either of the two sites or work-
ing on ezines. While fun, something will eventually have to give. As I noted in Issue #1, I don’t play
Dogs of War, but I am willing to help. So help me help the cause by getting the word out! There has to be
folks out there that are skilled artists and designers that happen to play Warhammer or even play Dogs of
War. So it’s a question of getting them engaged in the site and its activities.

This to me is tied to the future of this army. Dogs of War are perhaps in an even murkier state then
Chaos Dwarfs. In order for us to succeed we will need to consider the future, perhaps a partnership with
Warhammer-empire as naturally a Dogs of War army can easily be represented by them, not fully mind you
,but it offers an alternative. In short I don’t have all the answers but I am willing to listen to suggestions.

That’s all for now so please get those submissions in and if capable please volunteer some time for
Gold and Glory.

In the meantime you see that much like I have done in Word of Hashut I will be trying out different types of
layouts and desigsn to see what works and what does not in this space. Tell me you thoughts via the thread
annoucing this issue.

Many thanks for your time.

(For those not in the know I’m the Site Administrator for Dogs of War Online as well as one of the Adminstraors
for Chaos Dwarfs Online).

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Issue 5 of Gold and Glory... Coming for you..... Summer 2010


War in
the Woods!

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