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Introductory Chapter

1. Benedictory Prayer: Salutation to Lord Ganesa. Let the trunk of Lord
Ganesa be helpful to those who want to cross the ocean of astrology which can be
crossed only with great difficulty.

Notes: Ganesa, the elephant-faced God and a son of Lord Siva is worshipped as a
remover of obstacles in all Hindu rituals and auspicious acts. The elephant in the
woods uses its trunk to clear off obstacles, on its path. Thus the author invokes the
elephant-faced God, who has a trunk, to fulfil the mission of crossing the ocean of

2. Author's Family History: Kanyakubja is a glorious city with virtuous
Brahmins (or learned men). In this city, was born Srilal in sage Bharadwaja's descent
who was shining forth with fame and learning.

Notes: Kanyakubja in ancient days was known as an abode of learned Brahmins.
Many famous personages like poet Bhavabhuthi belonged to this city. Its modem
name is Kannoj and is in Uttar Pradesh in northern India.

3. Devi Dasa: To Srilal was born Devi Dasa, versed in sacrificial rituals and
endowed with learning, lands, fame and happiness. Devi Dasa produced a wonderful
commentary on Acharya Sripati's Paddhati.

Notes: Sripati's work is popularly known as Sripati Paddhati or Sripateeyam and
deals widely with important mathematical aspects of astrology, like computation of
strengths of planets and houses. There is another quite an elaborate text on
predictive astrology attributed to some Sripati. We do not know whether it is the
same Sripati.

4. Kshema Kama: Devi Dasa's younger brother, Khema Karna (a colloquial
form of "Kshema Karna") was a scholar in astrology and was an adept at rituals.
Narayana, younger to Khema Karna, was an expert in the secrets of Surya

Notes: Surya Siddhanta authored by Maya is the most revered treatise on Hindu
astronomy, narrating methods of arriving at planetary longitudes, eclipses, and such
other matters. Out of all the astronomical treatises, Varaha Mihira prefers this even
to Paulasa Siddhanta, the improved versions of which are Brahma Gupta Siddhanta
and Bhaskara Siddhanta. Surya Siddhanta is also known as Savita Siddhanta and
has its best English translation by Rev. Ebenezer Burgess, 1860 AD.

5. Chaturbhuja Mishra: Younger to Narayana was Chaturbhuja Mishra who
topped in reasoning skills and philosophy and was a staunch devotee of Lord Rama,
honoured by all the rulers of the earth.

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These are the effects for Jupiter.

74. Venus in the 2nd: One with Venus in the 2nd house will possess a
surprising amount of wealth, be fond of good men, will gain gold, pearls and robes
and be free from diseases as well as sinful acts.

Notes: The native with Venus in the 2nd house will be a responsible house-
holder and will be a very mature person. He will be a talented speaker, will enjoy
comforts of family life, food and learning and will spend his money to help needy
females in particular. He will gain through his spouse and in-laws and will be ever
ready to help others. He will gain wealth through silver and lead and ever be boyish
in disposition.

If Venus in the 2nd joins the Sun or the Moon, one will have problems
relating to eyes. Venus joining Rahu will cause impediments in money matters. If he
joins Mercury, the subject will be opulent.

75. Venus in the 3rd: One with Venus in the 3rd house will conquer his
enemies, will have worthy progeny, be self -controlled, splendorous, extremely kind,
will have an attractive (or handsome) body and be modest.

Notes: The person with Yenus in the 3rd will achieve all his undertakings with
wisdom and luck. His co-born will prosper. He will be miserly in disposition, will incur
disorders of eyes, be well-disposed to his co-born and will have notable
achievements in music, writing and such other activities.

He will be highly concerned about his progeny and sister's progeny but will not
be happy concerning his spouse. He will cheat others, and be illicitly related to
others' women.

76. Venus in the 4th: One with Venus in the 4th house will be blessed with
various kinds of comforts. He will be immune to diseases, will befriend virtuous men
and honour gods and Brahmins.

Notes: One with Venus in the 4th house will live long. So also his mother. He

will be wealthy, polite, well-read, highly respectable, and endowed with properties
and conveyances. He will mix up with people of powerful positions and authority and
will have two marriages and many children.

If Venus in the 4th is related to a malefic planet, his spouse will be endangered
by fire or such sources of bad luck, and his marital happiness will be extremely

77. Venus in the 5th: One with Venus in the 5th house will have many sons
with varied dispositions who will at all times be endowed with significant speaking
powers and much valour.

Notes: The native with Venus in the 5th will be ever youthful and very charitable.
He will be an attraction to the members of opposite sex, will have many children, be

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a successful astrologer and will lose his eye-sight due to excessive enjoyment of
pleasures. He will be very wealthy. His wife will be quite skilful a person.

78. Venus in the 6th: One with Venus in the 6th house will be ugly, childless,

foolish, short-lived, short of intelligence and impure. He will have servants.
Notes: The person having Venus in the 6th will face delays in marriage and his

marital life will cause him only unhappiness. His enemies will be, on the increase. He
will be a spendthrift.

Should Venus be in the 6th in combustion or in an enemy's sign, the native will
be a highly learned person and will be highly skilful in all matters.

There is an ancient authority to state that Venus is auspicious in every manner if
found in the 6th house irrespective of his positional dignity.

79. Venus in the 7th: One with Venus in the 7thhouse will be charming, will

acquire a good spouse, be very truthful, very kind and ever praised by men of


Notes: Further, one's marital life will cause him happiness. His spouse will
contribute to the family's growth. He will be attached to questionable women, be very
learned and will enjoy abundant prosperity. He will obtain many sons and be a
handsome person. With all these, there will miseries galore in his life.

If Venus in the 7th joins a malefic planet, or is with an enemy, the native's
spouse will die early. If there are two or more malefics in the 7th house, apart from
Venus, one will have "marriage after marriage". If these occupants are weak, there
may be no marriage at all.

80. Venus in the 8th: One with Venus in the 8th house will be less truthful,
disposed to settle down in foreign countries; troubled by vices, short-lived, discarded
by kinsmen, will ever have enemies and will serve gods and Brahmins.

Notes: One with Venus in the 8th house will have a favourably disposed
spouse, but she will incur unexpected danger or perennial illness. His prosperity will
often be chequered.

During his 4th year, his mother will be endangered.

He will be highly charitable but will not have orthodox habits concerning food.
He will eat meat, fish and the like. Though he will make wealth, he will be troubled by
debts. He will incur inheritances and liabilities as well, from his ancestors.

When a classical axiom is half-quoted even by classical texts, there is a danger
of losing the original concept. Thus, we have two different instructions that Venus in
the 8th is good for longevity on the one hand, and will cause short-life on the other
hand. A proper import of this aphorism in its wholesome form is: Venus in the 8th in a
benefic's sign and related to benefics or enjoying positional dignity will lead to a long
lease of life. A weak Venus in the 8th in a malefic's sign, or in a sign ruled by an

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