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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, and
“Getting in Shape”

Conditioning is a much more transient adaptation than it’s burlier
cousin strength. By this I mean that it will head out of town, smelling
of Old Granddad and raw onions much quicker than it’s iron-bread

Consider these examples:

Let’s imagine that a group of jiggly, soft office types decide to band
together and run a charity 5k.

Now imagine that each of these folks hasn’t seen the inside of a gym,
or done anything that resembled physical activity since at least before
Obama started tea bagging the U.S. with impunity. Despite their utter
lack of any semblance of conditioning, each has committed to running
this 5k in six weeks.

Let’s say that one of these doughy do-gooders, let’s call him “Chubs”
for now, decides to begin his training for said event by running one
lap around the block after work on Wednesday night.

Predictably, this effort is taxing for Chubs and he finds himself
considerably more winded than he had expected. But Chubs is a
determined man, and therefore makes his mind up to run
progressively longer distances each night after work leading up to the

By the end of the first week, Chubs is able to run several blocks. He
is still winded, but is pleased with his progress. Inside of three weeks,
he’s completing a mile or more at a shot, and feels that he will
certainly be able to complete the run come race day.

On that fateful morning, Chubs laces up his running shoes and heads
out to meet his coworkers at the starting line. While he does not
expect to win, or even place highly in the event, he is confident that

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he will make it through the day, and he does exactly that, finishing the
race without a single break.

Give Chubs a hand everybody.

It’s fair to assume that everyone on Chubs’ team, at least the ones
that followed a similar training approach, would be able to produce
predictably similar results in that they would all be able to complete
the 5k event. These folks are all basically able to go from completely
“out of shape”, to “in shape” enough to complete a three plus mile run
within a relatively short period of time (six weeks).

Contrast this to the idea of the same group of untrained individuals
attempting to do a charity Powerlifting meet instead.

Same time frame, six weeks to prepare.

Now before you start jabbering about “newbie gains” or “the novice
effect” and how much progress they’d make in the six weeks, do you
think that the group would be able to make an increase in strength
that represents something proportional to a progression from being
winded from one trip around the block to completing a 5k?

Of course not.

These guys (and/or gals) won’t take a 95lb max squat to a 250lb
squat in the same six week period, it simply won’t happen.

Why you ask?

I’ll tell you grasshopper...

Building strength takes longer than “getting shape” in the
cardiovascular endurance sense of the phrase.

When it comes down to it, getting in shape, particularly when you are
training conditioning using intelligently designed workouts like the
ones presented in this system, is a pretty simple, pretty linear
endeavor that can happen in a matter of weeks if trained consistently.

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