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2. The students will be tasked to perform a choral reading on the poem ‘’The Road Not Taken’’.
3. After the choral reading, each group will give their interpretation about the poem.
4. The students will choose only one representative to present their work.
5. The students will be given five minutes to prepare.

In a ½ sheet of paper, answer the following questions briefly.

1. Do you think the speaker regrets his choice, or is happy about it? Why?
2. What personal choices does this poem remind you of?
3. What are some major decisions you have made in your life?
4. What is the importance of decision–making in life?
5. How your choice affects your life?


1. The class will be divided into four groups.
2. The teacher will ask the students to perform the poem through singing with the

accompaniment of music of their own choice.
3. The class will perform it next meeting.
4. The teacher will grade the presentation according to the rubric presented below.

Very Good
10 pts.

5 pts.

3 pts.

An occasional isolated
error, but most of the time
pitch is accurate and

Some accurate pitches, but
there are frequent and/or
repeated errors.

Very few accurate or
secure pitches.

Rhythm The beat is secure and the
rhythms are mostly
accurate. There are a few
duration errors, but these
do not detract from the
overall performance.

The beat is somewhat
erratic. Some rhythms are
accurate. Frequent or
repeated duration errors.

The beat is usually erratic
and rhythms are seldom
accurate, detracting
significantly from the
overall performance.

Tone Quality
Tone is focused, clear, and
centered through the
normal singing range.

Tone is often focused,
clear, and centered, but
sometimes the tone is
uncontrolled in the normal
singing range.

The tone is often not
focused, clear, or centered
regardless of the range,
significantly detracting
from the overall

Student articulates the
words somewhat clearly
and the text can be
understood most of the

Student is sometimes
articulating the words, but
the text is often not

Student rarely articulates
the words and the text is
not discernable.

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