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A Feast of Thanksgiving

Autumn brings with it some of the most wonderful foods and drinks. As the time of

the second harvest, and in preparation for the coming winter, we honor this time of

bounty with gratitude and celebration. As such, it is known as the Pagan Thanksgiving

and we indulge just as much at our Mabon feasts as anyone does at the mundane

Thanksgiving in November.

Hot Mulled Cider
Apple cider is a drink that the whole family can enjoy. I remember visiting apple

orchards and watching the apples being pressed to make cider each autumn. There

was a strong, tangy aroma to the area as we walked down the line, watching the entire

process on the way to the orchard store. Adults may want to try a shot of dark, spiced

rum added to their cider.

You will need:

~ cup brown sugar

1 tsp whole allspice

1 tsp whole cloves

~ tsp salt

dash nutmeg

3 cinnamon sticks

2 quarts apple cider

Combine brown sugar, allspice, cloves, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, and apple cider

in large saucepan.

Bring to boiling. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

Strain to remove spices.

-Kristin Madden

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91 Rituals ofMabon

search for sacred, the numinous, somewhere in the natural world. We seek God, Goddess, the

Divine, in cathedrals of canyons, in temples of stands of oak trees, at sanctuaries that

are the shores of the sea. We seek the Divine in the spark that calls to our hearts, the clear and
spark that grows while staring at the starry sky, gazing at the Full Moon's glow, watch­

ing the soaring flight of the eagle, feeling the solid stone beneath our feet. We seek
~o call the Divine in individual inspiration, inspiration by the cycles of life. We are Pagans. And
at this rit­ we stand together despite our differences because by standing together we can ensure

that all of us can stand tomorrow.

On the altar is a cauldron or other container filled with grass seed (if you're in a

grassy area; sand if you're on a beach). Demeter,

The Priestess (stands before the cauldron): We are many,

as these seeds are many. We take the support weey; to the
need from the community around us, as we take

these seeds.

Now, each person can come to the altar and

take a handful ofseed.

After this, the Priestess continues: This is ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :arth and
Autumn Equinox, the time of the harvest. As we ::­

harvest what we need from the community so do
them. We

we also give back, and in giving, plant the seeds of tomorrow ...
n slightly

11 ~loons, All: Together we stand, strong and proud, and harvest the seeds of rebirth ... (repeat)
\~e all use

Now, know that for as much as has been given us, as much as we have created for our­
'iy, others

selves, we are capable of that much more, and the adventure lies in the fact that greater
. it. Why?

things are on their way, whether or not we can see them now. While holding the seeds,
~hind it is

the chant increases, and leads into the next one.

us we are All: We give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way; we give thanks for

ws of the unknown blessings already on the way; we give thanks for unknown blessings

Kldess, as already on the way! (repeat)

';ature, as
Raise a cone of power, guided by Priest and Priestess. At the peak of the power, we

rom oth­
throw the seeds into the air, knowing that we send out this harvest to seed the next!

'ceh'e the
Then relax and center again.

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92 Rituals ofMabon

Feasting and Fellowship
We direct our attention to the results of the food drive, and bless it along with the

bread we share with each other.

All: (to the tune of"All Good Gifts" from Godspell)
We plow the fields and scatter the good seed on the land, But it is fed and watered

by Her abundant hand. She sends the snows in winter, the warmth to swell the

grain, the seedtime and the harvest, and summer's gentle rain. All good gifts around

us have come from our Mother Earth, then thank Her now, 0 thank Her now, with

love and joy and mirth ...

We thank You then, 0 Mother, for all things bright and good, the seedtime and the

harvest, our life, our health, our food. No sacrifice You ask for, for all Your love

imparts, for You are our great Mother, Your love is in our hearts.

All good gifts around us have come from our Mother Earth, then thank Her now,

o thank Her now, with love and joy and mirth ...

Pass the cup and bread; feel the grounding of the bread, and the fellowship of the cup.

"May you never hunger:' "May you never thirse' At this point, announcements can

also be made.

Closing the Circle
Priest and Priestess: Goddesses and Gods, all and one, we thank you and ask for Your

blessings as we depart, knowing You are with us always. Hail and farewell! Blessed Be.

East: Spirit of the East, essence ofair, we thank you for the gift of freedom.
Hail and farewell, Blessed Be.

South: Spirit of the South, Essence of Fire, we thank you for the gift of heart.

Hail and farewell, Blessed Be.

West: Spirit of the West, Essence ofWater, we thank you for the gift of healing.
Hail and farewell, Blessed Be.

North: Spirit of the North, Essence of Earth, we thank you for the gift of hope.
Hail and farewell, Blessed Be.

All: The eirel.

May the ]X

the love of

and the SUI

go in our 1:
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