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MENTAL APTITUDE TEST (ekufld ;kSX;rk ijh{kk)


1. The booklet given in the examination hall is the Question Paper.

(ijh{kk Hkou esa nh xbZ iqfLrdk gh iz'u&i=k gksxhA)

2. A student has to write his/her answers in the OMR sheet by darkening the appropriate bubble with the help of

HB Pencil as the correct answer(s) of the question attempted.

(ijh{kkFkhZ dks gy fd;s x;s cgqp;ukRed iz'u dk mRrj OMR mRrj iqfLrdk esa lgh LFkku ij HB isfUly ds }kjk mfpr

xksys dks xgjk djds nsuk gSA )

3. Paper carries 90 questions each of 1 (one) mark.

(isij esa 90 iz'u gS] izR;sd iz'u 1 vad dk gSA)

4. Blank papers, clip boards, log tables, slide rule, calculators, mobile or any other electronic gadgets in any

form is not allowed.

([kkyh dkxt] fDyi cksMZ] y?kqx.kd] LykbM :y] dSYdqysVj] eksckby ;k vU; fdlh bySDVªWkfud midj.k ds fdlh

Hkh :i esa mi;ksx dh vkKk ugha gSA)

5. Write your Name & Roll No. in the space provided in the bottom of this booklet.

(bl i"̀B ds uhps fn;s x;s fjDr LFkku esa viuk uke o vuqØ ekad vo'; HkjsaA)

6. There is no negative marking. Do not spend too much time on a particular question.

(fdlh Hkh iz'u esa _ .kkRed izkIrkad dk izko/kku ugha gSA fdlh fo'ks"k iz'u ij vf/kd le; [kpZ uk djsaA)

7. Before

answering the paper, fill up the required details in the blank space provided in the answer sheet.

(iz'u&i=k gy djus ls igys] mÙkj&iqfLrdk esa fn;s x;s fjDr LFkkuksa esa iwNs x;s fooj.kksa dks HkjsaA)

8. In case of any dispute, the answer sheet available with the institute shall be final.

(fdlh Hkh fojks/kkHkkl (la'k;) dh fLFkfr dk fujkdj.k laLFkku esa miyC/k mÙkj rkfydk ls fd;k tk,xk vkSj ;gh vfUre le>k

Time : 90 minutes (90 feuV) Max. Marks : 90 (iw.kk±d : 90)

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