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Most modern icemakers are designed to work unattended 24 hours a day with only
routine inspection and maintenance. The system is therefore designed for reliability,
with safeguards against failure or malfunction. Most manufacturers recommend the
refrigeration system best suited to their icemakers, but where local installation
engineers propose a system, the purchaser should ensure that the contractor is aware
of the need for continuous automatic running and for rapid repair after breakdown.

The refrigeration system for an icemaker should be independent of any other
refrigeration requirement; it should not be shared for example with a freezer or a
cold store. The only exception to this rule is when a complex system is installed and
a competent engineer is in fulltime attendance. Manufacturers often recommend a
separate system for each icemaking unit, so that in a multiple unit installation there
is considerable flexibility, and a reasonable guarantee that at least some of the units
are always in production. Choice of refrigeration machinery and of refrigerant is a

 job for the refrigeration expert, and the advice of the ice plant manufacturer or
competent consultant should be sought before making any decision.

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