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Table of Contents
I. Preliminary Titles
II. Persons
	A. Civil Personality (37-47, FC)
	B. Use of Surnames (364-380, CC)
	C. Emancipation and Age of Majority
	D. Absence (381-396, CC)
	E. Funerals (305-310, CC)
	F. Civil Register (407-413)
III. Family Relations
	A. Introduction
	B. Requisites of Marriage (1-26, FC)
	C. Marriages exempt from license requirement (27-34, FC)
	D. Void and Voidable marriages (35-54, FC)
	E. Legal Separation (55-67, FC)
	F. Rights and Obligations (Arts. 68-73, FC)
	G. Property Relations between husband and Wife (74-148, FC)
	H. Family (149-162, FC)
	I. Paternity and Filiation (163-182, FC)
	J.  Adoption (183-193, FC)
	K. Support (194-208, FC)
	L. Parental Authority (209-233, FC)
	M. Emancipation and Age of Majority (234-237, FC)
	N. Summary Judicial Proceedings (238 253, FC)

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