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Every person has a lot of activities that he/she has to do everyday. They can be in the form of daily activities,
hobbies and interest. For example, Ema always clean the house, goes to work, cook in the kitchen and so does her
sister. How about you?

A. Let”s Start
Task 1. Answer these questions based on your opinion?

1. What is your hobby?
2. Do you have a hobby?
3. What do you usually do everyday?
4. Do you like watching TV?

B. Let’s Listen and speak.
Task 2. Listen to your teacher reading short dialogues, while you fill in each of the blanks with appropriate

1 A : What do you usually do on your time ?
B : I usually go_________ .
2 A : What’s your favorite sport ?
B : I like __________in the afternoon .)
3 A : What’s your hobby ?
B : My hobbies are _______________

4. A : Do you like_________?
B : yes, I go to the ________every Sunday

5. A : What sport Do you like best
B : I like __________. It is exciting.

Task 3. Listen to your teacher dictating this letter, while you fill in each of the blank based on the letter you
I am Indonesian and I am sixteen years old.
My hobbies are 1 _______________Beatles CDs
I very interested 2_______________: especially 3_____________
I 4 ____________boys in England and South America. 5 _____________.

Your faithfully ,

Task 4. Study the model of dialogue, and do the same way based on the following. Work in pairs, act them in
front of the class.

Dialogue 1:
A : How was your weekend / holiday ?
B : Fine / ok / pretty good
A : Did you do anything special ?
B : Well , I went to a football game
A : Oh , which game did you go to ?
B : Parsepar againts parsesam
A : Did you enjoy / like it ?
B : Yes . I enjoyed it a lot / very much . I hadn’t gone to a football game in a long time.

1.  See science movie
 What did you see
 Monster from Mars
2.  Go to a party
 Where was it
 At Mary’s apartment
3.  Get together with my old friends from college
 What did you do?
 We went out for dinner and talked about old times
4.  Take my family to the beach


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2. Where did she graduate from?

Passage 2 is for question 3 – 4

3. What does Bambang do?
4. Is Bambang a writer?

Passage 3 is for question 5

5. What is Tia’s job?

Task 4. Dimas are going to describe some jobs to Ilham. Listen to the dialog carefully. Find the job
descriptions and guess what jobs are described. Then compare your answer with your classmates.

Here is an example for you.


A person who cooks in a restaurant or a hotel A chef

Task 5. Work in pairs and write simple job descriptions of these jobs.

Shop assistant

Task 6. Study how to pronounce the words below.

The Vowel Letter O

The following words show how the vowel letter o can be pronounced in several ways.
/ / / / / / / / / / / /







Task 7. Can you pronounce these words. Check your dictionary to find out how they are pronounced and try to
pronounce them. Can you find the words having different pronunciations from the example above?

1. Pilot 6. Appointment
2. Journalist 7. Choose
3. Receptionist 8. Responsible
4. Accountant 9. Meticulous
5. Novelist 10. Polite

Task 8 After learning some job descriptions, you will talk about the educational background. The dialogue
below talks about the educational background required to work on a cruise ship. (kapal pesiar ).

Petrus : Have you decided about your future job, Ham ?
Ilham : Yup! I’ve decided to work on a cruise ship.
Petrus : Wow… It means you have to get a hotel diploma.
Ilham : That’s right.
Petrus : But, you told me that you didn’t like cooking.


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Ilham : Just want to let you know, working on a cruise ship isn’t always about cooking. There are various jobs on
board under the divisions of Housekeeping, Kitchen and Food and Beverage.

Petrus : Do you need any training to work on a cruise ship.
Ilham : Of course. I have to take at least a three – month job training in the respective division.
Petrus : Are there any other requirements ?
Ilham : I have to take an English course because it’s very essential for a cruising crew member. This job
really offers me a challenge I can’t resist.

1. What has Ilham decided ?
2. What job is he interested in ?
3. Is working on a cruise ship only about food and beverage ?

4. Does he need only training ?
5. What course does he need to take ?

Task 9 Study the expression below.
Asking and telling about job descriptions and Educational Backgrounds

1. Job descriptions
a. Asking about one’s job description

Formal Informal

Could you tell me what your duties are ?
- I would like to know whether you know about your

responsibility ?
- Can you tell me what your task is ?
- I would like to know about what you have to do ?

What are you duties ?
What is your responsibility ?

What is your task ?
What do you have to do ?

b.Telling about one’s job description.
# I receive guest and incoming phone calls.
# A PR officer is responsible for building a good relationship.
# My duties are to offer the menu and to take orders.
# My task is to repair the car’s engine.
# I have to make financial reports.

2. Educational Background.
Asking about one’s educational background.

Formal Informal

- Could you tell me a little about your
educational background?

- Can you tell me where you graduated

- I would like to know about your major
- I would like to know where you study

- What is your educational background?

- Where did you graduated from?
- What is your major?
- Where do you study?

b. Telling about one’s educational background

 I graduated from a secretarial collage
 I have a degree in technical engineering
 I majored in accounting


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B: I didn’t either
A: I’ve really got to go now. I have to catch my bus.
B: Oh. You’d better hurry. See you soon.

Review 2

This dialogue is for number 1 – 5
Manager : Could you please up-date my agenda, Ms Retno?
Secretary : With pleasure, Sir.
Manager : I’d like to have a general check up on next Friday.
Secretary : What time, Sir?
Manager : It’s about nine.
Secretary : What about your schedule on Monday, Sir?
Manager : Oh…yeah. I’m going to have meetings with Jayagiri’s Board on Monday and Tuesday at 9 sharp. Secretary : Where
is it going, Sir?
Manager : At Antasari Hotel.
Secretary : Anything else, Sir?
Manager : I’ll play golf with Mr Harahap and Mr Sanusi on Saturday morning.
Then, for Saturday night, please book me a table for dinner in Kapuas
Resto at 7.
Secretary : Yes, Sir. You don’t have any actual agenda on Wednesday and
Thursday, do you?
Manager : Hmm…actually, I plan to supervise our branch offices in Balikpapan.
Secretary : Do you want me to make a flight reservation, Sir?
Manager : Yes, please. That’s very kind of you.
Secretary : My pleasure, Sir.

This text is for number 6 – 10

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, on March 14th, 1879. He grew up in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.
Einstein taught himself geometry when he was 12 years old. School made him bored because it required endless memorizing and
reciting. He often skipped classes to study on his own or to play his violin.

Einstein made many theories on Physics, but the most famous theory is about atomic energy. Einstein said that matter
and energy is the same thing. He expressed this relation in a famous equation: E=mc2. This equation says that energy (E) equals
mass (m) times the speed of light squared (c2). Energy can therefore be changed into matter, and matter into energy. The ability
to turn matter into energy led to the development of the atomic bomb and nuclear power. Einstein’s theories made him famous,
even though few people understood them. He became a university professor and director of a physics institute in Berlin,
Germany. After the Nazis rose to power in Germany, Einstein left. In 1933, he came to the United States, where he lived the rest
of his life. Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey, on April 18, 1955.


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