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For back, I like to use:

Rest/Pause — These work well with dumbbell dead-stop rows and Smith Machine

bent over rows (setting the pins about mid-shin).

Continuous tension —You should focus on squeezing the target area on almost all

back exercises. Sometimes it's hard to get a "mind-muscle connection" with the back

muscles, so this is the best way to overcome it.

Partials — I like these on certain back exercises. You can apply these to any pulldown

or chin variation at the stretched part of the movement. On any cable or machine row,

you can use them at the contracted part of the movement.

Intensity techniques I do not like for back include:

Drop sets — I find the arms fail or strain too much during the drops — even with

straps — so they fail to deliver much bang for the buck. Great for legs, not on back.

3-second descents — Again, great on legs, not on back. Doing a low cable row or a

pulldown with a slow 3-second descent just doesn't work well; the arms and shoulders

seem to take over for the lats.

Sample Workouts

Now that you have read the "high level" view of my approach to back training, let's

take a look at a sample workout. Here's a typical Phase 2 back workout (19 sets total).

A) Meadows rows — 2 warm up sets followed by 3 sets of 8. Watch the video, get the

form correct, and then don't be afraid to work up to a heavy weight. Remember the

correct hip positioning — play around with it until you find the spot that allows you to

feel your ENTIRE lat working.

B) Dumbbell deadstop rows — 3 sets of 8. Use a heavy weight, challenge yourself,

but don't get sloppy.

Fascia Tissue Stretch for 1 minute on each lat — do it twice

C) Stretchers — 2 sets of 12. Remember the form. Let your arms straighten, and duck

your head as shown in the video.

D) Heavy partial pulldowns — 2 sets of 8.

Fascia Tissue Stretch for 2 minutes on each lat — do it twice

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