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NetSure 701 A41
Subrack Power System With Large Capacity

Key Features

 Constructed with standard 19-
inch screen, which has the
advantage of wide use.

 The data center area and the
installation cost can be saved
due to its mall size and the
embedded installation.

 Wide input voltage range (85
290Vac), the power gird is

 Perfect lightning protection.
 Rectifiers are hot pluggable.

Easy and quick on-line

 The rectifier uses DSP(Digital
Signaling Processor)
tecnology, makes the power
density ran up to 14W/In3.

 Battery management,
prolongs the life of the battery

 Provide various
communication ports, such as
RS232, Internet port, dry
contacts, etc. which enables
flexible networking and
remote monitoring.

 Have passed CE,UL,TLC,
and other related

 Excellent energy
conservation and
environmental protection.


 LTE coverage power supply
 Outdoor cabinet power supply
 Integrated FTTx access and

traditional base station,
equipment room power supply

The Netsure™ 701 A41 is designed by Emerson Network
Power (has many years of development and online operating
experience) to meet the needs of 3G, FFTS, data
communication, transmission and access devices. These
subrack power systems have high reliability, high power
density, high performance and are fully digital.

NetSure 701 A41

AC Distribution
Parameter Technical specifications
Power Supply Mode: Single-phase (3 phase is optional)
Input Voltage: 80 ~ 300 Vac
Input MCB: 125A/ 2P×1
DC Distribution
Output Voltage 42~ 58Vdc
Max Configuration 16 pieces(18mm MCB) 32 pieces(18mm MCB) (with extended DU)
Standard Battery MCB 125A×2
Standard LLVD Output
Route 63A× 2,32A× 4,16A× 2

Standard BLVD Output
Route 32A× 2,16A× 2

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