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NFPA Technical Committee Document Proposal Form

NOTE: All Proposals must be received by 5:00 pm EST/EDST on the published Proposal Closing Date.

For further information on the standards-making process, please contact the Codes
and Standards Administration at 617-984-7249 or visit

For technical assistance, please call NFPA at 1-800-344-3555.


Log #:

Date Rec’d:

Please indicate in which format you wish to receive your ROP/ROC electronic paper download
(Note: If choosing the download option, you must view the ROP/ROC from our website; no copy will be sent to you.)

Date Name Tel. No.

Company Email

Street Address City State Zip

***If you wish to receive a hard copy, a street address MUST be provided. Deliveries cannot be made to PO boxes.

Please indicate organization represented (if any)

1. (a) NFPA Document Title NFPA No. & Year

(b) Section/Paragraph

2. Proposal Recommends (check one): new text revised text deleted text

3. Proposal (include proposed new or revised wording, or identification of wording to be deleted): [Note: Proposed text should
be in legislative format; i.e., use underscore to denote wording to be inserted (inserted wording) and strike-through to denote wording to
be deleted (deleted wording).]

4. Statement of Problem and Substantiation for Proposal: (Note: State the problem that would be resolved by your
recommendation; give the specific reason for your Proposal, including copies of tests, research papers, fire experience, etc. If more
than 200 words, it may be abstracted for publication.)

5. Copyright Assignment

(a) I am the author of the text or other material (such as illustrations, graphs) proposed in this Proposal.

(b) Some or all of the text or other material proposed in this Proposal was not authored by me. Its source is as
follows (please identify which material and provide complete information on its source):

I agree that any material that I author, either individually or with others, in connection with work performed by an NFPA Technical Committee shall be
considered to be works made for hire for the NFPA. To the extent that I retain any rights in copyright as to such material, or as to any other material
authored by me that I submit for the use of an NFPA Technical Committee in the drafting of an NFPA code, standard, or other NFPA document, I hereby
grant and assign all and full rights in copyright to the NFPA. I further agree and acknowledge that I acquire no rights in any publication of the NFPA and
that copyright and all rights in materials produced by NFPA Technical Committees are owned by the NFPA and that the NFPA may register copyright in
its own name.

Signature (Required)

PLEASE USE SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH PROPOSAL • email: [email protected] • NFPA Fax: (617) 770-3500
Mail to: Secretary, Standards Council, National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169-7471


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