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                            Advanced JAVA Laboratory Manual
	Unit 1
		Practical 1: Write an applet that draws a circle. The dimension of the applet should be 500 x 300 pixels. The circle should be centered in the applet and have a radius of 100 pixels. Display your name centered in a circle. (USING DRAWOVAL () method)
		Practical 2: Draw ten red circles in a vertical column in the center of the applet.
		Practical 3: Built an applet that displays a horizontal rectangle in its center. Let the rectangle fill with color from left to right.
		Practical 4: Write an applet that displays the position of the mouse at the upper left corner of the applet when it is dragged or moved. Draw a 10x10 pixel rectangle filed with black at the current mouse position.
		Practical 5: Write an applet that contains one button. Initialize the label on the button to “start”, when the user presses the button change the label between these two values each time the button is pressed.
		Practical 6: Write an applet that uses the mouse listener, which overrides only two methods which are mouse Pressed and mouseReleased.
	Unit 2
		Practical 7: Write a program that has only one button in the frame, clicking on the button cycles through the colors: red->green->blue->and so on. One color change per click. (use getBackGround() method to get the current color)
		Practical 8: Write an applet that contains three check boxes and 30 x 30 pixel canvas. The three checkboxes should be labeled “Red”,”Green”,”Blue”. The selection of the check boxes determines the color of the canvas. For example, if the user selects both “Red” and “Blue”, the canvas should be purple.
		Practical 9: Create an application that displays a frame with a menubar. When a user selects any menu or menu item, display that selection on a text area in the center of the frame
		Practical 10: Write an applet that draws two sets of ever-decreasing rectangles one in outline form and one filled alternately in black and white.
	Unit 3
		Practical 11: Write a database application that uses any JDBC driver.
		Practical 12: Develop a UI that performs the following SQL operations:1) Insert 2)Delete 3)Update.
		Practical 13: Write a program to present a set of choice for user to select a product & display the price of product.
	Unit 4
		Practical 14: Write a simple servlet program which maintains a counter for the number of times it has been accessed since IT’S loading; initialize the counter using deployment descriptor.
		Practical 15: Create a form processing servlet which demonstrates use of cookies.
		Practical 16: Create a form processing servlet which demonstrates use of sessions.
	Unit 5
		Practical 17: WRITE a simple JSP program for user Registration & then control will be transfer it into second page.
		Practical 18 :Write a simple JSP program for user login form with static & dynamic database.
		Practical 19 :Write a JSP program to display the grade of a student by accepting the marks of five subjects.

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