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One in crore knows these roots of sastra. He can activate and use it perfectly and cut the major root of

any human or anything in nature superior or dire. I used a word here “he”. It’s true, except mahayogi

“OVVAIYAAR” AMMAL who had written about “SARAM” in“ovvaiyar kural “other than no other lady

connected with spiritual and written about yoga sastras. Now I skip the topic saram here, once after

completing this topic, i start to write “saram”. Because, it’s always one in other interrelated. There is

no comparison equal to this pancha pakshi sastra in the world. Why yogis called siddhars in tamilnadu

used only pancha pakshi sastra? There is a strong reason behind this.

Whoever attained the stage of Samadhi is able to control these pakshis. A yogi always deals with

pancha boothas and working above the atoms. They used to always control the atoms in all respects.

Some may laugh. Why yogis control atoms? For example, if u controls any movable and activation

things in the universe inside the galaxy, you require non activation space or vacuum to control

activation and movable things inside the zone of atoms or circle where humans to live. So they raised

their level above the atoms level and starts control all the movable things in the universe after

reached Samadhi stage. Some yogis used to come again from the Samadhi for their disciples to help

them to complete their birth.

“பலிக்குமைாசித்தருை சாபம்நின்று

பகராசத உறமயாள் சமல் ஆறண ஆறண

சண்ைாளன் என்ைாக்கால் தசால்தைாண்ணாசத”

Yogis always advise don’t disclose about the pancha pakshi sastra to unqualified person. If the

disciples stayed with you for twelve years also don’t tell him if he observed as an unqualified. If you

disclose this secrets to any person mentioned above it brings strengthen curse to the guru and it will

stand to continue for your family for 21 generations. In many poems it has been mentioned like those

three lines indicated above, all the yogis strongly condemned about that they should not disclose

secret behind this sastra.

I try to give here some of the briefs and outline of the pancha pakshi sastra. I try to write here about

the importance of yogis from tamilnadu, who written about the highly secrets in the universe. Before

writing these I want to give a brief about sastra dealing with, in what way we can use it, how it works

in the universe. Readers should not read unknowingly like the previous posts.

The mantra, yantra and tantra all these three hidden arts are working only on this pancha pakshi

sastra. Unknowingly a magician used to touch the universal energy and brings the sins to humans and

themselves. If any person doesn’t know this sastra but he practices black magic’s and pooja with the

humans exposes clearly he is not connected with holy power and unfit for yogi. He is spoiling his

generations by doing all mantras. If he know the pancha pakshi sastra he never do all other black

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This is the next stage of predictions in timings on horoscopes through panja pakshi sastra. Any person

can calculate for themselves if they well known about the birth time. Readers should remember here,

there is no need if a person does not know about the time of their birth. There is another way of

calculation for to depict their exact bird with reverse method. If kid born on the particular time when

the work of bird is on walking phases?

The above verses predict when the kid is born on the first second of the work of walking bird and

fixed bird for the kid. It predicts the life span of the kid is more than 50 years of age. From the birth,

the kid has lots of problems in its life. After the age of 30 the person become famous and will survive

with out help of others. These people always blame about others to others. They may lie and always

lies through out the life. And in the second phase, third seconds, fourth and finally fifth second

predicts many things of new born babies. After once starts read this sastra any person can able to find

out their bird and timings with the waxing and waning moon days and compare with this seconds of

five works on birds and their predictions for their life span and major event in life.

Girl or boy

In addition in this post, some of the rare method given here for the readers to understand how yogis

from tamilnadu observed million of years through hereditary and disciples on this human system.

Tamil yogis are always written in all their verses and poems about the conceiving and pregnancy. It’s a

highly hide verses and poems of Tamil yogis. Their calculations most of the things starts from these

kind of natures. Please read the verses if readers know Tamil, otherwise brief are given below.

பாரப்பா கண்ைணிள கன்னி ருைன்

கெந்து உறவாக யிருக்ரகயிளெ

விந்ததுதான் யவளிப்பட்டு பாயும்ளபாது

பண்பான சூரி கரெ ேைக்குைாகில்

ஆரைா ஆணாகும்சந்திரளன ளதான்றுைாகில்

யபண்ணாகும் அப்பளன அறிந்துபார்

ளபாகர் 12000

The above Tamil verses from bogar 12000 are easy to understand and extract about the intercourse of

male and female. The verses say if breath comes through the right side during intercourse there will

be birth of male kid. If breath flowing through the left nose while intercourse there will be female

baby on birth. If breath comes through both the nose there will be a different prediction. I skip here.

Here the verse strongly says about the flow of sperm during their timings. But they are not mentioned

about the durations and days. They kept their secret partly by part in all their poems in different


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Verses hide on the women side response during intercourse. Lots of doubts easily arise if both have

the same breath? Or one person has a breath in one flow? And other may extent to reverse side?

Yogi’s verses look very simple but cracking of poems is difficult to observe the essence. This is the

actual flowing of breath through the nature in to the humans. Readers should understand that there

are also the secret timings of working on nature if anyone read above the verses. This is the part of

the panja pakshi sastra written by Tamil siddhars millions of years ago for the qualified yogis.

“நீத்தார்கள் சைாதிநிரெ கண்ளைார்ஞா ம்

நிகழ்த்திளனன் வாரெபதம் புசிப்பாய்நீ

காத்தார்கள் பிராணா ந் யதரி ளவணும்

கைருளவன் ான்கண்ை அதிச த்ரத

புத்தார்கள் நிஷ்ரைமுத்தி சைாதிகண்டு

யபாங்கிவிடுஞ் சைாதியினிற் ளசதிய ல்ொம்

ஏத்தார்கள் தன்னுரை விபகாரத்ரத

எதிர்நின்று யசால்வதுளபால் யசால்லிளனளன”


(Mahayogi Kaga pusundar)

The above Tamil verses is easy to understand and given in very simple language. Siddhar kaga

pusundar describes about the highest stage of nishtai during yoga and meditation then after how they

reach the end of Samadhi point. Readers whoever really thirsty on spiritual can easily understand the

above verses given by kaga pusundar on yoga and samadhi. With blessings of gurus the posts are

continuing with lots of hindrance.

Monday, March 19, 2012

PANJA PAKSHI SASTRAM -8 பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 8


பஞ்சபட்சி சாஸ்திரம்- 8

“பஷி றித்தவரரப் பன்னிப் பரகத்து நிதங்

கஷிபுரிந்தவர்கள் கருவழிவர்-குஷி

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The nature gives the results for the individuals related to their karmas. Their imprinted karma carryover

for a long journey on many births and brings the results on this birth. When the position of the planet

and their period of the individual humans related with the nature approach on particular position

according to their genetic cells, the predictions will change. This is the destiny. This is not concerned to

fate. The fate was referred above on my experience. Destiny works on their individual karmas.

Guru always used to skip my requests, Last year, he laughed in front of the temple at tiruchendur and

said” you are suffering I know, because you always helps others. This is the major draw back for you.

You are not in position to help to others. You have to dissolve your karmas. Don’t connect with other

genetic centres. Now our great master going to bless you with second child, this is longstanding requests

from you to great master seems. He laughed in front of everybody in temple. Two months back, I got a

girl baby.

The above incident is related to panja pakshi sastra. I described about the yogis and how they are able

to intrude in the space which was not work by atoms and they alternate the karmas. For these types of

people, the birds obey their commands and carry out the works. Now readers should understand the

activities of real yogis in this recent world.

சத்தாே எறும்புதரல யாரேத்தரல முழுதும்

தாேவோய் நின்றெடி வித்ரத யப்ொ

From the ants to elephant and human beings to the entire universe are run and activated by a person

can understand this sastra. The above verses explain the extreme end stage of yogic person who control

himself and the entire universe can activate the birds. He is the person can see both the internal and

external world which is actually connected through his physical body.

கண்டாணை மாந்தவைல்லாங் காசினியி ரலந்வதழுத்தும்

வவண்டா மரையாள் விளங்குஞ்சீர்-ெண்டாகப்

புதலத்தி ோயுரளயும் ணொதகத்தின் மாமரறயும்

மாதவத்ணதார்வாய்வழிணய வந்து.

----அகஸ்தியர் ெஞ்செஷி சாஸ்திைம்---

Mahayogi agasthiyar describes the value of panja pakshi sastra and its predictions through praise of lord

Shiva. I herewith complete the posts of panja pakshi sastra today through the verses given by

mahayogi kaaga pusundar.

தாேமுடன் தர்ம்மரத வரகயாய்ச் வசய்து

ஆேவமும் ணகாெமும் அறணவ தள்ளி

மாேமுடன் அபிமாேம் மரறயச் வசய்து

மற்றுமுள்ள சீவவேல்லாம் தாோவயண்ணி

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