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TitlePerspective Made Easy
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Table of Contents
Step One
	The Horizon
	The Vanishing Point
	The Eye-Level
Step Two
	The Eye-Level and Its Relationship to Perspective Drawing
Step Three
	Parallel Lines as We See Them
	Parallel Lines Related to One-Point Perspective
Step Four
	The Three Sets of Parallels
	Locating the Point and the Eye-Level
Step Five
	The Two Vanishing Points
	The "Height" Lines
Step Six
	Placing the Two Vanishing Points
	The Error of Close Spacing
Step Seven
	Showing How the Vanishing Points Move in Relationship to One Another
Step Eight
	Building Perspective with Bricks
Step Nine
	Placing Figures and Objects in a Drawing
Step Ten
	Center of Interest
	Changing the View
	Roofs in Perspective
Step Eleven
	Placing of Furniture
Step Twelve
	Finding the Center
	Dividing Spaces into Halves
	Practical Applications
Step Thirteen
	Cylinders in Perspective
	Drawing Elipses
Step Fourteen
	Practical Uses of Cylinders in Drawing
	Dividing the Circle
Step Fifteen
	Dividing a Surface in Perspective
	Drawing a Checkerboard
Step Sixteen
	Shade and Shadows
Step Seventeen
Step Eighteen
	Unusual Perspective
	Up-and-Down Points
Step Nineteen
	Perspective Downhill
	Perspective Uphill
	The False Eye-Level
Step Twenty
	Mechanical Perspective

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