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t = P x D/ 2(S a E+ PY) ------------------------------------------------------------ (3)
Where, P = Pressure of the fluid in pipe in N/m2
S a = Allowable stress in pipe in N/m2
E = Quality Factor from ASME B 31.3
Y = Coefficient of material from ASME B 31.3
Annular cross-sectional area of pipe = 4 π (D2 - d2)
Hence weight of pipe can be calculated as, 4 π (D2 - d2) x density of pipe material

The weight of Stainless Steel pipe can be directly calculated as----w p = 0.02466(D-t)t

Calculation of weight of fluid

Weight of fluid = 4 π d2 x density of fluid in N/m


Let us calculate the maximum support span for transporting water through a seamless
stainless steel pipe (ASTM A 312 TP 316 L) of 300 NPS through a distance of 15 km.
Pressure in pipe is 20 bar at atmospheric temperature using the procedure described
D = 0.3239 m
P = 20 bar
S b = 34.53 MPa (30% of S a = 115.1 MPa)

Therefore, using equation (3), thickness of pipe comes out to be 6 mm.

Note: Schedule 20 is the nearest schedule for this thickness and according to thumb rule,
the next schedule of pipe is finally selected, which is schedule 30. Schedule 30 gives a
thickness of 8.382 mm.

Hence, d = 0.3071 m.

Weight of stainless steel pipe is calculated 641.16 N/m.
Weight of water = 726.64 N/m
Total weight = 1367.8 N/m

Moment of inertia = 1.0369 x 10-



Modulus of Elasticity = 195122 MPa

Substituting the above values in the maximum bending stress equation:

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