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                            SELECT - SQL statement used to request a selection, projection, join, query, and so on, from a SQL Server database.
Insert - The Insert logical operator inserts each row from its input into the object specified in the Argument column. To insert the data into a relation we either specify a tuple to be inserted or write a query.
Delete - The Delete logical operator deletes from an object rows that satisfy the optional predicate in the Argument column. We can delete only whole tuples; we cannot delete values on only particular attributes.
Update - The Update logical operator updates each row from its input in the object specified in the Argument column. It provides a way of modifying existing data in a table update statement do not return a result set, they merely modify data in the database.
Alter - Adds or removes files, file groups, table. Modifies a table definition by altering, adding or dropping columns and constraints, or by disabling or enabling constraints and triggers. Can also be used to modify the attributes of files and file groups, such as changing the name or size of a file.

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