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ketu in Sabha Avastha: will be garrulous, very proud, miserly, licentious and skilful in evil branches of


Sabhagatha Avastha: Fluency in speech; haughty; oversexed; knowledge of inferior trades and


If Ketu be in Agamavastha, the native will be a notorious sinner, will enter in to litigations with his

relatives, be wicked and troubled by diseases and enemies.

Agama Avastha: Commits sinful deeds; takes great interest in his own family affairs; cruel; suffers

much from enemies and diseases.

If Ketu be in Bhojanavastha, the native will always be distressed with hunger, penury and diseases,

and will roam all over the earth.

Bhojana Avastha: Excessive perspiration; property of very low size; sufferings from diseases and

poverty; too many travels.

If Ketu be in Nrityalipsavastha, the native will be distressed due to diseases, will have a floral mark

on the the eye, be impertinent, wicked, and will plan evils.

Nrityalipsa Avastha: Defect in any organ due to serious diseases; commits sinful actions.

If Ketu be in Kautukavastha, the native will seek union with dancing females (i.e. prostitutes), will

suffer positional displacement, will take to evil paths, and will roam all over.

Kauthuka Avastha: Proficiency in drama, cinema, dances etc; oversexed; inclination to commit sinful

actions; too many travels.

If Ketu be in Nidravastha, the native will be endowed with wealth and corns, be virtuous, and will

spend his time sportively.

Nidra Avastha: Property; enjoys materials prosperity.

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