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The Black Lands is known by many names. To
scholars and priests it is the Cradle of Nightmares.
To witches it is known as the Suckling Lands and
the Moonlit Demesnes. The Black Lands are the
home of Belsameth the Bloody, who is called the
Death of Dreams, goddess of death, nightmares,
madness, the moon and darkness. This is the realm
of eternal midnight, of a starless indigo sky and
chill autumn wind; it is a world of endless wilder-
ness, of twisted, shriveled trees and spiraling, coiling
thorns, of thick wet earth clotted with blood and
decay, and columns of milk-white moonlight pour-
ing down. The Black Lands are a place of madmen
and savage beasts, of children’s nightmares and
parent’s fears, of wolves and spiders and all the dark
things who feast beneath the cover of night.

Planar Traj ts
The Black Lands possess the following traits.

Gravity: Normal gravity. The Black Lands
possess normal gravity.

Time: Normal time. Time passes normally in
the Black Lands.

Shape and Size: Infinite. The Black Lands are
without end, extending infinitely.

Morphic Traits: Divinely morphic. The Black
Lands are morphic to entities of at least demigod
power. It is alterable in the normal way for more
ordinary creatures.


None: The Black Lands are attuned to no


Strongly Evil-Aligned: Good creatures in the

Black Lands suffer a -2 penalty on checks based on
Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma.

Enhanced Magic: All spells found on

Belsameth’s domain spell lists, cast in the Black
Lands, are considered to be maximized and empow-
ered (as if the Empower spell and Maximize spell
metamagic feats had been used on them, but the
spells do not require higher level slots).

Impeded Magic: All spells that draw upon
positive energy or with the [Good] or [Light] de-
scriptors are impeded in the Black Lands.

The Black Lands is a wild sylvan expanse, a

plane of rolling hills, churning crystalline rivers
and thick, verdant forests spread out beneath an

, When the berries are eaten from the vine,
or distilled into wine, they transfer their essence
to the imbiber. When consumed by creatures of
evil alignment, they function as a heroism spell
cast by an 8th level cleric; when eaten by those
of good alignment they inflict the unfortunate
as per the Tashaa’s hideous laughter spell as cast
by an 8th level sorcerer. Belsameth’s witches
and priests prize these berries for their halluci-
nogenic properties, and gorge themselves on
handfuls of the swollen fruit before conducting

eternal midnight sky. I t is undeniably beautiful,
but it’s beauty is of the most feral, savage sort,
hearkening back to the days of the Epoch of
Gormoth, when vegetation grew thick and wild,
unhindered by man or beast. The forests of the
Black Lands are dark and sinister, choked with
thorn bushes and short, sword-sharp tufts of grass;
the trees are twisted and ancient, and covered with
cracked, black bark which forever leaks sticky red
pitch, reeking of blood.

The Thjcket of Precious Sorrows
The Thicket of Precious Sorrows lies at the

very heart of the Black Lands, and, by Belsameth’s
decree, it is where all travelers to her plane arrive
when they journey to her realm. The Thicket is
roughly circular in shape, a forest glade choked
with thick, tenacious weeds and thorn bushes.
Rough-hewn stone obelisks are scattered here and
there about the Thicket; towering to impossible
heights above the forest floor, heavily blood stained
and covered with runes sacred to Belsameth, these
fat stones serve as altars and gathering places for
Belsameth‘s worshipers -. and each has borne
witness to unholy rites of unparalleled savagery.

By Belsameth’s decree, all who enter the Black
Lands arrive in the Thicket of Precious Sorrows
and must tread its grim paths to go elsewhere in her
realm. Those who enjoy the dark lady’s favor need
only traverse a distance of a mile or so before
reaching the Thicket’s edge, but those who do not
may walk for weeks without finding an exit.

The thorn bushes that choke the Thicket of
Precious Sorrows have been cultivated by great and
ancient enchantments. Clusters of enormous in-
digo berries, pregnant with sticky juices to the
point of bursting and guarded by sawtooth thorns,
hang low from every vine, or lie split and rotten
across the many paths that crisscross the Thicket.
These berries, known to Belsameth’s worshipers as
the Black Queen’s jewels and to other folk as

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dreamers’ tears, are the collected essence of the
nightmares of the mortal denizens of the Scarred

The Grove of Endless Terror
The Grove of Endless Terror lies somewhere to

the far east of Belsameth‘s lunar palace. A small,
quiet stand of trees located at the top of a gently
sloping hill, the Grove of Endless Terror appears to
be one of, if not the only, truly peaceful and be-
nevolent places in the Black Lands. In nightmares,
however, nothing is ever what it seems, and so it is
with the Grove. Within the modest woodland are
trapped the spirits of all the children who were ever
sacrificed on Belsameth‘s altars, were slain by wild
animals or madmen, or died lost and alone in the
depths of a forest. Here, their spirits eternally cry
out for succor and the comforting arms of their
parents, a sorrowful chorus that brings those who
hear it uncomfortably close to madness.

The spirits of the dead only manifest when
living humanoid beings enter the grove, and only if
those traveling through stay within its confines for
a minute or more. Should that occur, the spirits
manifest first as chill spectral winds that gently
rustle branches and leave fingers of frost on cloaks
and grass.

Beginning 3 rounds later, and on each con-
secutive round after that, travelers within the
grove are required to attempt a DC 13 Will save.
If they succeed, they suffer no adverse effects,

but should they fail they immediately suffer ld4
points of temporary Wisdom damage. The mo-
ment the first victim fails a Will save, the spirits
of the children manifest as spectral voices, whis-
pering just at the edge of hearing; those who
failed their save are compelled to plunge into the
grove’s depths, desperate to find and rescue the
“lost babes”. Once committed to the search,
victims will refuse to abandon it, and will react
violently to attempts to make them, protesting
all the while that they are sure the “poor little
babies” are just behind the next tree.

Victims reduced to 0 Wisdom immediately
begin to suffer ld4 points of Constitution dam-
age each round, dying when they reach 0 Con. At
the moment of death, the spectral images of
children, flickering like paintings seen in candle-
light, appear to drag the victim’s soul into the

The spirits who haunt the forest are not
undead, a t least not in the traditional sense;
thusly, spells which communicate with or spe-
cifically target the undead have no effect on
them. They can, however, be turned, albeit only
briefly. The lost children are considered to have
16 Hit Dice and function as a single entity. A
successful turn or rebuke check drives them away
and silences their powers for a number of rounds
equal to the turning damage inflicted. The lost
children cannot be commanded or destroyed.

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Designation of Open Game Content: Subject to the Product
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verslonsofthlsLiceose.YoumayuseanyauthoruedversionofthlsLicensetocopy,modlhi 2wO W d ofthe coast, Inc (‘Wuards”). All Rights Resewed.
1. DefinltlonS: (ay%”m” the C O m m h d m uademark ownm and dlsmhte any Open Game Content ongmally dismbuted d e r any version of thls

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10. Cqy0fthsLicense:You MUST includeacopy ofthlsLicensewtthevetycopy mte~l mcluding k v a n v e worlrs and uanslatiom (including into other computer

of the Open Game Cmtent You h b u t e . hguages), ptation, modification, correction, addition, extension, upgrade, improve- ment, compilation. abdgment or other form m which an exlsting work may be recast,
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broadcart, pblicly display, fransmit or d e w dmbute; (d)”Opn Game &tent” ContentusmgthenameofanyConmbuforunl~youhavewnnenp~~ionhomthe
means the game mechanic and mludes the methods, procedures, pnxesses and mtine~ Conmbutor do 50.
totheextentsuchcontentdoes norembxlythePrcduct ldentityand lsanenhancment 12. 1nabilitymComply:lfit lsimpssibleforYoufocomplywithanyofthe terms
over the pnor art and any additicmal content clearly identified as Open GameContent by of th~L~wi th r tosomeora l lo f theOpenGameConten td~ tosg tu te , iud ic~ l
theConmbutor,and means any workcovered by thls License, mluding nanslationsand order, or governmental regulation then You may not Use any Open Game Matenal so
denvative works under copyright law, but specifically excludes Product Identity. (e) affected.
“Roduct Identity” means prcduct and product line names, l o p and identlhjlng marks 13. Tet~ni~tion: Thls License will termmate automatically dYou fail to comply
including trade dms, amfactr; c m m characters; stones, storylmes, plots, thematic w i t h a l l t e r m s h e r e m ~ f a i l f o c ~ ~ ~ ~ w i t h m 3 O d a ~ o f ~ m g a ~ o f t h e
elemena,dialogue, uxidents, ianguage, ammk, symbls,desimdepictions, Itke-, b r e a c h All sublicenses shall w i v e the termmation ofthls License.
formats, poser, concepts, themes and graphic. photographic and other v m l or audio 1CRefmnon : IfanyptovlsionofhsLicense l she ldmk&ble ,d
~tatlons;nandanddernptlonsofcharacters,spelE,enchanrmenB,personalInes. pmvlsion shall k reformed only to the extent nffgsary fo make 11 edmceable

15. COPYRIGHTNOTICE teams,personas. I ikenmandspecml abilities; places, locations, envitonments, matures, equipment, mag~cal or supemacural abilitia or effects, loge., symbk, or graphic des-;
and any other trademark or regwered trademark clearly identified as Prcduct dentity by O p e n G a m e L i e ~ v l . O ~ t 2 2 o o o , W d o f t h e c o B s f , I n c
the owner of the product Identity, and which specifically excludes the Open Game System Ref- Document Cnpynght 2ocO-2004, W d o f t h e h t . Inc.;
Content;(n~~ma~meansthelogus,names,~k,sign,mono,designsthataRuEed Audws]onathanTweer.MonteCook,SkipWilliams,BNceRCll,basedonongmal
byaConmhtortoidenti~itselforitsproductsortheassoclatedprcductswnnihtedto matenal byE.GaryGygaxandDave Am-
the Open Game License by the Conmhtor (g) “Use”, “Used” M “Usmg” means to use. original SpeU Name compendium Cqyqht 2002 Necrmnancer Games, Inc.,
h h t e . copy, edit, format, modify, translate and othenvlse create Derivative Matenal based on spells from the PWr Hmulbmk that w e ~ e renamed UI the System Werence
dOpenGameCmtent. (h)’~~”or“Your”meanstheliceweeintermsofthsagreement. Document, found on the legal pge of uuw

2.TheLicense ThsLicenseappliestoany OpenGameContentthatwnta~a Relics and Rituals Cqynght 2001, Clark Peterson.
m c e indicating that the Open Game Content may only be Used under and in terms of Creature Collection 2: Dark Menagerie h h t 2001, White Wolf hbllsh-
thls Lrense. You m m affix such a notice to any Open Game Content that you use. No

“he Divine and the JMeated Cqynght 2031. White Wolf hblwhmg, Inc. cermcmykaddedtoorsu~redfromthlsLice~exceptasdgcnbedbytheLicense i t s e l f .Noother t~orwndi t i~maybe~ l i edtoanyOpen~me~tentd i smhted
wing thr License. seprred Lands Campsig. setting: Ghelspad Copyright 2002, White Wolf

3. C#er and Acceptance: &I usmg the Open Game Content you udicate yaur
acceprance of the terms of thls License. Relks and Rituals 2: Lost LOR CoWnght 2002, Wh~te Wolfhbllshng, Inc.

4.GrantandConslderatlon:InconslderatlonforapeingtousethsLicense,the ScarredLandsC:Termana~ght2002,WhiteWo~bllshmg,Inc.
Charbum grant You a perpetual, worldwide, myaltyfree, non-exclusive license with Creature Collection Revised w g h t 2003, White Wolf hbllshtng, Inc.
the exact terms of thls License to Use, the Open Game Content Player’s Guide to Winds, Berds and Sorcerers cownght 2003, White Wolf

5. RepRsentatum of A u h t y to ConarbUte: If You are conmbutmg o n p l
matenalas OpenGamehtent , Yourepresentthat YourConmhtionsareYourongll Player’s Guide to Fitem and Barbarians CopVnght 2003, White Wolf
neation and/or You have sdficient nghts to grant the nghs conveyed by thls License.

6. Notice of License cownght. You must update the COPYRIGHT NOTICE Player’s Guide to Clerics and Druids Cqynght 2003, White Wolf F‘ubllshmg,
ponion dthls License to inclde the exwt text ofthe COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any
Open Game h t e n t You are copytng, mdi+ng or d m h t i n g . and You musf add the Player’sGuidetoRangetsandRoguegCaWnght2003,WhiteWolfhbllshlng, title,the~htdate,andthecqnFghtholdehnametotheCOPYRIGHTNOTlCE
of any ~ r i g ~ ~ l Open Game Content you bhte.

Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Termana C.qynght 2003, White Wolf

Creature Collection 111: Savage Bes!jacy Copynst 2003, White Wolfhbllsh-
asanudicationasto~tibility,exceptasexpresslylicensed manother, I-ent
Agreement with the owner cf each element of that Product Identity You ape not to
dicatecompatibilityorcoadaptabilitywithanyTlidemarkinconjunctionwithawork “g* InC
containing Open Game Content except as expressly I d m another, independent Player‘s Guide to Monks and paiadins Capvneht 2004, White Wolfhbllshlng,
AgreementwiththeavnerofsuchTrademark.The useofany Product Identity in Open InC.
Game Gntentdoes not constitute a challenge to the ownership ofthat Product Identity Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes cownght 2004, White Wolfhblwhmg,
TheownerofanyProductldentityusedinOpenGameContentshallre~mallnghts.titIe Inc
and interest in and to that Product Identity



ig, lnC,

F’ubllshlng’ In‘‘

hbllshing, Inc.

F‘ubllshmg, Inc


7. of PrcdUCt Identiol: YOU agree not to use any product Identity, lnchdlng p,,bllshW, lnc,

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