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Defensive Stance

Use thi s stance when you have to defend yourself. It is
almost the same defensive stance as is used in unarmed
situations. However, in thi s stance the tonfa is held in
your strong hand in the on-guard position .
The baton is nearly parallel to the ground , ready to block
or strike. Put your weak leg forward and your strong leg
to the rear. Distribute your weight evenly; lower your
centre of gravity by slightly bending your knees. This
enables you to move more effectively, to defend or to go
on the offence.

Foot Movement

Your foot movement is the same as when you are

unarmed . The leg that moves first is determined by the
direction you move. To move forward , move your front
leg first; to move to the left, move your left leg; and so
on .


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-~ High Block
Lift the tonfa in front of your head. Stop immediately
above the head so that the baton is at a 4S-degree angle.
In this position, the tonfa will deflect the fist or object
being swung. Always return to the on-guard position after


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it. ~~ ­

that may gather to watch. They may want to help the
suspect escape. Shift your shoulders to search his other
11. After the search has been completed , walk the
suspect away in a controlled hold.


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Robert Seaton John M. Cleland

Rob has taught physical training, defensive tactics, and
weaponry at the Toronto Pol ice College and at the Ontario
Police College.

Since his early teens ; Rob has been studying martial arts.
He earned his black belt in karate in 1972. After joining the
Metropolitan Toronto Police in 1976, he became active in
amateur boxing as a participant and as a coach.

For several years, Rob was a member of the special
weapons and tactical team for the Toronto Police. His skills,
learned in karate , combined with his extensive athletic
participation (including the World Ironman Triathalon in
Hawaii in 1982 and 1983) gave him the necessary credentials
to instruct police officers.

John has taught self-defence at the Ontario Police College and
is a certified instructor of baton and tonfa (Monadnock). He
trained with the Tokyo City Police, the U.S. Secret Service,
and the London (England) Metropolitan Police.

He earned his black belt in judo at 16 years of age and has
been a member of the Ontario and the Canadian National Judo
Teams. He is also a member of the Justice System Training

John holds General Certification from the Canadian Police
College, and Advanced Police Studies Certification in
co-operation with the University of Western Ontario.

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