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Natural Egregores:

Now by the term “natural” I don’t mean that this type of egregore simply exist as a random being in

the Universe. A “natural egregore” is an egregore that was not composed by artificial means. These

are always the most powerful Egregores, and brings us to a new definition, seeing as how the

artificial egregore and the natural egregore are considerably different. Thus, a natural egregore can

be defined as “any group of spiritual beings that occur naturally in the universe and work together

for a common cause and who share the same goal and purpose”. By “occur naturally in the

universe”, I am referring to those spiritual beings such as humans, angels, archangels, elementals,

planetary spirits, etc…, that are the result of the natural order of creation and are not artificially

made. These beings are always intelligent/independent beings. This type of egregore will usually

choose a particular group of people on Earth to use as a channel and representative of their

teachings and work. The most well-known case of a natural Egregore is the True and Invisible

Rosicrucian Brotherhood on the inner planes, which has as a physical conduit the Rosicrucian Order,

and some other lesser known Orders.

What makes such a group to be considered as an Egregore is that the group itself represents a very

specific powerhouse of force that only its members have access to. This is particularly the case of its

physical representative. To use the example of the Rosicrucian Order, any member of this order has

access to the energies of the Egregore that is the heart and soul of the Order, and this energy

pervades their Astral body and lights them up with the Sign and Seal of the Egregore (Order). In the

case of an artificial Egregore, the seal or sign that invokes the force of that egregore is engraved on

the aura of the Initiate, and he uses this seal to invoke its energies. As we did before in the case of

Servitors, for reference I will give a quick chart of the two different types of Egregores with their Pros

and Cons.

Artificial Egregores:

Use: Establishing an inner-plane reservoir of energy and force that the bodies of a group can have

access to. It can be used for multiple purposes, but is particularly important in that it can last for

hundreds of years if properly maintained and will grow in force and size, providing an intense

amount of spiritual energy to those who can access it. It is used as a focus in Initiation rituals into the


Pros: At the Will of those who created and maintain it. Allows for group Telepathy with one another.

Can be given various symbols as a conduit, and channeled by its members for various activities which

require a certain surge of energy. A powerful artificial Egregore will usually attract a large amount of

spiritual beings who share a similar interest with the group that established it, and thus it can occur

that a natural egregore can form around an artificial egregore.

Cons: Generally not as powerful as a natural egregore. Can be manipulated by others in the group

and cause harm.

Natural Egregores:

Use: Establishing an Inner Plane Hierarchy that can last for hundreds of years to serve a certain

purpose. It is also used for initiation, in which case one of the actual beings that is a part of the

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