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Service Training

Self-study Programme 347

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Design and Function

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The self-study programme shows the design and
function of new developments.
The contents will not be updated.

For current testing, adjustment and repair
instructions, refer to the relevant
service literature.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems monitor the inflation
pressure of the tyres. They can warn you about
dangerous changes in pressure and send a signal
when the actual tyre pressure deviates from the
specified tyre pressure.

The tyre pressure affects

- road safety,
- comfort,
- the service life of the tyres and
- fuel consumption.

In Volkswagen vehicles, the tyre pressure is monitored
using three different systems:

- the tyre pressure monitor display (TPMD),
which is purely a software solution,

- the tyre pressure monitor (TPM) with wheel position
recognition in the Touareg and Phaeton and

- the TPM without position recognition in the Passat.


NEW Important

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TPM with position recognition

Phaeton system overview

G222 - G226 Tyre pressure

R59-R62 Aerials for tyre
pressure monitor

J502 Tyre pressure
monitor control unit

J218 Combi-processor
in dash panel insert

J523 Front information display and
operating unit
control unit


Function requirements

The following conditions need to be met so that the tyre pressure monitor works properly:

1. The driver has to inflate the tyres to the correct pressure also observing the different tyre pressures for full
and partial loading.

2. External radio interference sources may not interfere with the wireless connection between wheel electronics
and aerials.

3. The batteries in the wheel electronics should not have run flat. The life of the batteries is
approx. 10 years.

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Electrical components

Tyre pressure sensors G222-G226

Sent information

The tyre pressure sensors G222-G226 transfer the
following data via the individual integrated sensors:

- Tyre pressure and
- tyre temperature,
- the specific identification numbers (ID),
- the state of the integrated battery and
- the status, synchronisation and control information

required for safe data transfer.

Signal use

The signals from the tyre pressure sensors contain the
current measured tyre pressure with which the
tyre pressure monitor control unit can recognise
critical tyre situations and can inform the driver.

Sensor failure

When a sensor fails, a fault message is displayed in
the dash panel insert.

Touareg system overview

G222 - G225 Tyre pressure

R59-R62 Aerials for tyre
pressure monitor

J502 Tyre pressure
monitor control unit

J218 Combi-processor
in dash panel insert

J453 Multifunction
steering wheel control unit

or steering column switch


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