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The Pakistan Steel Mills is the producer of long rolled steel products in Karachi, Sind, Pakistan.

The Pakistan Steel Mill is the country's largest industrial undertaking having a production

capacity of 1.1 million tons of steel. The enormous dimensions of the project can be visualized

from the construction inputs which involved the use of 1.29 million cubic meters of concrete,

5.70 million cubic meters of earth work (second to Tarbela Dam), 330,000 tones of machinery,

steel structures and electrical equipment.

It’s unloading and conveyor system at Port Qasim is the third largest in the world and its

industrial water reservoir with a capacity of 110 million gallons per day is the largest in Asia. A

2.5 km-long sea water channel connects the sea water circulation system to the plant site with a

consumption of 216 million gallons of sea water per day.

History of Pakistan Steel Mills

After independence in 1947, it did not take long for Pakistan to come to the realization that

progressive industrial and economical development would be impossible without the possession

of a self reliant iron and steel making plant. The dependence on imports would cause serious

setbacks to the country along with an extortionately high import bill which would be impossible

to support.

In 1968, the Government of Pakistan decided that the Karachi Steel Project should be sponsored

in the public sector, for which a separate Corporation, under the Companies Act, be formed. In

pursuance of this decision, Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation Limited was incorporated as a

private limited company to establish and run steel mills at Karachi. Pakistan Steel Mills

Corporation concluded an agreement with V/o Tyaz Prom export of the USSR in January, 1969

for the preparation of a feasibility report for the establishment of a coastal-based integrated steel

mill at Karachi.

Founders of Pakistan Steel Mills

The real founders of Pakistan Steel Mills are Prof. Dr. Niaz Muhammad, Wahab siddiqui and

Russian scientist Mikhail Koltokof. It was the hard work of Niaz Muhammad that thousands of

scientists and technical staff got trained by him. His inspirations and innovations got him the

highest award from President of Pakistan, and also from Government of USSR. The Government

of Pakistan has given him Pride of Performance. He was also nominated for Nobel prizes

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During course of my internship, I found that Pakistan Steel Mill was set up with an objective

to achieve a self reliant and vibrant economy. Up to some extent it has been successful. But

due to ugly response of Government of Pakistan it is now in worst condition of history.

During my visits to different departments I found that staff is very devoted to their work,

they love to spend time in mill, and they are good teachers as well. They explained

everything with good standards’ learned a lot about industrial automation and

instrumentation. These are core things for any electronic engineer. By doing internship for

whole 1 month I gain a lot of confidence, learned that what professionalism is. During this

period I have overcome my many week points and mistakes.

Pakistan Steel has potential to provide a sound base for industrialization and can provide

stimuli for setting up of downstream industries. It can also play a significant role in purgation

of technology and acquisition of new technologies. It has also contributed billion of rupees to

Gov. of Pakistan in past., but unfortunately this Biggest industrial unit of Pakistan is

suffering from various problems like lack of strategic direction, weak financial position, due

capital repair, lack cost control, corruption and in efficient use of resources. After

overcoming of these problems, it can make its operation more efficient and once again

become a solid bar.

May ALLAH once again give power to raise Pakistan Steel Mill (AMEEN?)

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