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Definitions and Origins
	Prehistoric Mythology
	Mythographers and Mythologists
	Types of Myths: Creation, Gods, and Heroes … Philosophy and Psychological Myths
Middle Eastern Mythologies
	Sumerian Gods and Heroes
	Inanna’s Descent
	The Semites
	Mythology of Babylon
	The Gilgamesh Epic
	The Hebrews and Canaanites
	The Bible and Judaism
	The Arabs and Islam
	The Christian Story
	Iran: Zoroastrianism and Mithraism
	The Phrygians
Egyptian Mythology
	Egyptian Religion and Mythology
	The Egyptian Pantheons
	Egyptian Creation Myths
	The Myth of Isis, Osiris, and Horus
	Other Egyptian Myths and Influences
Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean, and Archaic Greek Mythology
	The Cyclades and Crete
	Daedalus, Icarus, and Theseus and the Minotaur
	Minoan Religion and Mythology
	The Mycenaeans and Homer
	The Trojan War and the Iliad
	The Odyssey
	Hesiod, the Greek Creation Myth, Wars among the Gods
Classical Greek Mythology
	The Greek Pantheon and the Olympians
	The Greek Gods and Human Life
	Origins of the Greek Gods
	The Greek Mystery Cults and Hero Sagas
	Herakles and the Twelve Labors
	Perseus and Medusa
	Jason and the Golden Fleece
	The Meaning of the Greek Hero Myths
	The Dramas of Ancient Athens
	Aeschylus and the Oresteia
	Sophocles and the Oedipus Cycle
	Euripedes, Medea, and Dionysus
	Orpheus, Orphism, and Philosophical Myths
Roman Mythology
	Latins, Etruscans, and Archaic Rome
	Romulus and Remus
	Mythology of the Roman Republic
	Aeneus and Virgil’s Aeneid
	Ovid and the Metamorphoses
	The Emperor-God and Foreign Borrowings
Celtic Mythology
	The Insular Celts: Ireland and Wales
	The Tuatha de Danaan
	Cuchulainn and the Tain
	Fionn and the Fenian Cycle
	Welsh Mythology
	The Welsh Pantheon
	Heroes of Wales
	King Arthur
Norse Mythology
	Snorri and the Eddas
	The Norse Pantheon
	The Norse Creation Myth and Wars in Heaven
	The Hanging of Odin and Ragnarok
	The Norse Hero Sagas: The Volsungs
	Norse Mythology and the World
Indian Mythology
	The Indo-Iranians and the Indus Valley Culture
	Vedic Culture
	Post-Vedic Hinduism
	The Indian Creation
	The Hindu Pantheon
	The Mahabharata
	The Rāmāyana
	Devi: The Great Goddess
East Asian Mythology: China and Japan
	Sources of Chinese Mythology
	The Chinese Pantheon
	The Chinese War in Heaven, Creation, and Flood
	Chinese Heroes
	Historizing Chinese Myths; Confucism and Taoism
	Buddhism, Shamanism, and Chinese Mythology
	The Japanese
	Sources of Japanese Mythology
	The Creation: Izanagi and Izanami
	Amaterasu: The Great Goddess
	The Japanese Buddhist and Shinto Pantheons
Central Asian Mythology
	Central Asian Themes and Gods
	Master Spirits and Shamans
	Central Asian Creation and Devil-Tricksters
	Central Asian Heroes
Oceanic Mythologies: Australian Aborigine and Polynesian
	Australian Aborigines and the Dreaming
	Australian Creations and Floods
	The Polynesians: From New Zealand to Hawaii
	Polynesian Pantheons
	Polynesian Creation and Flood Myths
	Maui, the Hero and Trickster
African Mythologies
	The African Supreme Being and Creation
	African Goddesses and Tricksters
	Legba and Ananse
	African Heroes
Mesoamerican and South American Mythologies: Maya, Aztec, Inca
	The Maya and the Popol Vuh
	The Mayan Gods and Heroes
	Monte Alban and Teotihuacan
	The Toltec and Aztec
	Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl
	The South Americans
	The Inca
Native North American Mythologies
	Native American Spirits and Creators
	The Native American Great Goddess
	Native American Tricksters
	Earth Divers and Emergers
	Native American Hero Myths
Modern Myths
	Modern Attempts to Explain Existence
	Psychology and Myth
	The Heroic Monomyth and Modern Gods
The World Myth
	Principal Components of the World Myth
	The Supreme Being and Great Goddess
	Fertility and Animal Gods
	War in Heaven and the Creation
	The Flood
	The Hero
	The World Myth
Appendix 1: Parallel Mythology
	Chart of Universal Mytho logical Types and Themes
Appendix 2: Selected Mythological Texts
	The Descent of Inanna (Ishtar) into the Lower World
	The Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet XI, The Story of the Flood
	Noah’s Flood
	The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Papyrus of Ani
	The Odyssey
	The Words of Odin the High One
Characters in Mythology
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