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Road to Eternal Youth and Physical Immortality


Lao Ma

A way for the brave and intrepid enough to delve deep into their souls and minds
to clear the mud and restore the diamond that is


WARNING: A lot of this work WILL be uncomfortable and even painful. Some of it may be dangerous
as well to your psyche and even your health. The only solution to this problem that I have found is to
work with a partner and to set aside a few weeks or a month to work on this continuously even for four
hours or more per day. This is because when you clear something you either have to clear more stuff
around the same theme or other trauma previously hidden come up in your consciousness. If not dealt
with they can cause problems, mental and/or physical. A buddy and if possible a group can help in
finding and clearing the issues quickly. Sometimes by ourselves we can't really find a bottom trauma or
issue, and other people's perspectives are invaluable.

Death. This is a word that conjures some of the deepest fears that a human can have.
Annihilation. Non-existence. The End.
The nullification of everything we have built up and striven for in our lives. Death and the old age and
frailty that comes with it.

Whatever your religious persuasion is there is the belief that something awaits us to assuage the terror
that we repress from the day we realize that we are going to die too.
In some religions there is the promise of heaven, in others of reincarnation and reunion with our loved
ones in another life. In most religions this life is a passage, or a school, or trying grounds for our

Yet one question always lurks below our consciousness: why do we have to die? Some ask: What cruel
God wants us to die?
I personally believe that “God” in the end is no one but us.
The part more aware of this is our soul, which is part of the All. Because of this fact and the holographic
structure of the Universe our soul IS the All.

Thanks to the works of a pioneer hypnotherapist we have ventured in the realm of soul life exploration,
looking into the time we spend in the spirit world between incarnations on this earth or on other worlds.

When I had this realization, that I (or at least a part of me, since our personality, our “I am” that exists In
this life is a mix of our soul and our brain-body) am the cause of the fact that one day I will die, I went
through the five stages of grief.
Grief for my physical life and grief for the loss of the idea that the decision of death was out of my hands;
relegating the fault to someone or something other than yourself is always comforting.
At first I denied it for a while, thinking it must be wrong, I can't be responsible for my death! Then I was
very, very angry at my soul for making this decision for me, after all we were in this together, it should
have taken into account my feelings as well.
After that I was bargaining, my soul is responsible, yes, but there must be other factors to take into

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If the statement/belief is negative in nature, such as “ageing is desirable” or “I can never get immortal”
then feel the feelings that this engenders. (I will use the wording positive belief to refer to a belief that is
desirable to you, that expands your possibilities of being all you can be, and negative belief for an
undesirable belief, one that restricts your freedom). How does this statement makes you feel? You can use
straightforward emotions, like depressed, or angry, but try to be more specific, like angry like I were a
volcano, or as if there was a pit in my stomach, or like someone overstepped a boundary, or
uncomfortable like they stepped over a line for a minute. Use your own words and/or use metaphors,
these are the best approaches; the key here is using words that describe exactly how you feel.
You don't need to feel the full intensity of the feelings again, it is not necessary and it can even be
detrimental to do it, as feeling some of them full force may set up a secondary trauma. You just need to
feel them 10% their original strength: strong enough for you to recognize what they are, but not strong
enough to overpower you.
Also, as we go further back in time in this exercise, the feelings you will eventually be working with will
seem less and less strong and personal, as 90%+ of the time they have originated with one of your

After you have given a short description to the feeling, ask yourself when you have felt it before. Again,
be specific. You may have felt angry many times in your life, but emotions have flavors, like food, and
that's when the metaphors and specificity of the previous step are very useful. The time you have felt this
emotion may be two days ago, when you were little or any other time in between.

Next feel where the emotion you felt at the time is in your body. Ask yourself “what if” questions. These
kind of questions tend to open our minds and open us to new possibilities and insights that weren't
available to us before, if we had never wondered.
“What if I knew what this feeling is?” “What if I knew when I felt this same kind of feeling before?”
“What if I knew where this feeling is? Where would it be?” Don't be afraid to guess, to pretend to know,
you will be right.
When the feeling has been found ask yourself “How did I feel when I felt this feeling of...(insert the
feeling you have located)?” This may seem confusing to some, but there usually are feelings below
feelings. The string metaphor is useful here too: you want to arrive at the deepest feeling here, which is
the one that will be connected to our plug. If you worked on the first feeling you have felt you would be
working with one of the little spheres on the string instead.
For instance let's say that you have felt angry like a volcano. You look into your past and you find that
you have felt that way when your boss has told you that he gave the promotion you had waited for so
long to someone else. This may have made you feel like she offended you. You dig some more and you
feel like you are not good enough. You can dig deeper and you feel like you are worth nothing.
How can you tell the bottom feeling? Usually you will feel like there's nothing else underneath, no other
emotion or feeling. (Not every time that you don't feel anything underneath means that is the bottom
though, sometimes it's just the mind putting up a block because it's afraid that it can't handle what's on
the bottom, and at least 99.999% that's just unfounded fear). Usually the feeling will feel pretty deep.
Of course another way to tell is that if after the technique, when you check, immediately, or after a couple
of days or months, the same exact feeling that you started with crops up again, then there's something
If you instead check and you find a feeling that's a little different, it just means that you need to pull
more than one plug, because they are linked together.
To use our example if at the start you felt angry like a volcano and at the end of the exercise you felt
betrayed, or if you felt irritated in some way, those are other strings that have their own plug to pull.

So let's say you have arrived at the bottom feeling of feeling like you were worth nothing. not even a
Locate it in your body, where is it?
Next imagine you were present consciously at your birth right now. Play the “what if” I was present card,
and open your mind and pretend, you will be right.

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