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TitleUser Manager - Mikrotik
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Table of Contents
                            Manual:User Manager
	User Manager/Introduction Introduction
	User Manager/Getting started Getting started
	Quick start
	Concepts explained
		Version 4.x test package specific
		Version 3.x specific
		Web interface
		User Manager/Customer page Customer page
		User Manager/User page User page
		User Manager/User sign up User sign-up
		User Manager/User payments User payments
	Questions and answers
User Manager/Introduction
	What is User Manager
	Supported browsers
User Manager/Getting started
	Create first subscriber
	Use web interface
User Manager/Hotspot Example
	HotSpot configuration
	User Manager configuration
User Manager/PPP Example
	PPP configuration
		PPP server configuration
		PPP client configuration
	User Manager configuration
User Manager/DHCP Example
	DHCP router configuration
	User Manager configuration
User Manager/Wireless Example
	Access Point configuration
	User Manager configuration
User Manager/RouterOS user Example
	RouterOS configuration
	User Manager configuration
User Manager/Customers
User Manager/Users
User Manager/Routers
User Manager/Sessions
User Manager/Payments
User Manager/Logs
	Sending logs to Syslog
		Syslog message format
User Manager/Permissions
User Manager/Character constants
	Time constants
	Date constants
	Voucher template constants
User Manager/Active sessions
User Manager/Public ID
User Manager/MAC binding
	Binding MAC address in the Web interface
	Binding MAC address in console
User Manager/Languages
	Create your own translations
	User translations
User Manager/Search patterns
User Manager/Tables
	Division in pages
	Multiple object selection
	Operations with selected objects
	Links to detail form
User Manager/Customer page
	How to find?
			User search
			Active users
			Active sessions
			User batch-add form
			View routers
			Add router
			View credits
			Add credit
			View users
			User detail form
			Add user
			Add batch of users
			View sessions
			Session detail form
			View customers
			Customer detail form
			Add customer
			View logs
			Log detail form
User Manager/User page
	How to find?
	What is Public ID and how to change it?
	Link to user page
		Textual link
		Link button
			View payments
			Payment detail form
			Buy credit
User Manager/User sign up
	Sign-up steps
		Creating account
		Activating account
User Manager/User payments
	Supported payment methods
		Authorize.Net requirements
		Authorize.Net setup
			Authorize.Net merchant account configuration
			Authorize.Net subscriber configuration
		Authorize.Net usage
		PayPal requirements
		PayPal setup
			PayPal merchant account configuration
			PayPal subscriber configuration
		PayPal usage
		PayPal chargeback
		PayPal payment process description
	Related activities
		HTTPS connection enabling
Centralized Authentication for Hotspot user
User Manager/QA/How to make MAC authentication
User Manager/QA/How to turn off logging for specific Routers
User Manager/QA/How to create timed Voucher
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User Manager - Mikrotik

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Manual:User Manager 1

Manual:User Manager

• What is User Manager
• Requirements
• Supported browsers
• Demo
• Differences between version 3 and version 4-test

Getting started
• Download
• Install
• Create first subscriber
• First log on User Manager web

Quick start
• User Manager and HotSpot
• User Manager and PPP servers
• User Manager and DHCP
• User Manager and Wireless
• User Manager and RouterOS user

Concepts explained

• Customers
• Users
• Routers
• Sessions
• Payments
• Reports
• Logs
• Customer permission levels
• Character constants
• Active sessions
• Active users
• Customer public ID

Page 38

User Manager/Customer page 37

Add batch of users

The User batch-add form will be opened.


View sessions

Table displaying sessions:

Only part of session's attributes are shown here. To see all details of specific session, open session detail form by
clicking on ID in the table.
To see details of session user click on the username in the table.

Page 39

User Manager/Customer page 38

Session detail form

Detail form with session data:

Contains all session fields.


View customers

Table displaying customers:

Only part of customer's attributes are shown here. To see all details of specific customer, open customer detail form
by clicking on login in the table.

Page 75

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Page 76

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