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UX + Web Design Master Course | Joe Natoli G U I D E B O O K

D E F I N I T I O N : S E C T I O N 1 – L E C T U R E 1 8

Planning for User Testing

Create a basic user testing plan.

Who are you’re testing for? What type of user? Age, gender, job role (if applicable)?
e.g. Women between 18 – 35.

What are the most popular devices they’ll use?
e.g. iPhone 5, iPad 2+, desktop (1024 pixels and up).

What OS/browser combinations are most popular among your audience?
e.g. Windows 8 Internet Explorer, OS X Safari, iOS X Firefox.

What connection speeds do they have (3G, 4G, broadband)?

How tech-savvy is your demographic? e.g. fairly tech-savvy, smartphone owner, social
media user.

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