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Clan Novel 13: Tzimisce Preview
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Page 145

143Matthew McFarland

cus his way out of the memory. The colors around them
began to solidify, changing into a clear night on a
mountainside, Geidas together with…

“Enough,” said Jürgen calmly. He released both the
cup and the prince, but neither moved. Geidas stood,
locked in the same position Jürgen had held him in, and
the cup stayed in midair, a drop of blood suspended on its

Jürgen was numb. He no longer felt the constant in-
trusion in his own mind, the emotions of the scene around
him, the burning sensation on his tongue from Geidas’s
trick—nothing. He felt cold, his mind slipping through
this dream-world like an icicle through a child’s fist. He
waved a hand, and the scene vanished. Geidas stood be-
fore him, naked and alone, hair hanging limply at his
shoulders, hands covering his manhood like a boy caught
pleasuring himself.

Jürgen raised his hand, and Geidas fell to his knees.
The Tzimisce tried to resist, but Jürgen didn’t feel it. The
prince had no strength, and could only watch as Jürgen
cut open his wrist, and beckoned. Geidas surged forward,
and his lips clamped down on the wound.

The scene before him grew patchy and indistinct, and
then his vision cleared. He smelled the ashes in the fire-
place, the horses from outside, the oil on Jovirdas’s leather,
and his own blood on Geidas’s lips.

Geidas set the cup down, and looked up at Jürgen
with the resentful respect a boy gives his father. He nod-
ded, and made a gesture of acquiescence.

Jürgen didn’t bother to acknowledge it. He merely
glanced to Jovirdas. “Kindly go and release Gotzon imme-

Page 146

144 Ventrue

Chapter Twenty-Three

Jürgen sat in his wagon with Gotzon. Gotzon looked
disheveled—his shirt still bore a large hole from the stake,
and the pale white flesh showed through like a moon in a
starless sky. His sword hadn’t been returned yet; one of
Geidas’s servants had been dispatched to retrieve it. He
stared at Jürgen, impassive as always, but Jürgen saw dis-
pleasure in his face.

“You would rather have burned in the sun, then?”
Jürgen was still recovering from his victory, still shaken
from what he had learned. “You would have burned, and I
would still be ignorant of Geidas’s sire and his rather strange

Gotzon shook his head slowly. “The risk was too great,
especially on my account. You have other methods of ex-
tracting information from such heathens.”

“In another Cainite’s domain, I cannot take such lib-
erties without risk to my soul, as you well know.”

“That is your choice.”
“I do not regret it, Gotzon.” Jürgen stared his confes-

sor in the eye, but the Lasombra’s eyes did not change. “I
made my decisions for reasons you well know, and I can-
not afford, as a leader and a soldier, to second-guess every
decision I make based on whether God would approve. I
can only take my chances, act in good faith and with clear
purpose, and confess my sins.”

Gotzon did not smile, but his face relented somewhat.
“Amen.” He relaxed somewhat. “And now?”

“And now,” said Jürgen, “I must prepare to move. The
prince is a weakling, but has now taken blood from me. I
might be able to exact an oath from him to leave us in
peace while we are in his lands, but even under a more
complete blood oath, I can’t imagine a Tzimisce agreeing
to such a thing. Besides, I’m sure Visya has Geidas under a
blood oath.”

Gotzon nodded slowly. Jürgen continued.

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